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Bellator 272: Live Results

We're at Mohegan Sun tonight to cover Bellator 272. We have some local New England ties on the card tonight, as Connecticut's Vinicious De Jesus (9-4) takes on Levan Chokheli (9-1) in a Welterweight bout, and regional mainstay, Jacob Bohn (10-7) takes on Justin Montalvo (3-0).

The arena is starting to fill up for only Bellator's 2nd event with fans at Mohegan since the pandemic commenced. This should be a fund night of fights!

We'll give you some live results and some post-fight interviews, so make sure you tune in to this thread and our social media pages for updates.

Fight #1

Kyle Crutchmer (7-1) vs. Oliver Enkamp (10-2)

Welterweight Bout

Crutchmer and the former UFC fighter, Oliver Enkamp, are tied up in a heavy grappling battle that most likely will come down to a split decision. Close fight, but it's been very grappling heavy without much action to be honest. In the end, Kyle Crutchmer wins a unanimous decision where he utilized his high-level wrestling to our-grind the Swede.

Kyle Crutchmer defeats Oliver Enkamp via unanimous decision

Fight #2

Spike Carlyle (12-3) vs. Dan Moret (15-6)

160 lb Catchweight

RND 1: Carlyle makes the walk to the cage in some sort of mid-evil warrior get-up, and both fighters decide to open up the fight with some cage-fighting, and transitioning into some haymakers before Carlyle gets the clinch and the takedown. Moret has Carlyle pressed against the cage and is looking to lock in a standing guillotine choke, but Carlyle fights it off. Carlyle isn't known for his cardio, and you can already see his gas tank emptying here late in the first round. Moret jumps for a guillotine just as the 10-second hammer sounds. He doesn't have enough time to lock it in and finish the fight as the bell tolls. Moret 10-9

RND 2: Moret is definitely the fresher fighter of the two, and his winning the standup battle when he has the distance. After some cage-fighting, they have some distance between each other, and Moret is definitely getting the better of the standup. Carlyle is gassed, but still throwing haymakers from the hip when he can muster up the energy. Moret ends the round on top delivering hevy ground and pound. Moret 10-9

RND 3: A grinding 3rd round that sees Moret continue to inflict damage on Carlyle. Spike needs a hailmary to win this one, and he gets it, as he secures a rear naked choke and puts Moret out cold after about 20 seconds of working for the submission! What a comeback for Spike Carlyle!

Spike Carlyle defeats Dan Moret vis rear naked choke late in the 3rd round

Fight #3

Mike Hamel (8-5) vs. Killys Mota (12-2)

Lightweight Bout

RND 1: A back and forth first round that saw Hamel get the better of the standup. Both guys are going at it, but it looks as though Mota will want to get this one to the mat. 10-9 Hamel

RND 2: Mota goes for an early takedown, but Hamel defends nicely and gets back to his feet. Both guys seem to be content trading shots from distance right now. Pretty close round, as not a lot of significant strikes landed, but both guys were active on the feet. 10-9 Mota

RND 3: The 3rd round starts out a lot like the 2nd round played out: both guys standing at distance and trading shots. Hamel is on his back foot, but Mota can't seem to land anything significant to make a statement. Killys is able to get a bodylock, and is grinding Hamel against the cage and landing short knees. Not a very exciting fight at this point. The boos are reigning down as the 10 second clapper sounds. A close, yet unentertaining 3rd round. Mota 10-9

Mike Hamel defeats Killys Mota via split decision

Fight #4

Jacob Bohn (10-7) vs. Justin Montalvo (3-0)

Lightweight Bout

RND 1: Full Contact Management fighter, Jacob Bohn, is making his highly anticipated Bellator debut as he takes on a rising lightweight. Close first round as both fighters found their openings. Flip a coin but I'll give it to Montalvo 10-9

RND 2: Motalvo is picking his shots, while Bohn is throwing more volume. Taking the fight on 2 weeks notice is showing on Bohn, as he looks tired and is having a difficult time getting Montalvo to the mat. 10-9 Montalvo

RND 3: Montalvo continues to win the standup war as Bohn just doesn't have enough in the tank to get the fight to the mat. 10-9 Montalvo

Justin Montalvo defeats Jacob Bohn by unanimous decision

Fight #5

Vinicious de Jesus (9-4) vs. Levan Chokheli (9-1)

Welterweight Bout

RND 1: Both guys are throwing some heavy leather, and Levan ends up connecting with a heavy right hook and forces de Jesus to retreat to the cage. De Jesus goes for a takedown and gets it, but Levan sweeps quickly and now has top position. De Jesus is working from his back and threatened an ompolata for a brief moment. Levan is landing some solid ground and pound in de Jesus' guard as the round comes to an end. 10-9 Levan

RND 2: Levan is throwing some heavy leather and kicks as the round starts out. De Jesus goes for a takedown, but Levan sheds him easily and gets top position. De Jesus is pressuring against the cage, and there is a stall to the action. The crowd starts to boo, and big Dan Mirgliotta steps in to separate the two. The round comes to an end with Levan controlling most of the action. 10-9 Levan

RND 3: De Jesus will need to finish Levan in this round or I don't think he'll have a shot at winning. Levan seems very calm and comfortable in the cage. He throws HEAVY, calculated hooks, and if one of them lands on De Jesus.....goodnight. Levan lands a few straight rights that send De Jesus back peddling, but he gather's his wits and grabs a bodylock and gets the takedown. De Jesus is working from side mount as he looks to finish the fight, but Levan isn't giving much to him in the way of opportunity. Levan gets back to his feet as the round comes to an end. De Jesus 10-9

Levan wins via unanimous decision

Fight #6

Kai Kamaka (8-4-1) vs. John De Jesus (14-9)

Featherweight Bout

Kai Kamaka is controlling the pace on the feet, and landing selective shots. He took the 1st round 10-9, and was on his way to winning the 2nd round, but then got caught with a big hook that gave De Jesus an opportunity to end the fight, but Kamaka was able to weather the storm. I would give the 2nd round to Kamaka, but the big shot was a defining moment in the round. Now that Kamaka has tasted De Jesus' power, he grabs a leg and gets a takedown, bringing the fight to the mat. The fans are getting restless as Kamaka is looking to just maintain dominant position. The crowd is really getting fired up now and booing pretty loudly as Kamaka seems reserved to sitting in half guard and escaping this fight with a decision victory. De Jesus sweeps with 20 seconds left in the fight. Too little, too late.

Kai Kamaka wins via unanimous decision (29-28 across the board)

Fight #7

Bobby King (10-3) vs. Alexander Shabliy(20-3)

Lightweight Bout

In a matchup that has Bobby King as a massive +900 underdog, he definitely is holding his own in the first round. As the 2nd round starts, King seems to be getting more comfortable with the fight, but just as I think that, Shabliy gets a takedown and is now working from King's full guard. King eventually works his way back to his feet, but Shabliy ends up getting the fight right back to the mat, and now has full mount. King starts the 3rd round by forcing Shabliy on his back foot and is landing some solid shots, but Shabliy is able to secure another takedown. Shabliy is working from King's guard, but isn't landing many strikes in this advantageous position. King doesn't seem to have an answer for Shabliy's top pressure, and with 1:00 left it looks like yet another fight is going to go to the judges' scorecards. The natives are getting restless here in Mohegan Sun Arena!

Alexander defeats Bobby King via unanimous decision, and that wraps up the preliminary portion of the card where all but one fight went to a decision, and that one fight ended at the very end of the 3rd round via submission.

Fight #8

Colin Huckbody (10-3) vs. Johnny Eblen (9-0)

Middleweight Bout

Johnny Eblen is one of the biggest rising stars that Bellator has, and the undefeated American Top Team fighter came in as an insane -2000 favorite over Huckbody. It didn't take long for Eblen to land some HEAVY shots against the cage. Huckbody turtled, and the ref stepped in to put a stop to the massacre. Eblen defeats Huckbody by TKO at 1:11 of the 1st round.

Fight #9

Josh Hill (20-4) vs. Jared Scoggins (10-1)

Bantamweight Bout

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