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Bull riding, in New England? PBR proves once again they bring the action, no matter where it is!

The Professional Bull Riders also known as the PBR (Not to be confused with the Beer), is one of the biggest bull riding events in the world. Traveling all across the country they host events from Texas to Maine and back out west. These events are a must see for those who like adrenaline and the western ways.

NEMMA's Own Jeff "Combat Cowboy" Clark was in attendance at the event a few weeks ago in Manchester NH at the SNHU arena. The event starts off by introducing all the riders who are going to risk it all, with a grand entrance including fire, lights, and a pumped up crowd!

Once the riders and the bulls are in place, the action begins. These riders try their best to hold onto the bull for 8 seconds. There are a few rounds of action with the best times moving on to the championship rounds. 8 seconds might not sound like a long time, but every seconds counts when on top of an animal that size.

Not only are the bull riders part of the action but so are the Rodeo Clowns. Even with a name like that there is nothing funny about their job. Once the rider gets thrown from the bull, its their job to protect the rider by distracting the bull and lead it back into the chutes.

Amidst the wild atmosphere of a packed Saturday night crowd in Manchester, New Hampshire, the Australian bull rider, Brady Fielder, hailing from Clermont, Queensland, etched his name into the annals of his career. With an impeccable 3-for-3 performance inside the SNHU Arena, Fielder emerged triumphant at the Unleash The Beast event during PBR Manchester, marking an historical moment.

Fielder didn't just settle for victory; he concluded his stellar showcase with a 90-point ride that propelled him to the No. 4 spot in the global rankings. This positions him as an early front-runner for the 2024 PBR World Championship, setting the stage for a compelling journey as he endeavors to be only the second Australian in history to clinch the coveted gold buckle.

Ready to dust off those cowboy boots and head to a good old fashioned Bull Riding Event?

The next one around these parts is right in Worcester Massachusetts at the DCU arena on Saturday February 24th and Sunday February 25th!

Photos courtesy Todd Brewer/Bull Stock Media / Videos courtesy of Jeff "Combat Cowboy" Clark

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