Cage Titans 49 Live: Play by Play; Giannetti v. Estell

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

Travis Lizotte "Full Contact Writer"

We have made it to Plymouth rock and the streets are filled with Pilgrims, summer vacation is clearly still in full swing on the Massachusetts South Shore. I've claimed a corner in the back room to compose this article, and myself before we get ready to go live from Plymouth Memorial Hall as Michael Polvere presents Cage Titans 49. Fights should be starting right around the 6 o'clock hour and we will have you updated throughout the night on all the action as we see it from the floor amongst a ruckus crowd at New England MMA's hallowed grounds THE Plymouth Memorial Hall!

Fighters, Fans and Family share and follow this article as we pledge to keep you closest to all the action in the cage! Below is the entire fightcard for this evenings sanctioned fisticuffs and just to keep all of you on your toes we are going bottom to top tonight...join me!

Fight Night Awards:

Submission of the Night: Shane Dougherty's guillotine over Xavier Cardona to win the Featherweight Title!

Knockout of the Night: Marty Navis TKO of Roberto Yong

Fight of the Night: The Main Event Joe Giannetti vs. Darius Estell.

Joe Giannetti (9-4-1, South Shore Sportfighting/ American Kickboxing Academy) vs Darius Estell (7-3, Michigan Top Team)

Lightweight Title

Round 1: Main Event time kids...Joe Joe Giannetti vs. Darius Estell go five rounds for the Cage Titans Lightweight belt. Estell comes across the cage swinging and Joe clinches him and puts him on the ground early. Joe backs off and Darius starts to stand and Joe launches a glancing flying knee that nearly hits its target. Giannetti puts Estell on the fence and eventually back to the mat where Joe is very dangerous and has time to work. Darius escapes however and is greeted with another flying knee followed by the clinch from Joe. Estell circles out and comes forward with a combination that Joe shakes and Giannetti clinches Darius against the cage again. Giannetti is employing heavy pressure and knees on the cage as Estell looks overmatched in the first round. Joe lands a low leg kikc and Darius comes forward with a combination and is greeted with a counter by Giannetti. Estel takes Joe down but thats a bad idea as Giannetti ends up on top to finish the round! 10-9 Giannetti.

Round 2: Daruis comes forward again on the start but Giannetti is again wise to it and dances out of the way. Giannetti clinches again before backing out with some strikes that are returned by the "Solo Beast." Giannetti comes forward with a flying knee and get countered by Estell as Estell sticks his tongue out and laughs it off. They trade and Giannetti initiates the clinch and launches a knee up the middle on his way in as he has Darius on the fence once again. Estell lands an overhand right in the brake and Joe comes firing back with a big knee. They trade as these guys are going back and forth here in the striking game to finish the round. 10-9 Giannetti.

Round 3: Round three starts with an advancing Estell who comes in with punches and a clinch attempt that fails. Darius comes forward with a combination again and is countered with a short right counter by Giannetti. Darius comes forward once again and slips to the canvas, it looks like he turned his ankle. Giannetti hops on top with hammerfists to garner the stoppage from Bryan Miner.

Decision: Joe Giannetti defeats Darius Estell by TKO (Strikes on the ground) at 1:23 of the third round to become the NEW Cage Titans Lightweight Champion also earning his 10th professional victory. Nice to see Giannetti add a finish here to capture the STRAP!

Joe Penafiel (6-3, Fusion Xcel) vs Richie Santiago (8-3, Tri-Force MMA)


Round 1: I am excited for this one! Penafiel comes out with front kicks and strikes as he looks to set the pace early against the returning Santiago. Santiago lands a counter right hand that gets Joe's attention and they go to the ground with Penafiel working from top position. Richie keeps the guard closed so that Joe has little room to work but Joe looks heavy on the top. Joe backs off and returns to the mat with a right hand for Richie. Richie returns to the feet and grabs a quillotine and uses it to throw Penafiel to the mat but Joe doesn't stay down long. Richie comes forward with some punches as Joe clinches and lands uppercuts up the middle. Joe lands a right hand that folds Richie and Joe follows him to the ground, Santiago gets up briefly but is met with another shot that crumbles Richie back to the canvas where referee Robert Wombacher stops the fight.

Decision: Joe Penafiel defeats Richie Santiago by TKO (Strikes) at 4:32 of the very first round. Love it or Hate it "THE PARTY IS HERE TO STAY!"

Shane Dougherty (4-0, USMMA) vs Xavier Cardona (2-1, Lakeville MMA)

Amateur Featherweight Title

Round 1: Cardona comes out looking to bully the champ around the cage as these guys trade early and often. Dougherty grabs the guillotine and pulls guard, referee checks the arm of Cardona and it is limp...he is out cold. After doctors attention Xavier wakes up and pops back up to his feet to see Dougherty in the center of the cage celebrating his title retention! This place is going absolutely WILD!

Decision: Shane Dougherty defeats Xavier Cardona by Technical Submission (Guillotine Choke) at :53 seconds of the first round. Dougherty retains his title in one of the more exciting 53 second fights you'll ever see!

Lionel Young (8-17, Citadel MMA) vs Pat Gilbride (3-1, Lauzon MMA)


Round 1: Young comes out looking to use some serious advantage in the length department as he throws jabs and low leg kicks to circling Gilbride. Young connects on a right hand elbows that drop Gilbride, Young follows Gilbride to the canvas and finishes him with ground and pound. Gilbride looks to have badly hurt his right knee in the exchange as he clutches his leg in pain as Robert Wambacher pulls off the victorious Lionel Young.

Decision: Lionel "Boogz" Young defeats Pat Gilbride by TKO (Ground and Pound) at 1:18 of round 1.

Roberto Yong (3-7, Team Ali) vs Marty Navis (4-0, Lauzon MMA)


Round 1: Marty comes out with a kick and a jab but Roberto lands a right hand that gets Marty's attention. Marty shoots for the takedown and is stuffed at first but is successful on the second attempt to get Yong to the mat where Marty looks to take the back quickly. Marty finally rounds the corner and takes the back as Yong stands to some short shots by the undefeated Navis. Navis grabs for the guillotine and lands a knee to the stomach of Yong before taking him down once again. Marty again punches his way to the back of Yong as Roberto tries to stand with "The Beats" on his back. Marty takes the back and drags Yong to the mat but Yong escapes with punches. Marty lands now but referee Wambacher stops it to an inadvertent strike to the back of Yongs head. arty gets the takedown on the restart with one more minute to work on the ten fight veteran Yong. Yong gets to his feet as the 10 second clapper sounds and escapes the fence through the legs of Navis as the first round ends. 10-9 Navis.

Round 2: Round starts with an empty flying knee attempt by Marty that sends Yong in a frenzy before Marty gets the fight to the canvas once again and is landing some brutal ground and pound. Yong gives his back to try and escape but Navis is all over him with punches and the subsequent back take. Navis flattens Yong out and postures up for some ground and pound that warrants the referee stoppage to strikes.

Decision: Marty Navis defeats Roberto Yong by TKO (Ground and Pound) at 2:06 of round number 2 to remain UNDEFEATED!

Nate Russell (6-1, Fighting Arts Academy) vs. Joe Poirier (2-0, SBG East)

Vacant Flyweight Amateur Title

Round 1: Poirier comes out in the center of the cage as these Flyweights looks to pace themselves for the 15 minute title fight. Russell lands a low leg kick that stumbles Joe but Joe comes back firing in return. Joe fires a quick left and is answered by another leg kick from Nate that is followed by Joe coming forward and clinching Nate against the fence. Russell turns the action and puts Poirier against the cage as he looks to eliminate some of the length advantage Poirier possesses. Joe grabs a guillotine but its not in as the round ends. 10-9 Poirier but could go either way not a ton of action early.

Round 2: Russell comes out in round two behind the jab as Joe is happy to take the center of the cage. Joe puts Nate on the fence, they work in the clinch as Russell turns the action and puts Joe on the fence now. They turn again as Nate lands some short shots from the clinch and looks for control. Poirier grabs a guillotine that gets Russell to the mat but Nate ends up on top in Joe's half guard where the round ends. 10-9 Russell another close round.

Round 3: Nate starts the third with low leg kicks and Joe once again initiates the clinch and puts Nate on the fence. Nate gets the trip and now has Joe mounted on the ground, Joe bridges to get to his feet and Nate looks for the back, Nate sinks the forearm under the chi