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Cage Titans 50 - Day Card: Live Results

Travis Lizotte "Full Contact Writer"

I'm gunna save you the long worded opener because all you need to know it; We Are Here at Plymouth, Memorial Hall in Plymouth, Massachusetts, ready to spend that day with our readers and our Cage Titans Family! We are just minutes away from the opening bell here for the afternoon portion of this historic Cage Titans 50 day-night Dobuleheader....Join Us and give this article a share...if you're into the whole brevity thing...LET'S GO #WeAreCageTitans

Tyler Wolf (0-0, Broadway BJJ) vs Serge Perasunko (0-0, Loco Lobo)

Amateur Catchweight (165 lbs.)

Round 1: Great beginning to the action here as these guys come out, trade some hands then exchange a pair of takedowns. Much of this round is spent fighting for position on the fence as Segre scored big with a handful of takedowns throughout the round. 10-9 Perasunko.

Round 2: Wolf comes out in the second round and gets an early takedown in the center of the cage with time to work. Serge gets back to his feet but spends the majority of the round defending takedown attempts with his back against the fence. Serge gets the fight to the mat where he has back mount and ends the round with a close RNC attempt. Close Round but the finish was close are the bell sounded and saved Wolf to see the third. 10-9 Perasunko...again very close

Round 3: Wolf may very well know he is down two rounds as he comes out in the third throwing heat before Serge gets the the fight to the mat where he has the back of Wolf and is looking to finish what he started at the end of round 2. Serge postures up and rains down vicious ground and pound...Chris Burke takes a close look at the action as the Team from Broadway BJJ in the corner of Wolf toss the towel over the cage wall and this fight is stopped!

Decision: Serge Perasuko defeats Tyler Wolf by TKO (Unanswered Strike) at 2:33 of the third round.

Lucas Remsen (0-0, Marandola Martial Arts) vs Matt Callahan (0-0, Fightzone)