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Cage Titans 50 - Day Card: Live Results

Travis Lizotte "Full Contact Writer"

I'm gunna save you the long worded opener because all you need to know it; We Are Here at Plymouth, Memorial Hall in Plymouth, Massachusetts, ready to spend that day with our readers and our Cage Titans Family! We are just minutes away from the opening bell here for the afternoon portion of this historic Cage Titans 50 day-night Dobuleheader....Join Us and give this article a share...if you're into the whole brevity thing...LET'S GO #WeAreCageTitans

Tyler Wolf (0-0, Broadway BJJ) vs Serge Perasunko (0-0, Loco Lobo)

Amateur Catchweight (165 lbs.)

Round 1: Great beginning to the action here as these guys come out, trade some hands then exchange a pair of takedowns. Much of this round is spent fighting for position on the fence as Segre scored big with a handful of takedowns throughout the round. 10-9 Perasunko.

Round 2: Wolf comes out in the second round and gets an early takedown in the center of the cage with time to work. Serge gets back to his feet but spends the majority of the round defending takedown attempts with his back against the fence. Serge gets the fight to the mat where he has back mount and ends the round with a close RNC attempt. Close Round but the finish was close are the bell sounded and saved Wolf to see the third. 10-9 Perasunko...again very close

Round 3: Wolf may very well know he is down two rounds as he comes out in the third throwing heat before Serge gets the the fight to the mat where he has the back of Wolf and is looking to finish what he started at the end of round 2. Serge postures up and rains down vicious ground and pound...Chris Burke takes a close look at the action as the Team from Broadway BJJ in the corner of Wolf toss the towel over the cage wall and this fight is stopped!

Decision: Serge Perasuko defeats Tyler Wolf by TKO (Unanswered Strike) at 2:33 of the third round.

Lucas Remsen (0-0, Marandola Martial Arts) vs Matt Callahan (0-0, Fightzone)

Amateur Muay Thai (155 lbs.)

**Matt Callahan starts this fight with bouns points in my book coming out to "Wait and Bleed" by the All Mighty SLIPKNOT**

Result: Volume, Volume, Volume and more Volume these guys woke up with one goal in mind this morning and that was to leave it all in the cage! Looks like Remsen just had more gas in the tank down the stretch and for that he takes home a shiny new Cage Titans Medal and and a Split- Decision victory in his Cage Titans debut! Lucas will have a nice medal to show his friends tonight when he attends prom at his local area High School!

Danny Jefferson (0-0, Broadway BJJ) vs Christos Papadelos (0-1, Enigma BJJ)

Amateur Featherweight

Round 1: Christos wastes little time getting the back of Jefferson and Jefferson is forced to wear a Papadelos backpack for much of the first round until Danny creates space and lands some heavy shots that force Christos to the ground, Christos digs deep for an ankle lock are the round ends. 10-8 Jefferson. Referee Wambacher took a point from Papadelos for an illegal knee to the head on the ground.

Round 2: Christos wastes little time gaining back control again in round 2 as Jefferson is forced to defend the choke. Jefferson spends the entire round in defense mode but Papadelos cannot finish the choke. 10-9 Papadelos.

Round 3: Christos ducks under a lazy combination from Jefferson and gets the takedown, this time hecannot do anything with the takedown and they return to their feet. Jefferson knock Papadelos down and follows with some heavy ground and pound to garner the referee's stoppage. The Papadelos corner is not happy with the stoppage but it has been decided.

Decision: Danny Jefferson defeats Christos Papadelos by TKO (Ground and Pound) at 1:51 of the third round.

Jake Dillon (0-1, USMMA) vs Neil Mazumdar (1-0-1, Sityodtong)

Amateur Catchweight (130 lbs.)

Decision: Simply put Jake Dillon's right hand was too much for Mazumdar to handle, Jake Dillon defeats Neil Mazumdar by TKO (Unanswered Strikes) at :29 seconds of round 1.

Niko Mavrommatis (0-0, Red Seal) vs Zach Converse (0-0, Fightzone)

Amateur Muay Thai (150 lbs.)

Result: A nice catalogue of high level techniques displayed by Niko Mavrommatis in this one as Zach Converse was forced to play catch up for most of this one. Converse remained the fresher fighter throughout the fight but the technique of Mavrommatis looks to have got the better of the exchanges, leaving Mavrommatis ahead on the judges scorecards on his way to a Split-Decision victory.

Ashwath Rao (0-0, Broadway BJJ) vs Miguel Sevasin (1-2, Lakeville MMA)

Amateur Lightweight

Round 1: Ashwath comes out with an early takedown and works from top position with Sevasin stuffed against the junction between mat and cage. Sevasin scrambles and ends up in top position where he is hit with an illegal knee by Rao. Referee Wambacher takes a point from Rao. On the restart Sevasin takes Rao's back but cannot finish the RNC as the round expires. 9-9 with the point deduction.

Round 2: Ashwath comes out in the second round and looks for a takedownbut Sevasin stuffs and ends up on top. We play that game for a minute before Sevasin backs off and allows Rao to his feet. They scramble again and this time Ashwath is on top where he transitions to an armbar attempt that Miguel uses to transition to the top where the round ends. Close round 10-9 Sevasin.

Round 3: Two failed takedown attempts to start the third for Rao end up leading to Sevasin on top in total control here in the third round as Sevasin finishes this fight on top doing the damage. 10-9 Sevasin.

Decision: Miguel Sevasin and Ashwath Rao leave the cage the participants of a Split-Draw.

Jake Caskey (0-1, Team Dexter) vs Philip LoCigno (0-0, Sityodtong)

Amateur Featherweight

Round 1: Caskey comes out and tangles with LoCigno and they end up on the ground with Caskey on top, LoCigno scrambles to the top and eventually back to his feet where he lands a right hand that sends Caskey into takedown mode. Caskey secures the takedown amd goes to work from top position, Caskey postures up and lands bombs that force LoCigno to give his back but with short time left LoCigno survives the round 10-9 Caskey.

Round 2: Caskey comes forward and Crumbles LoCigno to the ground where he hops on the back looking for the finish, LoCigno does a great job defending the RNC of Caskey and they end up back on the feet. Caskey lands a thunderous double leg and this one is back on the mat where Chris Burke stops the action due to an illegal blow. The Fight restarts on the feet with LoCigno landing a low leg kick as time expires. 10-9 Caskey. I don't believe Burke took a point from Caskey for the illegal blow.

Round 3: The Third round halts as quick as it begins with LoCigno taking his turn landing the illegal strike. They go back and forth on the feet with LoCigno landing a couple nice right hooks before backing Caskey up with strikes forcing Caskey to shoot as the fight ends. 10-9 LoCigno.

Decision: Jake Caskey defeats Philip LoCigno by Unanimous Decision.

Marcel Romero (2-0 G&G Wrestling) vs. Dan Walsh (1-0 Lauzon)

Amateur Featherweight

Round 1: These guys exchange heavy combinations early and a right hand from Romero connects flush and knocks Walsh to the canvas where referee Wambacher calls a stop to this one.

Decision: Marcel Romero defeats Dan Walsh by Knockout at :54 seconds of the very first round.

Andy Kurzontkowski (0-0 Soulless) vs. Adam Russell (0-0 SSSF)

Amateur Muay Thai (175 lbs.)

Result: LET'S HEAR IT FOR THESE TWO WARRIORS! This one was just as fun as you would imagine. Adam knocked Andy down in each of the first two rounds but Andy looked like those knockdowns awoke something inside of the man out of the Soulless corner as he began to put it on down the stretch. These two gentlemen give the Cage Titans fans what they wanted as they bang it out all the way til the final bell sounds. Andy Kurzontkowski defeats Adam Russell by Unanimous Decision 29-28 across the board, but the decision means nothing to everyone in attendance as these two put on a show for the crowd and in honor of the late Harry Jones, rest easy Harry!

Randy Francis (5-8 Dexter) and Andrew Valdina (2-1 Lauzon MMA)

Amateur Featherweight

Round 1: Randy comes out throwing fierce leather that has Valdina backed into the cage eating body shots from Francis. Valdina steps back and lands some leather of his own as these guys are clearly here for blood. Randy is a big fan of the 8 punch combinations early but its Valdina who is landing the power shots. They remain on the feet for the entire first three minutes in a fun opening round. 10-9 Francis.

Round 2: Valdina comes out in round two with four straight right hands that all touch the chin of Francis and Randy is rocked, referee Chris Burke has seen enough and saves Francis from further punishment.

Decision: Andrew Valdina defeats Randy Francis by TKO (Unanswered Standing Strikes) at :07 of the second round!

Jack Congdon (3-0 Lakeville MMA) vs Steve Foley (1-1 Citadel Martial Arts)

Amateur Welterweight Title

Round 1: They go back and forth in the opening seconds as Congdon takes center cage and looks to work his striking and some dirty boxing. Foley changes levels for the takedown and Congdon is wise to it and stuffs the attempt and receives a knee to the mommy daddy button for his troubles. The fight restarts with Congdon landing a vicious right hand that removes the legs out from under Steve Foley. Congdon follows Foley to the ground and finishes the job with some ill willed hammerfists for the stoppage.

Decision: Jack Congdon defeats Steve Foley by TKO (Ground and Pound) at of the first round. LOOK OUT NEW ENGLAND AMMY WELTERWEIGHTS Jack Congdon is here and he is the NEW Cage Titans Welterweight Amateur Champion! Congratulations Jack and the entire Lakeville MMA team!

Chance Beck (5-1, Team One) vs. Zach DiSabatino (7-2, Southshore Sportfighting)

Lightweight Main Event

Round 1: Beck answers the opening bell with a combination including some body kicks before clinching Zach against the fence. DiSabatino changes levels and turns a single leg into a double and has Chance down with his back against the fence. Beck gives him back to return to his feet and is greeted by fists from DiSabatino before returning to guard, Beck rolls for an armbar and is slammed to the canvas by DiSabatino. Zach grabs the neck of Beck and Beck takes DiSab for a ride, the round ends with Zach holding on to the Guillotine in full guard. 10-9 DiSabatino.

Round 2: The first few seconds of round two tick away and DiSabatino alreadt has this one on the mat with another double leg takedown. Zach hangs around in the guard of Beck who is constantly rolling for submission attempts but Zach remains resilient and grabs the neck of Beck and forces Chance to tap.

Decision: Zach DiSabatino defeats Chance Beck by Submission (D'arce Choke) at 3:34 of the second round! Great lineup of fights to kick off this historic day of fights at Cage Titans 50!

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