Cage Titans 51 Live Play-by-Play Results

Updated: Feb 8

Travis Lizotte "Full Contact Writer"

The anticipation is killing me, the weigh-ins yesterday certainly did their job, as the intrigue around Cage Titans 51 continues to build. Doors to Plymouth Memorial Hall open to fans tonight at 5pm and fights are due to start sometime after 6pm as Michael Polvere welcomes fight fans back to the Memorial Hall for the first time in 2022. Be sure to follow along with New England MMA on all social media platforms for all the latest cage side news here at Cage Titans 51. Continue to follow this article throughout the night for live play-by-play of all ten fights as we see it from our vantage point on the floor inside Plymouth Memorial Hall!

Mike Albert (Skeletor MMA) vs. Avery Andrews (USMMA)

Amateur Muay Thai (143 pounds)

Round 1: Interesting first round of action here as Albert lands some nice power shots but Andrews gets a knockdown at the end of the round. 10-9 Andrews.

Round 2: Andrews comes out in the second and knocks Albert down again with a power shot and Avery is hunting for a finish as Albert covers up. Albert is knocked down again from an Andrews body shot. They clinch as the round ends and Andrews lands a knee to the body. 10-8 Andrews

Round 3: Andrews opens up round 3 with some leg kicks and is answered with some heavy from Albert. Andrews fires back and knocks Albert down again as Andrews begins to pour it on. Andrews knocks Albert to the canvas a for a third time in the round as the fight come to a close. 10-8 Andrews.

Decision: Avery Andrews defeats Mike Albert by Unanimous Decision (29-25, 29-25, 30-24)

Josh Telemaque (0-1, Go USFC) vs. Chris McDonnell (1-1, South Shore Sportfighting)

Amateur Featherweight

Round 1: Chris comes out feints and takes Telemaque down against the fence and gets side mount where he is raining down heavy strikes on the grounded Telemaque. Chris transitions to a crucifix and Telemaque is offering no resistance as McDonnell begins to dismantle Telemaque with punches.

Decision: Chris McDonnell defeats Josh Telemaque by TKO (Ground and Pound from Crucifix) at 1:41 of the first round.

Phil LoCigno (0-1, Sityodtong) vs. Danny Wahlberg (0-0, USMMA)

Amateur Featherweight

Round 1: Danny starts off with a straight jab that drops Phil, Phil scrambles and stands on the fence. Alan Lau breaks the clinch on the fence and these guys come back swinging. Wahlaberg lands a big knee and Phil changes levels for the takedown. Wahlberg get his feet back under him and is landing heavy strikes including a body kick that drops LoCigno. Phil seems to want none of the stand up game from Wahlberg as Danny lands some more slick striking before LoCigno drops him as the round ends. 10-9 Wahlberg.

Round 2: LoCingo comes out and drops Danny now, Phil looks for some ground and pound as Danny throws up an armbar attempt. Wahlberg transitions to the back and looks to sink in the rear naked choke but Phil is able to defend. Danny moves to mount where he lands more ground and pound before he takes the back again looking for the choke. Phil defends and is out of the choke as the round ends. 10-9 Wahlberg.

Round 3: These guys look tired as they come out in the third, they clinch and LoCigno gets the takedown with lots of time to work. Danny uses the fence to stand and they return to striking distance briefly before LoCigno takes Danny down once again. Danny is doing a good job controlling Phil's posture and not allowing him to strike from the top. They scramble and Danny gets back to his feet but LoCigno takes him right back to the mat. They stand and Walhberg gets a hip toss and has LoCigno on the ground as the fight ends. 10-9 LoCigno.

Decision: Danny Wahlberg defeats Phil LoCigno by Split-Decision (29-28 Locingo, 29-28 Wahlberg, 29-28 Wahlberg)

Jonif Tucker (0-1, Go USFC) vs. Sean Costello (0-3, South Shore Sporfighting)

Amateur Bantamweight

Round 1: Sean comes out and initiates the clinch and tosses Tucker to the ground, Jonif scrambles and Sean ends up in full mount dropping heavy ground and pound. Bryan Miner has seen enough and call a stop to this one sided affair.

Decision: Sean Costello defeats Jonif Tucker by TKO (Ground and Pound) at :34 seconds of round 1. Costello makes a statement here in his first amateur victory and announces his retirement from MMA competition in the cage interview with Johnny "Cupcakes" Campbell following the fight. Good to see a guy like Costello go out on a victory!

Brandon Demoura (1-1, Team Soulless) vs. Carlos Vespaziano (1-2, Loco Lobo)

Amateur Bantamweight

Round 1: Carlos comes out looking to find a home for his kicks early as DeMoura now starts using his length as he fights behind the jab. They trade leg kick back and forth as both fighters continue to pop the jab but with little indication of engaging. Carlos fires a head kick that is blocked by DeMoura as the round ends. 10-9 Vespaziano.

Round 2: Carlos slips on a kick to open round 2 but he gets back to his feet and is turning on the output. Vespaziano closes the distance and clinches DeMoura against the fence but cannot get Brandon to the mat. They return to striking range again and Brandon lands a nice right hand and follows with some combinations as we finally get some action going in this one as the round comes to a close. 10-9 DeMoura.

Round 3: They exchange popping jabs as the third round begins, Vespaziano again closes the distance and looks to take DeMoura down against the fence again. DeMoura turns the action before they split and return to the center of the cage where DeMoura lands some stiff right hands that coax Carlos to shoot for a takedown. They clinch and DeMoura has Carlos on the fence. Vespaziano turns the actionand DeMoura is landing strikes as Carlos looks for the takedown. Alan Lau separates these guys as the fight comes to a conclusion. 10-9 DeMoura

Decision: Carlos Vespaziano defeats Brandon DeMoura by Split-Decision (29-28 Vespaziano, 29-28 DeMoura, 29-28 Vespaziano) I agree with the crowd on this one...DeMoura was robbed!

The Fighters and the commissioners have been in the cage for a long time following the announcement of the decision, hopefully they are conferring and getting this call correct...we are now reaching the ten minute mark since the decision was announced and everyone is still in the cage trying to figure this out.

After 10 or so minutes the decision is RE-Announced the same as before but it is being explained that there was a mistake on the scorecards, however since the score on the cards was written down as a win for Vespaziano that ruling will stand until an appeal is heard. Brandon DeMoura did win the fight and the decision will be rectified soon.

Anna Crutchfield (1-2, SBG East Coast) vs. Erin Johnson (1-0, Lauzon MMA)

Amateur Women's Flyweight

Round 1: I would remiss if i didn't mention that today is Erin Johnson's 21st birthday, Happy Birthday Erin! They come out throwing and Crutchfield lands some shots that cause Erin to tie up. Crutchfield stays standing as these girls return to striking distance and again its Crutchfield getting the better of the exchanges as Johnson continues to look to get this fight to the mat. Erin lands a nice left uppercut that touches the chin of Crutchfield and she initiates the clinch now. They both throw combinations as the round ends. 10-9 Crutchfield.

Round 2: Anna comes out popping her jab in round two before clinching Johnson against the fence. Erin gets an underhook and turns the action and Anna decides to slip back to striking distance where she continues to land strikes keeping Johnson on her back foot. They clinch in the center of the cage and exchange short shots as the round ends. 10-9 Crutchfield.