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Cage Titans 53 Live Results

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Travis Lizotte "Full Contact Writer"

Plymouth Memorial Hall it's great to be inside you! We are here for Cage Titans 53, opening bell is due at 6pm, follow along with this article throughout the night for live round by round updates!

I will never get tired of hearing Mr. Harry Jones sing the National Anthem at Cage Titans events.

Main Card

Don Shainis (12-3, Glory MMA) vs Brice Picaud (9-6, Lion Fight Team)

Featherweight Title Main Event

Round 1: They come out firing early and Don shoots across the cage for a take down but Brice stuffs, Brice returns fire with a shot that stumbles Shainis who now shoots desperately for a takedown but cannot land it. Don now knocks Picaud to the mat where he does to work from top control with plenty of time to do some damage. Shinis is landing some nice short shots in close as Picaud looks to survive this onslaught. Don is very heavy on top and Picaud cannot seem to shake him as Don continues to pour it on on the ground. Don gains full mount and its raining hammer fist inside Plymouth Memorial Hall as Picaud tries to survive fists and elbows but he cannot make it until the end of the round before Steve Rita has seen enough.

Decision: Don Shainis defeats Brice Picaud by TKO (Ground and Pound) at 4:20 of the first round to capture the Cage Titans Featherweight title and likely earn him a call up to the big show!

Sean Lally (8-6, Kill Combat) vs Matt Denning (5-13, Independent)

Catchweight (165 lbs.)