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Cage Titans 56 is live! Click here to follow along for live updates and fight results

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

Ghost, witches, and zombies won't be the scariest beast in Plymouth Mass tonight! The fighters at Cage Titans 56 will be! Delivering all treats and no tricks tonight, the stage is set, the fighters are ready, and the people are pumped for this event! Doors Open at 5 , first fight at 6.

***Last Minute addition? Kids super fight grappling match***

These 2 little warriors, Everett & DJ have the crowd heavily invested in every takedown landed and every reversal. after a hard fought 3 min of grappling with back and forth takedowns the ref calls the match a DRAW at 3:00, the end of round 1.

Santy Munoz VS Jose Costa

(Super fight Grappling Match )

Jose gets Santy against the cage 20 seconds into the match and secured a takedown. Santy is able to get full guard and as Jose returns to his feet Munoz goes in and lands a massive double leg takedown. Jose controls the top for a few minutes avoiding a triangle he gets back to his feet. This time Munoz gets the takedown and establishes top control. Costa threatens an ankle lock but the timer runs out and the match is ruled a draw

Results : Draw 7:00 round 1

Craig Martson vs. Steve Hill

(AM 170 lbs, 3x3)

Coming from the crew of MMA beast at Nostos, Craig Marston comes to the cage first. Steve hill enter the cage with a fire in his eyes.

Round 1 : Hill comes out swinging and Marston is able to dodge a lot of hits and lands a thunderous right that send hill to the ground, after a scramble on the ground both men get back to their feet. Hill is able to land a few more shots then marston but every time marston hits he does damage. A takedown attempt by Hill gets stuffed by marston and marston ends up in full mount raining down some ground and pound Round 1 ends with Marston on top. round 1 goes to Marston

Round 2 : Hill misses a huge right and marston lands a punch and they both drop. Hill attacks the back and is able to lock in a rear naked choke. Marston i able to hold on for another 30-40 seconds battling the choke but hill sinks it in tighter and the ref calls it.

Results: Steve Hill by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) :44 seconds of round 2

Jim Carnes (Red) vs. Greg Jones (Blue) AM

(AM 155 lbs, 3x3)

Round 1 : a touch of the gloves ad both men land jabs , jones gets the takedown agasint the vcage bu carnes is quick back to his feet. Jones secures a 2nd takedown and carnes battles back, Jones doesn't stop and lands takedown 3 right away. a little ground and pound and jones locks in the choke.

Results: Greg Jones by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) 1:10 of Round 1

Tim Melvin vs. Will Doolin

(AM 170 lbs, 3x3)

Round 1 : Both men come out swinging heavy in the first few seconds with Doolin landing a straight jab and eating a leg kick in the exchange , melvin lands a solid body kick followed up grappling against the cage leads to doolin landing some heavy knees, at one point Doolin goes in for the takedown, it gets stuffed and Melvin ends up on top. Doolin able to sweep Melvin and end up on top. Melvin uses his knees to keep space and stop damage.

Round 2 : Doolin eats a punch and sends a knee right into the body of melvin, Melvin shoots for the takedown and after a scramble ands up on top. in full mount wildly throwing ground and pound he gets sweeped and Doolin is back on top. Doolin threatens s a guillotine but melvin fights the arms and gets free. Melvin is now in side control and lands a heavy knee to the body. back to full mount Melvin is raining down punches! No getting away this time, the ref jumps in and calls it. The crowd LOVES what they see!

Results: Tim Melvin by TKO (Ground & Pound) 2:53 of Round 2

Brian Ferguson (red) vs. Tim Walsh (blue)

(AM 170 lbs , 3x3)

Round 1 : WOW a quick combos of punches ends the fight in just :15 seconds of round 1

Results: Timmy Walsh by TKO (punches) :15 seconds it round #1

Bobby baker vs. Tyler Woolf

(AM 155 lbs , 3x3)

Round 1 :Baker shows off his kicks by landing some heavy body kicks to start the round. Woolf fires back with a right cross and both men end up against the cage with Baker landing a takedown. Within 30 seconds they are back to their feet and this time Woolf lands the takedown and ends up in half guard. Baker able to get his back against the cage and avoid the ground and pound. Round 1 ends with Woolf on top.

Round 2 : uppercut by baker starts round 2 and immediately woolf changes levels and secures the takedown. Baker able to get his back against the cage. Woolf with top control as Baker tries separating and throwing up submission attempts. Baker able to cause space with his legs but Woolf is right back on top of him and gets a double leg takedown. Round ends with Woolf on top.

Round 3 : Body kicks by baker keeo woolf at a distance for a seconds and baker lands a takedown of his own and ends up almost on the back of woolf as he fights to get back to his feet. Baker landing some nice shots and sinking his hooks in while controling the back of Woolf. Woolf able to fight to his feet and Baker tosses him down and almost finishes the fight with punches but somehoe Woolf is bale to switch levels and get a takedown. Wild amount of grit showed by Woolf to secure the takedown at that moment. Round 3 ends with Woolf on top raining down ground and pound

Results: Tyler Woolf by Unanimous Decision (29-28) end of round 3

Eric Reyes vs. Zac Thompson

(AM 155 lbs, 3x3)

Round 1 : Reyes starts off with a solid leg kick, Thompson able to land an uppercut on the exchange. Reyes land a solid straight that echoes throughout the place. Body kick by Reyes sets up a flurry of punches that Thompson eats and then secured a body lock takedown. Round 1 ends with Thompson on top.

Round 2 : Starts with a cheer of Eric echoing through the building. Thomspon quickly gets Reyes agsint the cage and lands some solid knees to the body. Reyes able to stop the takedowns and they seperate. A couple HUGE shots from reyes stuns thompson but thompsons able to push through and the action gets right back to the center of the cage. A scramble against the cage ends with reyes on top of thompson with 10 seconds left.

Round 3 : Straight right from Thompson and a foward kick but Reyes starts the third, and BOOM REYES LANDS A HEAVY RIGHT HAND that drops thompson and reyes follows up causing the ref to jump in and stop the fight.

Results: Eric Reyes by KO (Punches) :37 seconds of Round 3

Danny Jefferson (red) vs. Philip LoCigno (Blue)

(AM 145 lbs, 3x3)

Round 1 : Jefferson immediately goes for the takedown but gets stuffed and both men end up against the cage. Jefferson relentless with the takedown attempts and gets a huge slam both men spend the rest of the round batlling against the cage as Jeffereon almost locks in a rear naked

Round 2 : Jefferson has a gameplan and sticks to it. Right as the round start he immediately goes for another takedown. Locigno threatens a guillotine and both men end up against t the cage again. after another minute Jefferson gets the takedown but Locigno is showing his wrestling defense and gets right back to his feet. One more takedown by Danny and almost a RNC to end the 2nd round.

Round 3 : Phil comes rushing in to start the round but Danny able to level change and get Phillip pushed back against the cage again. Round 3 is mostly fighting for control against the cage and ends with Jefferson on the top at the end of round 3.

Results: Danny Jefferson by Unanimous Decision (30-27)

Ashley Barrett vs. Megan Roscoe

(AM MT 115 lbs, 5x2 )

AM Flyweight Muay Thai Title

Round 1 : Roscoe starts off the contest with a body kick and a head kick that barely gets blocked. Barrett with a huge right hand. Barrett landing some smooth punch combos that has roscoe against the cage. Actions gets back to the center and as the 10 second warning hits, both warriors fire some punches to end round 1.

Round 2 :Barrett starts off a little more busy and catches a kick that sets up a huge straight right aand with Roscoe against the cafe Barrett unloads a flurry of punches that gets the crowd fired up! Barrett is showing a clear speed advantage and landing more frequently than Roscoe.

Round 3 : Roscoe fires out kicks to the body and head trying to keep Barrett at bay. Barrett able to counter with a solid straight right that pushes roscoes head back. Back and fourth strikes leads us to end of round 3.

Round 4 : Massive leg kick by Barrett to start the round, barrett aggressively trying to close the distance and Roscoe is able to keep her at bay a little with those body kicks. Barrett continues to walk down roscoe.

Round 5 : Barrett comes out with a vengeance closing the distance and getting some shots in in the clinch. Rushing forward she is able to lock up again and the ref separates them. Roscoe landing some nice kicks to the legs and body but Barrett landing more punches. the round ends with roscoes against the cage avoiding barretts onslaught of punches.

Results: Megan Roscoe is the winner by Split Decision and NEW Cage Titans AM 115 Muay Thai Champion
48-47 - roscoe
49-46 - Barrett
48-47 - Roscoe

A quick break in the action and from fan chatter and the general vibe it seems like everyone is having a blast tonight! A costume contest keeps the crowd entertained and everything from a alien to a bud light bottle costume entered. A quick intermission and we're back to the action!

Pro Fights are about to start and the Main Card is LIVE!!

Rob Fuller vs. Andrew Valdina

(Pro135 lbs, 3x5)

Round 1 : Both men rush right to center and Valdina eats a leg kick but secures the takedown. He immediately gets to the back and the crowds erupts. After getting his arm trapped, he initiates some ground and pound and is able to lock in the Arm triangle getting the Tap. The crowd is the loudest they have been all night!

Results: Andrew Valdina Winner by Submission (Arm Triangle) 1:54 of round 1

Paul Teague vs. Jack Congdon

(Pro 170 lbs, 3x5)

Round 1 : Teague comes out flashy with some spinning kicks, he gets caught with a solid straight that sends him down. Congdon is able to initiate some solid strikes up against the cage and once Teague drops, Congdon fires punches and elbows from the top and the ref jumps in to stop the action.

Results: Jack Congdon TKO (Ground and pound) 3: Round 1

Pat Gilbride vs. Chris Rooney

(Pro -145 lbs , 3x5)

Round 1 : A touch of the gloves ad Gilbride firee a storing overhand right that clips rooney, Let s go pat chants ring out. Rooney eats a leg kick, Gilbride ladns a huge left cross that DROPS ROONEY, a scramble on the ground and somhow rooney pops back up but is quickly draggeed back down. Another scramble and Gilbride is able to wrap in a triangle, seconds later the fight is over and the crowd is on their feet!

Gilbride after had a heartfelt speech about battling cancer. Head over to his instagram page to find out how to join his goal in helping to fight cancer.

Results: Pat Gilbride by Submission (Triangle choke) 2:36 Of Round 1

Hassan Graham vs. Jorge Vega265 lbs

Round 1 : Both men circle and fire a few shots with Vega controlling the center and BOOM Graham rocks vega with a solid Right that wobbles him, Graham smells blood and goes in for the finish.

Results: Hassan Graham by KO (punches) :57 seconds of round 1

Sage Philippe vs. Marty Navis

(Pro 170 lbs,3x5)

Round 1 : sage fires a lef kick aan eats a left that stumbes him, navis throws a flying knee and the lock up on the cage. A couple knees by both men in the clinch and they both tuck heads and dirty box before navis level changes and gets the takedown. Sage quick to get back to his feet but gets dragged down again. Navis with. body kick and another clinch against aisnt the fence. navis gets the takedown but cant hold sage down. sage ducks a left and lands a solid counter punch but navis continues walking him down before initiating one more clinch against against the fence and dragging sage down. Navis gets a hook in and is trying to get a rear naked choke locked in but sage is doing good at controlling the hands of Navis. Navis almost secures the submission but ends up back on his feet with 3 seconds left. Time runs out.

Round 2: Navis ladns a leg kick that drops sage, navis rushes in but sage is able to clinch up and both men are up against isnt the cage for a few seconds. Navis breaks and the action gets bak to the center off the cage. After a few exchanges navis pushes sage against the fence and lands a knee to the body. The crowd starts chanting MARTY MARTY MARTY as both men clinch against the fence. Most of the round is spent against the cage with sage controlling most of the action. Round 2 ends with more grappling against

Round 3: Strong leg kicks from both men to start the round. Sage comes in with a powerful Jab and Cross but gets blocked. Navis controlling the center of the cage but sage not backing down at all. Both men showing signs os fatigue but still swinging and connecting with leg kicks and jabs. With one minute left both men give everything they have to finishing the fight and end the fight face to face.

Results: Marty Navis by Split Decision
29 -28 Navis
29-28 Phillipe
29-28 Navis

Aaron Lacey vs. Zach DiSabatino

( Pro 150 lbs, 3x5)

Round 1 : Zach lands a soldi body kick to start the round and goes to the head with a kick but its blockede. Disabatino lands a solid right that drops Lacey. Fight is over before it even gets started.

Results: Zach Disabatino by TKO (Punches) :24 seconds of Round 1
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