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Cage Titans 57 : LIVE PLAY BY PLAY

Updated: Jan 7

New England MMA is in the house here at Plymouth Memorial Hall in Plymouth Massachusetts to cover the event LIVE! Follow along as we recap the action as it's happening with live play by play coverage! Join Us!

Teddy Politis (0-0, Evolution) vs Avery Andrews (1-1, USMMA)

145 AM Featherweight Muay Thai 3x2

Round 1:

Here We go! Avery starts with low kicks and Politis fires back with a steady combination before falling to the canvas. They return to their feet and exchange combinations into the clinch and the action is stopped for a groin strike from Andrews. Avery opens back up with a body kick and then knocks Teddy to the mat. They return to action in the clinch with Andrews doing a majority of the work. Rd 1 Andrews.

Round 2:

Round 2 is being held up by a visit to the Politis corner from the doctor but we return to action. Avery comes out throwing causing Politis to clinch but its Andrews landing knees to the body in that clinch. Avery's muay thai is definitely more technical and its beginning to wear on Teddy. But then Teddy scored a knockdown and they clinch out the round. Another round for Andrews.

Round 3:

Round three begins with kicks from Avery and another clinch from Politis, Andrews continues to work knees in the clinch before exiting with a spinning backfist. Teddy eturns fire before hey hard back into the clinch with more knees from Andrews who is just a step ahead of Politis in this one. I had all three rounds for Avery Andrews.


Avery Andrews defeats Teddy Politis by Unanimous Decision (30-27 x3)

Deon Perry (Debut, Tri-Force) vs Kye Michel (Debut, Premier Martial Arts)

155 AM Lightweight 3x3