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Cage Titans 60: Live Play by Play

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Follow along as NEMMA is here live covering tonights event!

Shane Dougherty (USMMA) vs. Jeff Joy (Daniel Gracie)

Grappling lightweight

Decision: After no submission was locked in the fight was declared a Draw

Rick Clark (CMBJJ) vs. Carter Whitty (Regiment)

138 Catchweight Muay Thai

Decision: After3 rounds of back and fourth action the Judges voted unanimous 30-27 for Carter Whitty

Connor Morril (Team KTA) vs. Jack Noone (SSSF)

140 Amateur Catchweight

Round 1: Noone shoots in immediatly but morril stays up. Morril lans 2 big overhand rights and Noone shoots then pulls gaurd. Morril avoids the submission attempt and pops back up. They cling and noone fires knee to the head that lands and pauses the action briefly. A minute later they start back up. Noone lands a huge punch that sends morril stumbling. They scramble and Morriil ends up on top but last 4 seconds almost gets caught in a heel hook. Bell rings 10-9 Noone

Round 2: Noone starts off with a big takedown but not able to make much happen as a minute later Morril gets back up. Both men look exhausted as they continue to push forward. Couple body kick landed by noone. 10-9 noone

Round 3: Morril is ylelling fired up across the cage. Both men fire jabs and over hands to start. No one a little cleane with the body kicks. Morris gets no one against the cage and they grapple for a few minutes while morris is trying to secure the takedown. 10-9 morril

Decision: Connor Morrill wins by split decision (29-28,29-28,30-27)

Kevan Gonclaves (UFC Gym) vs. Travis Soulard (Triforce)

145lb Amateur Featherweight

Round 1: Both men come out testing the waters and measuring each outher up for about 15 seconds then its all out war. Soulard lands some vicous body kicks as Gonclaves fires back with a headkick that echoes through out the memorial hall getting a massive reaction fromt he crowd but somehow Soulard shakes it off and shakes his head no and fires back some shots immediately. After a brief scramble the action gets to the ground with Soulard having the back, flattening out Gonclaves and locking in a Rear Naked Choke. The ref stops the fight shortly after.

Decision: Travis Soulard win at 2:42 of Round 1 due to Submission (Rear Naked Choke)

Naquon Calderon (Diamond Dogs) vs. Brendan Boates (SSSF)

145lb Amateur Featherweight

Round 1: Boates fires a punch and follows with with a huge takedown slamming Calderon into the canvas. Boates remaining in top control almost locking in a crucifix. Boates goes knee on belly and fires a massive shot from the top before being pulled in again. Dominate 10-9 Boates

Round 2: Calderon is ready for the takedown and attempts a guillotine choke but Boates gets out of it and ends up on top . Out of no where Calderon sweeps and gets on top. 30 seconds later Boates returns the favor and sweeps Calderon gaining top control. Boates attempts and armbar submission but is unable to secure it and ends up on the bottom. Close round. 10-9 Boates

Round 3: Calderon walks across the cage and they clinch briefly before Calderon initiates a takedown and ends up on top. Calderon is on top most of the round but not doing much damage. The last minute Boates is able to sweep and get on top. 10-9 Calderon

Decision: Brendan Boates wins by unanimous decision

Michael Colon (Cage JSA) vs. Shane Mulligan (Daniel Gracie)

185lb Amateur Middleweight

Round 1: Colon comes out firing kicks, lands a few and Mulligan goes for the takedown. After and unsuccessful attempt Colon gets the action back to the center and lands a huge headkick which stumbles Mulligan. Mulligan is able to shoot in and get the takedown. After a brief scramble Mulligan locks in the Rear Naked Choke and gets the tap

Decision: Shane Mulligan wins at 1:32 of round 1 by submission (Rear Naked Choke)

Ozzy Martin (Lakes Region) vs. Brody Mcdougal (NOSTOS)

170 Pound Amateur Welterweight Championship

Round 1: as expected both men meet in middle and both throw beautiful strikes as Martin connects with more body kicks and Mcdougal firing more head kicks. Whole round is spent on the feet with Ozzy landing bigger shots. 10-9 Martin

Round 2: Brody comes out hwoth heavy strokes but gets gets countered and backs up. 2 seconds later Mcdougal responds with a counter uppercut that drops Martin to his knees but he quickly springs back up. Martin slowed down and is looking for that counter as Mcdougal is on the hunt for the uppercut. Crowd rips out in an ozzy chant but Mcdougal is dialed in landing body shots and knees. Left hook to the temple by Mcdougal send Martin back but out of no where Martin lands a huge counter that has Mcdougal stunned against the cage. The crowd erupts and the bell rings. WOW WHAT A FIGHT SO FAR

Round 3: Foght continues to be full of action from both sides with game plans by both men showing through. Mcdougal is being aggressive looking for the hooks and body kicks all round as Martin is standing his ground and looking for the counter.

Round 4: both men meet in the middle and after a few shots from both men the doctor steps in for a third time and finally calls the fight for Martin not being able to open his left eye.

Decision: Brody Mcdougal wins at of round 4 by Doctor Stoppage. (Eye Swollen)

Dan Bardallini (Hudson Combat) vs. Greg Jones (Daniel Gracie)

155 Pro Lightweight

This 50 and 46 year old make thier professional debuts

Round 1: Jones starts the fight with a jab and Bardallini shoots for the takedown, Jones able to hold himself up against the cage. After some clinching against the cage they end up on the ground with Jones getting the back. Jones spends most of the round chasing the rear naked choke. With 22 seconds left in the first he is able to sink it in.

Decision: Greg Jones wins at 4:38 seconds of round 1 by submission (rear naked choke)

Kris Berberich (USMMA) vs. Aaron Huges (Regiment)

160lb Pro Catchweight

Round 1: Hughes starts with a leg kick, Beeberich lands a right hand, another leg kick from Hughes. Berberich shoots and Hughes sinks in a deep guillotine while Berberich is still standing. Berberich slams Hughes to the canvas but it's locked in tight. He taps shortly after.

Decision: Aaron Hughes wins by first round submission (rear naked choke)

Montrel James (Main St MMA) vs. Marty Navis (Lauzon MMA)

170lb Pro Welterweight

Round 1: Navis comes out with a strong left and James stands in the pocket with him trading shots. Until navis shoots in, grappling against the cage ends when an elbow is landed to the back of Navis head getting the ref to step in and pause the action. 30 seconds later, we're back to it. James throws a flying knee and some wild looping strikes that get navis to apply the pressure against the cage again. Navis makes his way to back of James and gets the fight to the ground. James gets back up. Navis slams James back to the ground. And the round ends with both men grappling against the cage.

Round 2:James is on the offense landing a kick to the body and walking navy's down. Im the center Navis counters with a right hook. James using the Jab nicely. Navis uses his wrestling to get a double leg slam. James gives up his back and Navis lands some ground and pound before going after a rear naked choke. James is able to withstand and with only 50 seconds left james is able to sweep and gets on top. Somehow he gets the back and locks in a rear naked choke of his own but this one is TIGHT! Navis taps quickly.

Decision: Montreal James wins by submission at of Round 2 (rear naked choke)

Sam Watford (FAA CT) vs. Pat Casey (GNG)

170lb Pro Welterweight

Round 1: Casey comes out with a leg kick and after dodging a punch Casey rushes in with punches but get caught by a counter. Watford slightly lands a head kick. But Casey powers through. A little grappling later and Casey is on top. Watfprd gets up and lands a few clean shots but Casey is able to grab his leg and spin him around landing on top. The rest of the round is spent with Casey on top and Watfprd avoiding damage.

Round 2: Casey imitates grappling right away but action gets back to the center where Casey lands a nice counter left. Watford keeping distance with the jab, halfway throughthe round casey shoots in. Watford breaks free but Casey is relentless and gets watford against the cage again. Both men are showing signs of being tired but still firing shots. Most of the round is spent with clinching against the cage.

Round 3: round starts off with Casey keeping distance but watford lands some big shots that wobbles Casey to his knee. Casey does what he does best and shoots in securing the takedown. Landing on top. Most of the round is spent with Casey on too.

Decision: San Watford wind by Unanimous Decision

Keilen Fantroy (Real Warrior) vs. Pat Gilrbide (Lauzon MMA)

150lb Pro Catchweight

Round 1:

Round 2:

Round 3:


Robert Wusstig (Nostos) vs. Don Shanis (Citadel)

150lb Pro Catchweight

Round 1: wusstog throws a nice 1 2 combo and lands the straight cross. He clinched and throws 2 knees then 2 flying knees. Shanis grabs the body and secures a takedown. Shanis gets to the back is attempting to lock in a rear naked choke. Landing a few elbows to the side of the head, Shanis stays on Wusstigs back most of the round. With 47 seconds left in the round Wusstig reverses it and gets on top. 20 seconds later shanis reverses it back and ends the round attempting a guillotine. 10-9 Shanis

Round 2:wusstig starts off with a Superman type lunch loooing for the big finish m. About a minute in, Shanis gets the takedown and quickly gets to too control. Raining heavy elbow and straight lunches down, wusstig fires shots from the bottom. A stop in the action as shanks throws some type of illegal strike? Unsure but action continues and shanis applies pressure then goes for the takedown. Wusstig lands a huge shot from within the clinch that stumbles shanis. Wusstig ends up with half of shanis back. Locking him in a crucifix almost wusstog rains down shots. Shanis survives and reverses it with 44 seconds left, 20 seconds later Wusstog is on top and threatening and armbar but the bell rings. WOW

Round 3: both men exchange jabs. Eventually Wusstig gets his hands wrapped around the back of shanks head and lands some big knees, shanis pushed through and gets the fight to the ground ending up on top. A quick transition gets the ground fired up with shanis ending up on top. Both men staying busy as Wusstig fires shots from the bottom and eats a few elbows. Fight basically stays like this for the rest of the round.

Decision: Don Shanis wins by unanimous decision (3 x 29-28)

Lionel Young (Citadel) vs. Jay Perrin (Lauzon MMA)

145lb Pro Featherweight


Round 1: boogz tries establishing the jab early. Perrin charges in and boogz fires an uppercut then they initiate the clinch against the cage. About 2 minutes of grappling against the cage lPerrin secures the takedown, gets to boogz back. Perrin starts going after the rear naked choke. Boogz able to withstand the submission attempts and the bell rings.

Round 2: Both men land a few leg kicks and seconds into the round perrin shoots for a takedown. Eventually making his way to boogz back again. 2:30 to lock in a RNC. With a minute left Perrin traps boogz arm but boogz able to get it out. 25 seconds left an boogz gets up and almost locks in a standing guillotine choke. Bell rings and we're onto round 3.

Round 3: Shanis comes out with a 1-2 combos and a fired a straigh kick but boogz slows him down with a takedown attempt. Some grappling against the cage and we're back to Perrin on the back attempting a RNC. About 3:24 for Perrin to lock it in. A minute later Boogz battles his way to get the reverse and ends up on top. Action gets standing against the cage, Perrin fires knees to the legs of boogz as he clinches his back. With 40 seconds left Perrin gets it back to the ground. Round ends with Perrin on the back of boogz

Decision: Jay Perrin wins by Unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

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