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Cage Titans 61: Live Play by Play Coverage

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

Travis Lizotte "Full Contact Writer"

We are here live from Plymouth Memorial Hall in Plymouth, Massachusetts as we await the 6pm opening bell here at Michael Polvere's Cage Titans 61. Seventeen fights grace tonight's star studded fight card and the rules meeting is currently underway, we will be live with you through all the action as it unfolds. Follow this article throughout the evening for all the latest as we await two Cage Titans Championship contests and an entertaining night of nonstop action. Sit back and stay dry New England MMA fans we go you covered through the raindrops.

Connor Luby (1-0, Team Burgess) vs Josh Robertson (1-0, TriForce)

155lb AM Muay Thai

Results: Connor Luby defeats Josh Robertson by Unanimous Decision (29-28 x3).

Paul Huber (1-1, Citadel) vs Mike Salazar (0-0, Regiment)

155lb AM Muay Thai

Results: Mike Salazar defeats Paul Huber by Split-Decision (28-29, 30-26, 29-27)

Breyin Nichols (0-0, North Andover JJ) vs Ryan Kennedy (0-0, Lauzon MMA)

155lb AM MMA

Round 1: Nichols comes out looking to strike and Ryan lands a double leg they stand and Ryan comes back with another huge takedown but cannot keep Nichols on the mat. They return to striking distance where Nichols lands a combination that rocks Kennedy. Nichols is landing heavy now and Kennedy is looking to shoot and avoid damage. Nichols lands another barrage as the round ends with Nichols smelling blood! 10-9 Nichols.

Round 2: Between rounds the doctor enters the cage to check a cut above the right eye of Nichols and referee Chris Burke waves this one off...terrible turn of events here for Nichols who was in cruise control.

Decision: Ryan Kennedy defeats Breyin Nichols by TKO (Doctor Stoppage) at 5:00 of the first round.

Ash Rao (1-0-1, Broadway JJ) vs Brandon DeMoura (2-3, Regiment)

135lb AM MMA

Round 1: Rao comes out with a constant jab before closing the distance for a takedown attempt. DeMoura stuffs and dumps Rao on the canvas but will not go to the ground with Ash. At distance Ash comes forward behind strikes again and once again changes levels for a takedown. DeMoura goes to the guillotine as Ash gets the fight to the ground. They scramble and Brandon ends up on top to end the round. Close round 10-9 Rao.

Round 2: Rao again strikes to gain distance and we go to the clinch against the fence once again. A low blow causes separation but Ash comes out of the restart with another attempt to get this fight to the canvas. DeMoura turns the action and gets himself back to the center of the cage. That is short lived as Ash is in on another takedown. DeMoura turns out but Ash is right back on his legs looking for another takedown. The round ends with Rao in on a takedown and DeMoura stuffing and landing hammerfists to the body. 10-9 DeMoura.

Round 3: DeMoura comes out with a high kick that glances it's target and Rao is in deep once again on Brandon's legs. They split briefly and end up back in the same position with Rao looking for another takedown. Brandon stuffs. DeMoura slips off a kick attempt and Rao pounces to the ground as the fight ends. 10-9 Rao

Decision: Ash Rao defeats Brandon DeMoura by Split-Decision (29-28, 27-30, 29-28)

Saul Becerril-Vivas (1-1, Diamond Dogs) vs Kyle Schofield (0-0, Camp Kong)

135lb AM MMA

Kyle "The Carpenter" Schofield walks to the cage to the Home Depot commercial music for this on...bold move Kyle.

Round 1: Saul comes out with sharp strikes and it takes a second for Kyle to acknowlege but he starts firing heat of his own. Kyle uses the strikes to get inside for the takedown and goes to work from top position. Kyle moves to full mount and puts the HD hammers to work with some brutal ground and pound. Chris Burke takes a closer look and Kyle continues to DECK his competition into the canvas. Burke wisely waves this one off.

Decision: Kyle Schofield defeats Saul Vivas by TKO (Ground and Pound) at 2:17 of the very first round.

Blaize Nichols (1-0, North Andover JJ) vs Carter Whitty (0-0, Regiment)

145lb AM MMA

Round 1: Blaize comes out with a combination and Whitty counters they clinch against the cage. They brake and Blaize fires more strikes that back Whitty up to the fence where Nichols gets the takedown. They scramble and Nichols hops on the back of Whitty and sinks in the Rear Naked Choke for the tap.

Decision: Blaize Nichols defeats Carter Whitty by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:55 of the first round.

Danny Jefferson (2-0, Broadway JJ) vs Travis Soulard (1-0, TriForce)

145lb AM MMA

Round 1: Jefferson comes out wildly sloinging punches and looking to close distance. Soulard catches Danny with some counter shots and they scramble. Jefferson looking to land ground and pound and Soulard looking to transition to a submission attempt. Danny is on top with heavy pressure now landing shots as Travis rolls for space. Soulard gives his back briefly but Danny continues the onslaught. Soulard is aware and still fishing for limbs but Jefferson has answers to all of his attempts. 10-9 Jefferson.

Round 2: Jefferson comes out and backs Travis into a corner. Jefferson is piecing him up. Travis rolls for a leg and its more bad news for Soulard who continuously receives hammerfists until Ckris Burke has seen enough.

Decision: Danny Jefferson defeats Travis Soulard by TKO (Ground and Pound) at :55 of the second round

Phil LoCigno (2-3, Sityodtong) vs Xavier Cardona (2-3, Lakeville MMA)

140lb AM MMA

Round 1: They come out slugging and LoCigno initiates the clinch and gets X to the canvas. Cardona is going for broke on a guillotine and LoCigno is having trouble defending against the cage but eventually pops his head out and starts the hammerfists. X throws up high guard and Phil transitions to mount. They scramble and X has the Guillotine once again, the grip doesn't last this time as Phil pops out and finishes the round on top. 10-9 LoCigno.

Round 2: Cardona comes out swinging and Phil looks to counter, they clinch against the cage and Phil gets the takedown again. X immediately looks for the choke but Phil powers through it and is in half guard. Cardona moves back to guard and LoCigno stacks him into the corner. They scramble and Cardona has the right leg of LoCigno looking for a toe hold. LoCigno escapes to top position and lands some hammerfists as the round ends. 10-9 LoCigno.

Round 3: It's hugs to open round three...followed by a LoCigno takedown and another guillotine attempt by Cardona. Phil is out and on top yet again. Phil postures up and lands some fists then transitions to full mount, Xavier gets back to guard and Phil continues landing shots. The fight ends with Cardona in last ditch effort mode for a submission. 10-9 LoCigno.

Decision: Phil LoCigno defeats Xavier Cardona by Unanimous Decision (30-27 x3)

Tim Melvin (2-0, Broadway JJ) vs Jayden Curley (1-0, BTT Taunton)

170lb AM MMA

Round 1: Melvin comes out with combinations as Jayden counters . Melvin loses his footing and they briefly go to the ground but Melvin stands. Curly knocks Melvin down once again but he scrambles back to his feet before Curley takes him down. Curley is winging wild hammerfists, he mounts Melvin and continues the barrage as Melvin covers up. Melvin will not lose consciousness and continues to intelligently defend as the round ends. 10-8 Curley

Round 2: How much gas can Curley have left here in the seconds round as Timmy Melvin gives the thumbs up in his corner. They begin round two swinging and Curley lands a thunderous takedown and again has Melvin mounted. Melvin looks for a way to his feet but Curley is relentless. Curley may however not have the energy to finish here...Jay is on top in complete control but the output has dwindled significantly. Melvin finishes the second round with strikes from the bottom and he is still in this fight. 10-9 Curley.

Round 3: Curley comes out and slips a jab right into a takedown, he is back to work on top once again. We are once again in full mount situation here and Curley digs deep for more shots that get the stoppage from referee Chris Burke as the Melvin corner throws in the towel.

Decision: Jay Curley defeats Timmy Melvin by TKO (Corner Stoppage) at 1:12 of the third and final round.

Cage Titans returns from intermission with some fight announcments for Cage Titans 62 November 11th

  • First in the cage is Aaron Hughes who calls for none other than Captain America Gerry Meuse

  • Andrew Valdina announces he will fight Jeff Joy November 11th at Bantamweight.

Max Lombardo (1-1, Cage Jsa ) vs Hassan Graham (1-1, Chapman's)

265lb PRO MMA

Round 1: These guys circle the cage in high guard showing great respect for one another. Graham is the first to throw and he backs Max to the fence and into a clinch against the cage. Max shrugs Graham off and we return to striking range with more pawing by both men. Hassan lands a jab and the horn blows to end the round inadvertently. We continue with more circling around the cage but not much action. The round ends, for real this time with a barrage from Hassan. 10-9 Graham.

Round 2: Action is slow to get going again in the second round as Graham backs Lombardo down. Graham begins to up the ante with his jab and an elbow to the head of Max. Hassan initiates an exchange before clinching on the cage once again. The clinch becomes a stall and goes virtually nowhere as the time ticks away in the second round. The ten second clapper goes off and Graham unloads a six piece that puts Max out cold before he hits the canvas. WOW! One of the most vicious regional knockouts I've seen in my 10 plus years covering New England! Max is up and on the stool and is a true warrior as he makes it to the center of the cage for the decision.

Decision: Hassan Graham defeats Max Lombardo by Knockout (Right Hands) at 4:59 of the second round. That fight literally went zero to 60 in the blink of an eye...2023 KO of the year Candidate...leader in the clubhouse!

Chris Caterino (4-4, Caterino Martial Arts) vs Joe Poirier (3-0, Lauzon)

135lb PRO MMA

Round 1: Poirier comes across the cage quickly but Caterino lands and takes Joe down. Joe uses the cage wall to return to his feet as Chris clinches him against the cage. Caterino changes levels for the takedown and Joe grabs a guillotine. Joe lets the Guillotine go to lock up a triangle and begins to land elbows. Poirier threatens the arm of Caterino now before tightening up the triangle once again. More elbows from the bottom for Poirier and a scramble leads to a deep Anaconda choke by Poirier that puts Caterino out.

Decision: Joe Poirier defeats Chris Caterino by Submission (Anaconda) at 4:19 of round number one.

Cage Titans announces that Joe Poirier will now face Casey Norton at November 11th's Cage Titans 62.

Sam Watford (4-5, Faa CT) vs Cam Resnisky (2-0, Cage JSA)

170lb PRO MMA

Round 1: Sam comes out southpaw and establishes the jab early, Sam is pushing the pace and Cam changes levels against the cage and looks to take Watford down. Watford turns the action and returns to the center of the cage. Sam lands a smooth left and Cam grabs an ankle and takes Sam down and immediately hops on the back. Watford defends back to his feet with Cam on his back. They collapse to the ground and Watford is in a bad way and is forced to tap.

Decision: Cam Resnisky defeats Sam Watford by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 2:53 of the first round.

Oscar Vera (0-5, Bronx Combat) vs Miguel Sevasin (0-0, Lakeville MMA)

160lb PRO MMA

Round 1: Vera comes out jabbing and landing against Miguel and Miguel's left eye is already swollen as he shoots and lands the takedown. Miguel gets a little room to work and lands some elbows from the top as Vera keeps him close. Miguel lands some short shots and looks to step over to side control, Vera gives his back and Miguel rains down Elbows for the Referee Stoppage.

Decision: Miguel Sevasin defeats Oscar Vera by TKO (Elbows) at 3:30 of the first round.

Sage Philippe (4-5, Underground) vs Bobby Flynn (5-4, Proelite)

170lb PRO MMA

Round 1: Philippe establishes the center of the cage early but these guys basically stand toew to toe and trade until Sage lands a takedown. Bobby stands and they clinch on the cage before returning to striking distance. Again they clinch. Bobby lands and uppercut on the brake and Sage returns fire before again initiating the clinch on the cage. Sage steps back and lands shots before returning to the center. Bobby lands some push kicks that gain the attention of Philippe and we are back to clinching on the cage. Bobby comes back with strikes and Sage takes him down. With ten seconds left Sage is all over Flynn. 10-9 Philippe.

Round 2: Sage comes out behind the jab in the second round before again clinching Flynn on the cage. They exchange on the break and both guys land until its back to clinch work on the cage. Bobby strings together a combination that gets Sage clinching again. Bobby looks to hop on the back of Philippe and Sage defends back into the wall work. 10-9 Philippe.

Round 3: The first minute of round three begins with an exchange of combinations that lead to the clinch from Philippe once again. Back to the center and they again exchange combinations with kicks landing by both men. Flynn gets the takedown now and tries to hop on the back of Philippe but Sage defends back into the clinch against the cage. They split and Flynn shoots again to the defense of Sage. They come down the stretch trading in the center. 10-9 Flynn.

Decision: Sage Philippe defeats Bobby Flynn by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

Nate Williams (14-12, ATT LIMA vs Zach Disabatino (13-3, SSSF)

155lb PRO MMA

Round 1: Zach comes out with a leg kick followed by combinations that lead to a DiSab takedown. Zach stuffs Williams in the corner lands some short shots before Williams stands but is dumped once again. They return to the feet and Williams clinches Zach against the fence now and lands a takedown of his own. DiSab gets right back up and surges across the cage with will willed overhands that have Nate on his bicycle. DiSab changes levels and takes Williams back to the mat. Nate stands in the seatbelt of DiSabatino and pulls guard. DiSab lands short shots to the body as Williams looks for a Kimura on the far side. Zach briefly gets the crucifix and Williams reverses as the round ends. 10-9 DiSabatino.

Round 2: Williams comes out in the second and looks to get his striking going before they clinch to the canvas and Nate ends up on top in full mount. Williams postures up and begins to deliver damage with strikes before Zach reels him back in. Zach tries posting on a hip to try and escape but to no avail. Williams gains side control now with two minutes to work. Nate goes north south and DiSab reverses position and now has Williams in side control. They scramble and Zach gets the back, Nate escapes and ends the round on top landing elbows. 10-9 Williams.

Round 3: Nate is the first to land in the third round as he puts together a pair of combinations before muscling DiSab to the canvas. Nate finds his way back into side control then north south again. Williams postures to land some hammerfists and DiSab powers out and takes Williams down against the cage wall. Williams switches again and has Zach against the fence. Zach turns the action and takes Williams back down. Williams reverses and takes Zach back to the mat they scramble and Zach has the back of Williams and is Landing short shots. Williams reverses into side control and mounts Zach and lands shots until the final bell. 10-9 Williams.

Decision: Nate Williams defeats Zach DiSabatino by Split Decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)

Jashua Marsh (5-5, Carlson Gracie) vs Ras Hylton (10-7, ATT Tampa)

265lb Pro MMA

CT Heavyweight Championship

Round 1: Ras comes out and establishes the center and Marsh lands a couple low kicks. A right hand on entry hurts Ras and he goes to the ground, Marsh mounts and Ras is giving his back to try and stand. Ras gets his feet back under him and fires knees off the cage. Hylton's left eye is compromised and Marsh backs him down and drops Hylton. Marsh follows up with hammerfists that put an end to Ras' Cage Titans Heavyweight title run.

Decision: Jahsua Marsh defeats Ras Hylton by TKO (Ground and Pound) at 1:50 of the first round.

Michael Dufort (11-4, H20 MMA ) vs Joe Giannetti (14-4, AKA)

155lb PRO MMA

CT Lightweight Championship

Round 1: Dufort comes forward early behind a combination that ends in a takedown attempt. Dufort looks to hop on the back of Giannetti from standing position they go to the ground and Dufort since in the body triangle then the rear naked choke for the tap.

Decision: Michael Dufort defeats Joe Giannetti by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at1:35 of the first round to capture the Cage Titans Professional Lightweight Championship.

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