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Cage Titans 62: Live Play-by-Play

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

Travis Lizotte "Full Contact Writer"

This article will go live once we arrive in Plymouth, Massachusetts for Cage Titans 62. For those who could not be in attendance follow this article throughout the evening as we bring you live up to the minute updates of all the happenings on a beautiful New England Autumn Veterans Day. Fans who wish to purchase the Cage Titans pay-per-view stream are encouraged to go to and enter your favorite Cage Titans 62 combatants last name in all caps at checkout for your fighter to receive credit for your purchase. Opening bell is due to sound from Plymouth Memorial Hall at 6 pm local time; Happy fight day New England!

Our evening's host; Andy Kurzontkowski kicks off Cage Titans 62 with another amazing rendition of the Star Spangled Banner here on this Veterans Day and the first combatants are making their way to the center of the Hall, Here we go New England!

Ryan Maniscalco (0-0, Sityodtong) vs Mike Salazar (1-0, Regiment)

155 pound Muay Thai

Results: Entertaining striking affair here to kick off the night as Mike Salazar and Ryan Maniscalco battle to a Unanimous Draw, a Knockdown in the second round for Maniscalco had a huge influence on the result of this one..

Danielle Okula (1-0, NOSTOS) vs Erika Medina (0-0, Burgess)

130 pound Women's Muay Thai

Results: These girls left it all in the cage over three rounds and we head to the judges table where

Erika Medina edges Danielle Okula by split-decision with scores of (29-28 Okula, 29-28 Medina and 30-27 Medina).

Aaron Velasquez (1-1, FAA CT) vs Jordyne Tavares (0-0, Regiment)

Amateur Catcheight (175 lbs.)

Round 1:

Round 2:

Round 3:

Decision: Scratched

Saul Becerril-Vivas (1-2, Diamond Dogs) vs Matt Martinez (0-2, Sityodtong)

Amateur Flyweight

Round 1: They come out and trade early as Matt establishes the center of the cage and takes Saul to the canvas where Martinez works from Vivas' guard. Vivas lands some short shots from the bottom and Martinez returns fire as Vivas looks for the arm of Martinez. Matt defends the armbar back to guard where he lands some ground and pound. Martinez finishes the round landing kicks to the legs of the downed Vivas. 10-9 Martinez.

Round 2: Martinez comes out behind right hands and backs Vivas down to the fence where he comes up short on a takedown but ends up with Saul clinched along the fence. A little more work results in the takedown for Martinez where he once again works from the top. Saul looks to use his long legs to threaten submissions off his back but thus far Martinez is wise to them. Martinez postures up and lands a few shots as the 10 second clapper sounds. 10-9 Martinez.

Round 3: Vivas comes out in the second firing off target lengthy strikes before Martinez ducks under and lands another takedown. Saul scrambles to the top and Martinez returns to his feet and lands another thunderous takedown. Matt breaks guard and lands some shots before returning to Vivas' butterfly guard. Vivas rolls for an arm once again and is greeted with strikes from Martinez still in top control. Vivas throws up one more armbar attempt as the final horn sounds. 10-9 Martinez.

Decision: Matt Martinez defeats Saul Becerrill-Vivas by Unanimous Decision (30-27).

Tim Walsh (1-1, BTT North Shore) vs Rian Torrance (0-0, Daniel Gracie)

Amateur Catchweight (175 lbs.)

Round 1: Huge ovation from the crowd for the 41 year old police officer Rian Torrance during Introductions. Fight starts without a glove touch and Torrance initiates a clinch. Walsh uses his size to avoid the takedown and return to striking range where he comes forward with his hands down and takes Torrance to the mat. Torrance however immediately sweeps and is in top control and eventually in side control. Rian hops over to mount and begins delivering the ground and pound. Rian finishes the round in to control with Walsh rolling for a sub attempt. 10-9 Torrance.

Round 2: Walsh comes out and offers the glove touch and uses it to strike. Walsh steps back and lands a crisp one two fight into the takedown of Torrance. Torrance is on top as Walsh grabs a guillotine as means of survival. Torrence advances to side control and has Walsh in and inverted Head and Arm choke but Walsh is able to defend. Walsh lands some hammer fists to the ribs of Torrance and Rian answers with ground and pound as the round ends. 10-9 Torrance.

Round 3: Round three begins with a crazy striking exchange and leads to Torrance clinching Walsh against the fence. Torrance introduces Walsh back to the canvas with nearly two minutes to work here. Walsh lands some short shots from the bottom and Torrance transitions to full mount where he finishes with ground and pounds as the final seconds tick away. 10-9 Torrance.

Decision: Rian Torrance defeats Tim Walsh by Unanimous Decision (30-27 x3).

Stanislov Rakov (3-3, FAA CT) vs Brandon DeMoura (2-4, Regiment)

Amateur Bantamweight

Round 1: Stan comes out throwing low kicks as he looks to solve the length of DeMoura. Rakov's kicks are helping set up the hands as he looks to back Brandon down. Very active kicking game from Stan who looks like a remarkable striker as he glances the cranium of DeMoura with a high kick. Stan comes forward with an ill fated attack that pins DeMoura to the cage where he folds to the strikes of Rakov.

Decision: Stanislav Rakov defeats Brandon DeMoura by TKO (Unanswered Strikes) at of the 2:29 of the very first round. Rakov's striking looks like it could be a problem for regional Bantamweights.

Tony Rivera (0-4, TNT) vs Jack Noone (0-2, SSSF)

Amateur Featherweight

Round 1: Noone ducks an errant wheel kick from Rivera to open and takes Rivera to the ground. Tony grabs the head of Noone and Noone scrambles to full mount. Noone is landing short shots to the head of Rivera as Tony looks to keep him close. Jack postures up with a mounted guillotine and wrenches on the neck of Rivera for the tap.

Decision: Jack Noone defeats Tony Rivera by Submission (Mounted Guillotine) at 2:37 of the first round.

Lesther Alvarado (1-1, FAA CT) vs Carlos Vespaziano (2-3, Daniel Gracie)

Amateur Catchweight (140 lbs.)

Round 1: Lesther comes forward from the opening bell and steamrolls Vespaziano, heavy ground and pound puts an end to the one early. Vicious!

Decision: Lesther Alvarado defeats Carlos Vespaziano by TKO (Ground and Pound) at :42 of the first round.

Arslan Otchiyev (Muay Thai Debut, FAA CT) vs Shaun Shubery (2-2, Red Seal)

150 pound Small Glove Muay Thai

Results: Wow a right hand from Shubert drops Arslan after and intense altercation between these two. Arslan cannot return to his feet following Alan Lau's 10 count and this one comes to its conclusion at 2:59 of the first round with Shaun Shubert the winner by TKO.

Shaun Shubert announces his retirement in the cage following his victory, Shubert commits to dedicate his time to the advancement of youth Muay Thai in Massachusetts. I speak on behalf of all of us at New England MMA as I wish Shaun nothing but success in his future endeavors, Thank you Shaun!

Breaking News During this intermission; The Cage Titans 62 Main Event is off Cleveland McLean has pulled out of his Cage Titans Flyweight bout with Mitch Raposo. Raposo's opponents McLean broke a fever in the locker room and has been deemed unfit to fight by cageside officials.

Everet Desilets (1-0, Savage) vs Kyle Pufahl (1-0, Nostos MMA)

Round 1: Pufahl comes out throwing bombs and is taken down by Desilits, Kyle weathers a storm to get back to his feet but is taken back down with a trip off a clinched knee. Everet applies heavy top pressure as blood pours down the face of Pufahl. Desilets works a head and arm choke that garners the tap from Pufahl.

Decision: Everet Desilets defeats Kyle Pufahl by Submission (Modified Scarf Hold) at 1:40 of the first round.

Randy Francis (Pro Debut, Dexter) vs Brett Layton (Pro Debut, The Garage)


Round 1: Randy comes out throwing combinations and tags Brett, Brett goes to the ground and Randy hops on top. Brett gets to the cage where he uses the wall to stand into Randy's Clinch. They separate and Layton lands himself a takedown, Layton lands some hammerfists as Randy throws up a triangle attempt that stops Laytons further advances. Layton breaks the triangle and moves to side control before standing and welcoming Francis back to his feet with a massive hook. They scramble on the ground with Layton threatening a choke before standing and returning to the clinch on the fence. Brett first two headkicks on the break and Randy walks through them and backs Layton to the fence where they clinch for the remainder of the round. 10-9 Layton.

Round 2: They exchange to begin the third round as Randy looks to back Brett to the fence. Layton takes Francis down with plenty of time to work early in this second round. Layton postures up and lands some ground and pound before returning to the guard of Francis, Brett lands heavy hammerfists before Francis returns to the feet where he is greeted with another Layton takedown. Layton isolates the head of Francis and looks to apply pressure to the neck with a triangle. The attempt allows Layton to move to side control and eventually to mount before Francis reverses position. Randy finishes the round on top in a scramble for position. 10-9 Layton.

Round 3: Brett lands strikes to begin the third and Randy looks to take him down. As they hit the fence Layton turns the action and looks for a takedown of his own. Layton finally gets Randy to the mat with a trip and lands some shots to the body. Randy posts on a hip to attempt to stand and Brett lands some short elbows that lead to full mount for Layton, but again Randy reverses and gets to his feet. Short lived however as Brett secures another takedown. Elbows from Layton lead to another choke attempt that keeps Brett on top. Randy stands to strikes by Layton followed by another takedown that all but secures this victory for Brett Layton. 10-9 Layton.

Decision: Brett Layton defeats Randy Francis by Unanimous Decision (30-27).

Aaron Trecell (3-4, Sityodtong) vs Sam Watford (4-6, Independent)


Round 1: Trecell comes out behind a sharp leg kick as he looks to get the hands going against Watford. Trecell adds a kick to the body and a right hand that stuns Watford. Aaron lands some more dirty boxing before Watford pushes him to the fence looking to take this fight to the mat. Watford is heavy with his pressure on the fence but with some work Trecell reverses but is taken down by Watford. Aaron scrambles to get to his feet and Watford gets the back. Watford appears to be stalling from the back of Trecell as Aaron looks to the ref to split them up, the ref declines and this first round ends here on the ground. Weird round to score as Watford did nothing from the back of Trecell. 10-9 Trecell.

Round 2: Watford begins the second with a low leg kick that sends Trecell forward with a flurry and he has Watford pressed along the cage wall. Watford reverses the action mow and Trecell pushes away to striking distance. Watford shoots and is stuffed by Trecell as they remain at striking range. Trecell lands heavy kicks to the body then right hands that drop Watford to the mat. Aaron follows to the ground with right hands for the stoppage. Another explosive finishing sequence for Trecell...When this kid is on, he is SCARY!

Decision: Aaron Trecell defeats Sam Watford by TKO (Ground and Pound) at 3:10 of the second round.

Casey Norton (3-1, Ascension) vs Joe Poirier (4-0, Lauzon MMA)

Catchweight (130 lbs.)

Round 1: Casey lands a body kick and then a right hand that stuns Joe, Joe sits back and Casey takes his back. Joe tries to stand but Casey drags him back to the mat and takes his back once again. Poirier looks to scramble out but Norton flattens him out and drops hammerfisdts. Poirier covers up as Casey looks for the finish. Poirier gets back to half guard but is still being dominated by Norton. Casey postures up for some ground and pound and Poirier can just cover up as the round comes to an end. 10-8 Norton.

Round 2: Casey falls to the canvas while delivering a headkick to open the round, they clinch on the cage and Norton completes another takedown. Joe scrambles but Norton is savvy from the top as he remains in control of Poirier. Joe gives his back to try and stand and Norton makes him Pay with heavy ground and pound for the referee stoppage.

Decision: Casey Norton defeats Joe Poirier by TKO (Ground and Pound) at 3:22 of the second round. Absolutely dominant performance by Casey Norton who has now finished Tyler Smythe and Joe Poirier in consecutive starts.

Gerry Meuse (5-0, Sityodtong) vs Aaron Hughes (4-3, Regiment)


Round 1: Aaron comes out and establishes the center of the cage as they trade opening combinations. They clinch and Gerry puts Aarons back against the cage. Gerry lands knees as Aaron tries to turn the action but is unsuccessful. Gerry looks for a double leg then switches to a single. Gerry comes forward and Aaron grabs a guillotine and pulls guard. Gerry survives and ends up on top of Hughes in the center of the cage. Gerry works to side control and Aaron gives his back. Gerry takes the back gets both hooks in and submits Aaron with a Rear Naked Choke.

Decision: Gerry Meuse defeats Aaron Hughes by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 3:49 of the first round.

Pat Casey (10-7, G&G) vs Joe Giannetti (14-5-1, AKA)

Welterweight Title

Round 1: Casey comes out busy looking to strike early on the former champion Giannetti. Giannetti is playing smart at range and looking to counter the shots of Casey. Pat is swinging for the fences with that big overhand right that flies off the mark. Joe lands a left hand over the top of a Casey combination that gets the crowds attention but Pat shakes it off. Pat grabs a kick attempt from Giannetti and backs him up with short shots. Casey is out working Giannetti here in the first five minutes. 10-9 Casey.

Round 2: Pat comes out looking to apply more pressure in the second round and Giannetti remains calm looking to counter Casey's attacks. Joe lands a left switch kick to the face of Casey who drops to the canvas and is unable to defend the left hammerfists of Giannetti that spell an end to this Welterweight title tilt.

Decision: Joe Giannetti defeats Pat Casey by TKO (Head Kick to Ground and Pound) at 2:12 of the second round to re-capture his Cage Titans Welterweight strap.

Cleveland McLean (17-11, Fusion X-cel) vs Mitch Raposo (8-1, Regiment)

Flyweight Title

Round 1:

Round 2:

Round 3:

Round 4:

Round 5:

Decision: Scrapped

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