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Cage Titans 63 : Live Results

Updated: Jan 28

Cage is set, Doors are open, Fighters are ready! Cage Titans 63 goes down now!

Richard St Pierre (2-3, Flowstate Fighting and Fitness) vs. Mike Salazar (1-0-1, Regiment)

155 lbs Am Muay Thai

Igor Zaltsman vs. Colin Silva

155 lbs Am

ROUND 1: They feel each other out in the center of the cage, and eventually Silva presses Igor against the cage. Silva has a body lock and is controlling the fight against the cage. Igor eventually pushes off and breaks free. They reset in the middle of the cage. Igor throws a highkick that is partially blocked. It sparks something within Silva and he fires back. Both seem content to stand and trade right now and both are landing. Silva presses Igor against the cage and ankle picks him to get the takedown.

10-9 Silva

Round 2: Silva comes out throwing heavy crosses at the start of the round. It pushes Igor back against the cage. Igor lands a few return shots of his own. Igor goes for a takedown but Silva sweeps. They're back to their feet in the center of the cage. Silva lands a MASSIVE right cross to sends Igor to the canvas! Silva jumps into his guard and lands one solid hammerfist for good measure. The ref jumps in to call a halt to the fight as Silva picks up the first MMA victory of his career!

RESULT: Colin Silva KO's Igor Zaltsman at 1:14 of the 2nd round in a highly spirited and entertaining fight between two debuters. What a way to start the night!

J. Quintanilla (0-0) vs. Matthew Martinez (1-2)

125 lbs Am

Round 1: After a brief striking exchange Quintanilla gets Martinez up against the cage.

Martinez able to separate and land a few good strikes but back against the cage the action goes.

Round 2: Quintanilla is firing some heavy head kicks but Martinez able to dodge and land some beautiful punches. About a minute in Martinez able to get the takedown and control most of the fight from top position. few seconds left Martinez hopes up and throws some leg kicks to end the round.

Round 3 : Martinez able to get to take down early, most of the round is spent with Martinez on top. Not much damage done.

Result : 30-27 unanimous decision Matt Martinez

S. Becerril-Vivas vs. Javier Acosta

125 lbs Am

Round 1: Acosta comes out swinging with some heavy punches, SB able to avoid most and catch a leg. He gets the fight to the ground but action quickly gets back to its feet. SB landing some beautiful body kicks and stuns Acosta, Acosta able to pause with action with a smooth takedown. Round ends with both men on the ground.

Round 2: Becerril-Vivas comes out firing body shots at Acosta, eventually dropping him and ending the fight with some heavy strikes against the cage.

Result : Becerril-Vivas wins by TKO at 59 seconds of round 2

Cullen Johnson (3-2) vs. Ozzy Martin

170 lbs Am Cage Titans Championship

Round 1: Back and fourth action between both contenders. Martin able to land some beautiful body shots wild avoiding taking much damage. 10-9 Martin

Round 2: Ozzy comes out with some powerful crosses that back up johsnon. A spinning body kick from ozzy gets the crowd to react. Martin working the combos firing for the body rhen coming up top for a cross. Martin lands a beautiful headkick that back Johnson against the cage. Ozzy fires a barrage of left croses and rights that completly rock Johnson. After a few land and Johnson is stumbling, the ref jumps in before martin can casue any more damage.

Result: Ozzy martin wins by KO in round 2

Brandon Layton vs. Carter Whitty

135 lbs Am

Everet Desilets vs. L. Fitzgerald

170 lbs Pro

Round 1: A great fight to start the main card. Fitzgerald comes out looking to hide his reach advantage and establish range but Desilets walks through it and gets right in the pocket with him. Landing some punches with devastating force,he makes quick work of Fitzgerald. At one point Fitzgerald seemed to of land a knee but Desilets continues throwing those hands and lands a beautiful left that drops Fitzgerald immediately. Desilets puts the 170lb division on notice

Results : Everet Desilets wins by ko at 1:36 of round 1

Lionel Young vs. Pat Gilbride

145 lbs Pro

Round 1: a few punches in and gilbride goes for the takedown, a quick scramble later and Gilbride locks in an armbar and Young taps

Result: Pat gilbride wins at 55 seconds of round 1 by submission, Armbar

Zach DiSabatino vs. Tom Santos

155 lbs Pro

Jonathan Piersma vs. Aaron Trecell

170 lbs Pro

Round 1: a few strikes in and piesrma has the action on the ground with top control. Piersma able to lock in a crucifix almost and starts peppering trecell with elbows. The ref keeping a close eye and jumps in once he notices trecell can't defend himself.

Results round 1 by TKO ground strikes

Brian Cosco vs. Greg Jones

155 lbs Pro

A few strikes in, Cosco gets control on top a few moment later Jones is on top and laying down strikes most of the round is spent with Jones on top

Round 2: Jones goes to sink in a guillotine early but cosco slammed him to the ground. Jones shows off his ground skills and gets on top of cosco. Most of the round is spent with Jones on top , Rhee thanks a submission the last few seconds

Round 3: Jones gets the submission in round 3

Result Greg Jones wins the first ever OG Cgae Titans championship at 3:19 seconds of round 3 with a rear naked choke

Jake Hixenbaugh vs. Aaron Hughes

155 lbs Pro

Result: Jake Hixenbaugh wins by submissions arm triangle round

Justin Valentin vs. Mitch Raposo

125 lbs Pro

Round 1 : raposo throwing some heavy crosses looking to damage early, able to keep distance both men trade calculates shots. Mitch lands a big punch that bust open valentines nose, Everytime raposo lands it seems to effect Valentin. But valentine able to keep coming forward. 10-9 raposo

Round 2 : raposo starts off with a strong overhand right. Trading shots raposo seems to have th advantage and valentine goes down and raposo wants him to stand back up valentine goes for the takedown bu raposo able to avoid it and keep the fight standing. Raposo drops valentine amd lane some heavy ground and pound before valentine is able to spin around and get up but he's hurt.

Doctor steps back in in between rounds to check on valentines eye. Give the okay to continue

Round 3: Mitch's left hand is controlling the fight. Raposos switching stances with ease and stuffing takedowns. A beautiful body shot folds valentine and raposo follows up with a head kick that drops his opponent. A few ground and pound strikes later and the ref jumps in


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