CES 63: Live Play-By-Play Results

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

Travis Lizotte "Full Contact Writer"

Springfield, Massachusetts - We are live tonight from the MassMutual Center in Springfield, Massachusetts as Jimmy Burchfield's Classic Entertainment and Sports, CES MMA is back in New England, with fans in attendance and unveiling a star studded card as CES 63 kicks off tonight with first bell coming at 7pm eastern time. Fighters, Fans, Coaches and Families share and keep refreshing this article throughout the evening as we will provide the realest round by round updates of all the action as it goes down live inside the MassMutual Center. If you cannot be in attendance, if you do not have UFC Fight Pass this will be the easiest way o follow your favorite fighters results, with live minute by minute coverage of CES MMA 63.

Bouts and Order are Subject to Change.

Sage Philippe (Debut) vs. Thad Jean (Debut)


Sage Philippe

Age: 27

Fighting out of: Boston, Massachusetts

Affiliation: Team Link

Record: Debut (4-1 as an Amateur)

Last fight: First round knockout loss to Isaiah Sackey-El at Cage Wars 45. (01/31/20)

“The Skinny”:

Thad Jean

Age: 23

Fighting out of: Florida


Record: Debut (5-2 as an Amateur)

Last fight: Unanimous decision over Jorge Molina at XFN 26. (11/23/19)


Round 1: Sage comes out throwing a leg kick and is returned by Jean with a kick to the thigh. Jean throws a series of kicks that seem to be landing on Philippe but Sage is returning fire with strikes of his own. Sage gets off a nice combination that lands, Jean shoots for the takedown and has Sage's back but Safe gets back to his feet and puts together some combinations that get the crowds reaction. Jean lands a kick that drops Sage for a second, Philippe gets up but trips back to the mat where Thad goes to work from back mount. Jean transitions to a deep armbar but Philippe defends as the round comes to an end. 10-9 Jean.

Round 2: Sage comes out feinting a series of leg kicks as he looks to figure out his distance against the rangey Jean, as Jean begin to land and taunt Philippe with some words in the cage. Jean is doing a great job at keeping Philippe on his back foot and not allowing him to mount offense. Jean lands a nice step in upper cut and follows with some more combinations that invite return fire from Philippe. Jean still seems to be getting the better of the striking this round as well as Sage is looking at going down two rounds to none. 10-9 Thad Jean.

Round 3: Sage opens up round three with some more kick attempts that get Thad to open up his striking arsenal landing a nice kick to the body that initiates the clinch from Philippe. Jean turns the action and separates with three minutes left in the contest as Sage now goes broke for a takedown and almost eats a huge uppercut on entry as they return to the center. Jean gets to fight to the mat now and has Philippe stuffed in the corner where he gets the back and sinks in a rear naked choke that causes Philippe to tap.

Decision: Thad Jean defeats Sage Philippe by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 3:59 of the third and final round! Tough first fight for the hometown Sage Philippe as Thad Jean looked very impressive in his pro debut!

Nick Fiore (1-0) vs. Jay Ellis (15-98)


Nick Fiore

Age: 23

Fighting out of: Derry, New Hampshire

Affiliation: Renzo Gracie New Hampshire/ New England Cartel

Record: 1-0 (1 Submission)

Last fight: First round Submission (Rear Naked Choke) of Jay Ellis at Combat Zone 73. (01/17/20)

Jay “The Silent Assassin” Ellis

Age: 37

Fighting out of: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Affiliation: Neutral Ground Martial Arts

Record: 15-98 (3 Knockouts, 12 Submissions)

Last fight: First round Submission (Rear Naked Choke) loss to Connor Matthews at Cage Titans 49. (07/10/21)


Round 1: Jay Ellis comes out hot and Heavy with Jabs and strikes looking to make this one interesting early and its Jay Ellis that shoots for a takedown and Nick reverses and has the back of Ellis. Jay stands with Fiore on his back as Nick peppers him with strikes before Jay drops to the canvas and Nick finishes him off with strikes on the ground.

Decision: Nick Fiore defeats Jay Ellis by TKO at 1:29 of the first round by ground and pound.

Nate Ghareeb (2-1) vs. DaJuan Robinson (0-4)


Nate Ghareeb

Age: 28

Fighting out of: Southampton, Massachusetts

Affiliation: Fighting Arts Academy

Record: 2-1 (2 Knockouts)

Last fight: Unanimous decision loss to Cody Law at Bellator 256. (04/09/21)

DaJuna Robinson


Fighting out of: Detroit, Michigan


Record: 0-4

Last fight: First round Knockout loss to Darryol Humphrey at Big Johns MMA. (09/21/19)


Round 1: Robinson comes out and tries to grab a single leg and lands some overhands before taking an inadvertent eye poke from Ghareeb stops the action. On the restart Ghareeb somes out swinging before initiating the clinch with Robinson, they break and Nate lands a nice body kick and Robinson returns fire. Ghareeb ties Robinson up with the thai plum and uses a big knee to score some points as it looks like Nate's striking is coming together now. Nate is backing Robinson up with shots, not allowing him to get his back away from the fence. Nate lands another body kick that hurts Robinson as Nate is unleading now. Robinson is covering up as the ten second clap goes off Ghareeb lands a series of three sharp knees to the head that buckle the knees of Robinson, and DaJuan cannot make it to the stool as Steve Rita call a halt to this contest at 5:00 of round number 1.

Decision: Nate Ghareeb defeats DaJuan Robinson by TKO at 5:00 of the first round.

Ashiek Ajim (3-1) vs. Richard Barnard (2-6)


Ashiek “The Freak” Ajim

Age: 27

Fighting out of: Queens, New York

Affiliation: Long Island MMA

Record: 3-1 (2 Knockouts)

Last fight: Second round TKO (Punches) loss to Kris Moutinho at CES 61: Gotti III vs. Alley. (10/14/20)

Richard "Hit Too Hard" Barnard

Age: 32

Fighting out of: Hawaii

Affiliation: Waianae Boxing Club

Record: 2-6 (1 Knockout)

Last fight: First round Submission loss to Pololu Nakanelua at Destiny MMA. (02/23/20)


Round 1: Ajim takes the center of the cage immediately and goes to work with the hands, Ashiek lands a big right hand that drops Barnard and Ajim follows him to the mat with heavy elbows that get the stoppage by referee Chris Burke.

Decision: Ashiek Ajim defeats Richard Barnard by TKO (Elbows on the ground) at :34 of the very first round.

Tom Pagliarulo (1-0) vs. Josh Hardy (Debut)


Tom “The Phenom” Pagliarulo

Age: 24

Fighting out of: Haverhill, Massachusetts

Affiliation: New England Cartel

Record: 1-0 (1 Knockout)

Last fight: Third round TKO (Corner Stoppage) victory over Shawn Stefanelli at CFFC 92. (03/11/21)

Josh “The Hitman” Hardy

Age: 22

Fighting out of: Bristol, Vermont


Record: Pro Debut (5-4 as an Amateur)

Last fight: First round Knockout loss to Dylan Bishop at Fight Night Promotions 4. (11/16/19)


Round 1: Pags takes the center of the cage immediately and the first strike he lands is hit patented jab, Hardy comes forward to close the distance but Pagliarulo circles out and returns to striking range behind the long jab. Pags throws a head kick and slips but lands the double leg on the get up before they return to the feet. Pagliarulo catches a kick attempt from Hardy and lands an overhand right hand that turns the light out on Josh Hardy!

Decision: Tom Pagliarulo defeats Josh Hardy by first round knockout (Overhand Right) at 1:59 of round number one!

Eddy George (2-0) vs. Tony Jackson (Debut)


Eddy George

Age: 29

Fighting out of: West Haven, Connecticut

Affiliation: Fighting Arts Academy

Record: 2-0 (2 Knockouts)

Last fight: First round Knockout (Knee & Punches) of Frank Mazepa at CES 61: Gotti III vs. Alley. (10/14/20)

Tony Jackson

Age: 29

Fighting out of: Greensboro, North Carolina

Affiliation: Team Rock Bottom

Record: Debut (3-1 as an Amateur)

Last fight: First round TKO (Referee Stoppage) of Dallas Clark at Elite Warrior Challenge 5. (01/31/15)


Round 1: Jackson comes out with a spinning kick attempt that fools no one as Eddy backs Jackson to the cage with strikes and takes him to the mat where George works from the top looking to create space. Eddy transitions to mount and starts raining down hammerfists and elbows the get the attention of referee Chris Burke who call a stop to this one.

Decision: Eddy George defeats Tony Jackson by TKO (Ground and Pound) at 2:06 of round number one.

Kody Murray (Debut) vs. Miguel Cuevas (1-0)


Kody Murray


Fighting out of: Bristol, Vermont


Record: Debut (5-3 as an Amateur)

Last fight: First round Submission (Rear Naked Choke) loss to Danny Ramirez at Aggressive Combat 20. (06/01/19)

Miguel Cuevas

Age: 31

Fighting out of: Springfield, Massachusetts

Affiliation: Team Link/ 318 Boxing

Record: 1-0 (1 Knockout)

Last fight: First round Knockout of Timmy Tyler at Reality Fighting (01/04/20)


Round 1: Miguel comes out feinting his boxing as Murray looks to close the distance and goes across the cage for a takedown and Cuevas stuffs. Murray shoots again and gets Cuevas down and locks in a deep arm triangle that puts Miguel to sleep, stunning the CES 63 crowd.

Decision: Kody Murray defeats Miguel Cuevas by Submission (Arm Triangle) at :44 of the first round.

Chris Disonell (5-4) vs. Will Smith (3-3)