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CES 64: Bessette vs. Boyington is Officially OFF

The search for a new opponent for Matt Bessette to face at CES 64 for the lightweight title is underway. Over the past few days there has been plenty of jabs between Boyington and Bessette on social media, and unfortunately the most anticipated fight in New England MMA, pitting the #1 ranked lightweight in the region (Bessette) against the #2 ranked lightweight (Boyington), has been scratched.

Boyington posted on FaceBook last Thursday about waiting in the emergency room for 8+ hours to be seen by a doctor. As we pealed back the onion on this post, it became clear that Boyington had contracted covid a few weeks prior, and was now dealing with some additional lung issues and needed to go to the ER.

There is nothing funny about covid or serious health issues like pneumonia, and we wish nothing but the best for him and his family in the future.

After the #2 ranked lightweight in the region posted the above messaged on FaceBook last Thursday, it caught the eye of the Connecticut Boxing Commission who oversees MMA in the state, and ultimately they made the decision that they would not be licensing Boyington for his upcoming bout against Bessette due to his confirmed medical issues.

This unfortunate medical issue didn't stop Bessette from taking to social media to voice his displeasure with Boyington. On Monday night Bessette posted a 9 minute video giving some insight to the evolving situation, and hinting at the fight being off.

On Tuesday I was able to speak with many of the parties involved, and have 100% confirmed that the Boyington/Bessette matchup has been scratched from the September 17th CES 64 card. Efforts are underway to find Bessette a new opponent, and that replacement should be announced within the next day or so.

Once Bessette knew that the fight was off he took to social media once again to call out #3 ranked lightweight in region, Don "Shameless" Shainis. This was inspired by Shainis calling out Bessette on Steve Domenico's The Room Podcast last year. You can view Bessette's callout of Shainis below, as well as the clip in question where Shainis goes at Bessette. Shainis and Bessette exchanged barbs within the comments of the post as well. Make sure you grab your popcorn.

In the end, the most highly anticipated matchup in New England MMA history will not be happening at CES 64 on September 17th. Bessette will be fighting on the card against an opponent to be named in the coming days, but due to Boyington's current health status, the Connecticut Boxing Commission will not be granting the Mainer a license to compete in the state on September 17th.

It's an unfortunate situation, but sometimes these things happen in MMA. Hopefully CES will be able to book the fight again, and New England fans will finally be able to see the #1 ranked lightweight take on the #2 ranked 55er in the region. The bad blood between the two continues to grow, and I'm sure this isn't the last that we've heard of this matchup, but for now, we'll have to wait to see these two high-level fighters throw down in the cage once and for all.

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