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CES 66: Soukhamthath vs. Silva Bantamweight World Title Live Play-by-Play

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Travis Lizotte "Full Contact Writer"

We are on site at Bally's Twin River Casino in Lincoln, Rhode Island for CES 66. I'm gunna tell you it's great to be back at Twin River to cover this event and CES has lined up an absolutely stacked fight card for those in attendance and for those watching tonight's broadcast, streaming live on UFC Fight Pass. For those not equipt for either of the aforementioned scenarios; follow this article throughout the evening for live up to the minute results. Also follow New England MMA on all social media outlets for news and interviews as New England MMA is here on the ground for CES MMA 66: Soukhamthath vs. Silva. Updates will begin following the opening bell, due to sound at 7 pm from the Event Center here at an ever evolving Bally's Twin River Casino.

To ensure you're up to date on this evenings fight card you can check out our review of CES 66 by clicking here. Note: in a last minute chance however, Connor Matthews will now be fighting Josh Hardy and not Keith Speed who pulled out of the contest just a short time ago. And the fight between Joey Gomez and Vald Kazbekov will now be contested at a Catchweight of 140 pounds.

Robert Varricchio (1-0) vs. Turner Williams (0-3)


"Ruthless" Robert Varricchio

Age: 26

Fighting out of: Staten Island, New York

Affiliation: Tiger Schulmann's MMA

Record:1-0 (1 Knockout)

Last fight: First Round Knockout of Eric Pozun at Ring of Combat 74. (10/22/21)

Turner "Money Bag" Williams


Fighting out of: Cincinnati, Ohio


Record: 0-3 (3 Submission losses)

Last fight: Second Round Submission (Arm Triangle) to Ramil Kamilov at Showtime FC1. (2/11/22)

Round 1: Here we go! Robert comes out with a leg kick against the rangy Williams, Varricchio fires a spinning backfist that rocks Williams, appearing to break his nose. They clinch and go to the ground and Robert finishes with Ground and Pound.

Decision: Robert Varricchio defeats Turner Williams by TKO (Gound and Pound) at :31 seconds of the first round. Looks like Varricchio broke his arm on the spinning backfist but picks up the quick win in the process.

Travis Demko (1-0) vs. DaJuan Robinson (0-5)


Travis "The Outlaw" Demko

Age: 28

Fighting out of: Stoughton, Massachusetts

Affiliation: Lauzon MMA

Record:1-0 (1 Knockout)

Last fight: First Round Knockout of Raymond Yanez at Cage Titans: Combat Night II. (9/7/19)

DaJuan "The Stone Wolf" Robinson


Fighting out of: Detroit, Michigan


Record: 0-5 (3 Knockout losses)

Last fight: First Round Knockout loss to Nate Ghareeb at CES 63: Howard vs. Alvarez. (8/6/21)

Round 1: Robinson comes out and charges at Demko, Travis takes Robinson to the mat with a double leg and is on top working the ground and pound and looking to pass guard. Travis postures and lands HEAVY strikes but Robinson survives. Travis mounts and Robinson gives his back and Demko fishes for the neck. With little work the forearm slips under the chin of Robinson and causes the tap.

Decision: Travis Demko defeats DaJuan Robinson by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 2:47 of round number one.

Dion Rubio (1-0) vs. Bobby Casale (Pro Debut)


Dion "Young Thunder" Rubio

Age: 26

Fighting out of: Providence, Rhode Island

Affiliation: Tri-Force MMA

Record:1-0 (1 Submission)

Last fight: Second Round Submission (Guillotine) victory over Leo Laderia at Cage Titans 49. (8/28/21)

Bobby Casale

Age: 23

Fighting out of: Nassau County, New York

Affiliation: Sanford MMA/ Long Island MMA

Record: 0-0 (3-3 as an Amateur)

Last fight: Split-Decision loss to Armando Gjetja at Triton Fights 16. (12/13/19)

Round 1: Casale comes out and looks for a quick takedown, he has Dion on the fence looking for an outside trip. Dion circles off the fence and uses a combination to get back to space, but Casale closes the distance again and looks to clinch on the fence. Dion circles to the center of the cage where he lands some nice right hands and now closes the distance himself. Dion puts Casale's back to the fence but is turned and Dion is now defending a take down. Dion circles and is landing combinations, Casale shoots and Dion grabs the guillotine but Casale stands and is met with more shots from Rubio against the cage, Bryan Miner is taking a close look and stops this one.

Decision: Dion Rubio defeats Bobby Casale by TKO (Unanswered Strikes) at 3:37 of the very first round.

Connor Matthews (4-0) vs. Josh Hardy (1-2)


Connor "The Controller" Matthews

Age: 29

Fighting out of: Freetown, Massachusetts

Affiliation: Lauzon MMA

Record: 4-0 (1 Knockout, 3 Submissions)

Last fight: First Round Submission (Rear Naked Choke) of Jay Ellis at Cage Titans 48. (7/10/21)

Josh "Hitman" Hardy

Age: 22

Fighting out of: Bristol, Vermont


Record: 1-2 (1 Submission)

Last fight: First Round Submission (Rear Naked Choke) of Bruce Richards at Donnybrooke Promotions: Battle in Barre 6. (2/19/22)

Round 1: Connor comes out with strikes and a spinning return knocks Hardy off balance, Hardy spins to the canvas and Matthews hops on top sinks in his hook in and forces the forearm under the chin of Hardy for the tap.

Decision: Connor Matthews defeats Josh Hardy By Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at :48 seconds of round one.

Tyrime Da Silva (1-0) vs. Eduardo Rodrigues (1-1)


Tyrime "The Dream" Da Silva

Age: 29

Fighting out of: Providence, Rhode Island

Affiliation: Tri-Force MMA

Record:1-0 (1 Submission)

Last fight: First Round Submission (Guillotine Choke) of Josh Hardy at CES 65: De Castro v. Williams. (11/7/21)

Eduardo Rodrigues

Age: 34

Fighting out of: Lee, Massachusetts

Affiliation: X-Team

Record: 1-1 (1 Submission)

Last fight: First Round Knockout loss to Nate Ghareeb at CES 64: Bessette v. Dela Cruz. (9/17/21)

Round 1: Tyrime comes out behind kicks and jabs as Rodrigues looks for a quick takedown. Eduardo grabs a quillotine but can not lock it up and Tyrime ends up on top with time to work. DaSilva passes guard and opens Rodrigues up with ground and pound. Rodrigues is bleeding heavily and the ref steps in and stops this one.

Decision: Tyrime Dasilva defeats Eduardo Rodrigues by TKO (Ground Strikes) at 1:42 of the first round.

Joey Gomez (6-2) vs. Vladimir Kazbekov (6-4)

Catchweight (140 lbs.)

Joey "KO King" Gomez

Age: 35

Fighting out of: Nashua, New Hampshire

Affiliation: Karasu Tengu Academy

Record: 6-2 (6 Knockouts)

Last fight: Unanimous Decision loss to Jose Quinonez at UFC Fight Night 94. (9/17/16)

Vladimir Kazbekov

Age: 29

Fighting out of: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Affiliation: Modern Vision MMA

Record: 6-4 (1 Knockout, 1 Submission)

Last fight: Unanimous Decision Victory over Eric Wilson at BTC 9. (2/29/20)

Round 1: They circle the cage looking for their distance, Gomez throws a jab and Vlad comes back with a combination of punches fueled by a heavy left hand that separates Joey Gomez from consciousness.

Decision: Vald Kazbekov defeats Joey Gomez by Knockout (Left Hands) at :18 seconds of the first round.

Gary Balletto Jr. (7-2) vs. Billy Goff (5-2)

Welterweight World Title (Vacant)

Gary "Batman" Balletto Jr.

Age: 27

Fighting out of: Cranston, Rhode Island

Affiliation: Tri-Force MMA

Record: 7-2 (2 Knockouts, 5 Submissions)

Last fight: First Round Submission (Rear Naked Choke) of Daniel Frunza at CES 64: Bessette v. Dela Cruz. (9/17/21)

Billy Goff

Age: 23

Fighting out of: Groton, Connecticut

Affiliation: Dexter MMA

Record: 5-2 (3 Knockouts)

Last fight: First Round TKO (Punches) of Marty Navis at Cage Titans 50 to capture the Cage Titans Welterweight Title. (11/6/21)

Round 1: We go back and forth on the feet for the first three minutes both fighters getting their share of the exchanges before Billy takes Gary to the mat where he work on top from mount. Goff postures up and lands some nasty elbows as Gary covers up looking to avoid damage. Gary throws up high guard and an armbar attempt, Goff stacks and gets out of the armbar, they return to the feet and Billy lands an elbow and Gary is wearing a crimson mask of blood, and it seems like Gary cannot see from the blood in his eyes and the referee steps in and stops the fight.

Decision: Billy Goff defeats Gary Balletto Jr. by TKO (Unanswered Strikes) at 4:35 of the first round to capture the CES Welterweight World Championship! Billy Goff is the real deal New England MMA fans! Mark my words Billy Goff is the best unsigned fighter in the region!

Andre Soukhamthath (14-9) vs. Diego Silva (13-6)

Bantamweight World Title (Vacant)

Andre "The Asian Sensation" Soukhamthath

Age: 33

Fighting out of: Providence, Rhode Island

Affiliation: American Top Team

Record:14-9 (8 Knockouts, 3 Submissions)

Last fight: Unanimous Decision loss to Jose Quinonez at XFC 44: Soukhamthath v. Quinonez. (5/28/21)

Diego "Magrinho" Silva

Age: 28

Fighting out of: Orlando, Florida

Affiliation: Fusion X-cel

Record: 13-6 (2 Knockouts, 5 Submissions)

Last fight: Third Round Submission (Rear Naked Choke) of Marcone Muinz at SFT 30. (10/23/21)

Round 1: Diego gets the early round one takedown and is working Andre against the corner of the fence with a ton of time to work. Not a lot going on here on the ground but Diego continues to work and remain on top. Diego does land a nice elbow once he gets space but really not a lot happening. With 25 seconds left Diego begins to open up with strikes to the end of the round. 10-9 Diego Silva.

Round 2: We enter the second round for the first time tonight in this the Main event, Diego comes out and clinches Andre on the cage looking for another take down and looking to go up 2 rounds to none. Silva eventually earns the takedown and we are right back to where we spent most of round one, Diego on to and Andre stuffed into the corner. We spend the rest of the round here. 10-9 Diego Silva.

Round 3: We start round 3 with some strikes on the feet before Silva shoots but is stuffed by Soukhamthath. They remain on the feet and trade another round of combinations before Silva clinches Andre on the fence and looks for another takedown. Diego drops down for the double leg and lifts Andre high and slams him down in the center of the cage and goes to work from half guard. Diego eventually works to side control Andre looks to stand but Diego grabs a guillotine and pulls guard. Andre escapes and ends up on top where Diego throws up an armbar attempt as the round ends. 10-9 Silva.

Round 4: They trade shots on the feet as the championship rounds begin, Andre starts to find a home for his jab then a BIG right hand that gets the fans back into this one. Diego ducks under the next combination from Soukhamthath and takes Dre down again. Andre uses the fence to stand this time and return to his feet where Silva has him against the cage. Silva eventually gets the angle on the the double leg and we are back in the mat with a minute to go in the round. Diego spends the rest of the round in half guard looking to land elbows. 10-9 Silva.

Round 5: They both come out throwing in round 5 and Soukhamthath starts to find a home for his strikes as Silva stumbles backward. Silva regains his composure and shoots for a takedown and has Andre on the fence where he gets the takedown, Andre uses the fence to stand. Diego goes back in deep on a double and eats some elbows for his troubles as they work on the fence. Andre trips Silva to his back and is on top working with a minute left to sway the tide in this one. Diego closes guard and is eating elbows and fists as the fight ends. 10-9 Soukhamthath.

Decision: Diego Silva defeats Andre Soukhamthath by Unanimous Decision (49-46) to capture the CES Bantamweight World Title.

Soukhamthath looks like he is ready to leave his gloves in the cage, his corner, Andre's father and King Mo Lawal are trying to talk him out of it, but Andre leaves his gloves inside the CES cage. Thanks for the memories Andre "The Asian Sensation" Soukhamthath!


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