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CES Boxing: Championship Jackpot Live Results

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

Join us LIVE from Mohegan Sun for the CES Boxing: Championship Jackpot. Some of New England's biggest pieces of boxing talent are set to display their hard work and dedication. Live results below:

Heavyweight: Harold Roy (Pro Debut) vs. Gabriel Costa (1-4)

Official Result: Gabriel Costa defeats Harold Roy by unanimous decision.

Featherweight: Nathan Martinez (7-2) vs. Daniel Alberto Coronel (8-26-1)

Official Result: Nathan Martinez defeats Daniel Cornonel by unanimous decision (60-52 x2, 58-54)

Welterweight: Jeff Gonzalez (2-0) vs. Yeison Berdugo (Pro Debut)

Jeff Gonzalez defeats Yeison Berdugo at 1:20 of R3 by TKO.

Cruiserweight: Slawomir Bohdziewicz (Pro Debut) vs. Max Weslei Da Silva (Pro Debut)

Official Result: Slawomir Bohdziewich defeats Max Weslei Da Silva by TKO at 1:28 of R3.

Womens Lightweight: Stevie Jane Coleman (4-1) vs. Sarah Click (1-3-1)

Official Result: Stevie Jane Coleman defeats Sarah Click by doctor stoppage (leg injury) at 1:57 of R1.

Super Lightweight: Mike Kimbel (1-0) vs. Dahvon Shelton (1-1)

Official Result: Mike Kimbel defeats Dahvon Shelton by TKO at 1:04 of R2.

Super Bantamweight: Carlos Vanegas Nunez (6-0) vs. Dominique Griffin (4-3-2)

Official Result: Dominique Griffin defeats Carlos Vanegas Nunez by majority decision (57-57, 58-56 x2)

Super Welterweight: Anthony Velasquez (12-0) vs. Rashid Stevens (6-1-1)

Official Result: This fight ends in a majority draw (78-74 Stevens, 80-72 Velasquez, 76-76)

Super Welterweight: Chrordale Booker (18-1) vs. Daniel Aduku (15-2-1)

US WBC Silver Super Welterweight Title

Official Result: Chordale Booker defeats Daniel Aduku by KO at 1:54 of R4.

Super Bantamweight: Tramaine Williams (20-1) vs. Elijah Pierce (16-2)

US WBC Silver Super Bantamweight Title

lOfficial Result: Elijah Pierce defeats Tramaine Williams by unanimous decision (96-94, 97-93x2).

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