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Combat FC 1, The Debut, Live Play by Play

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

Travis Lizotte "Full Contact Writer"

We (Travis Lizotte, Lars Borssen and Jeff Clark) have arrived at the Shriners Auditorium in Wilmington, Massachusetts for the highly anticipated return of Joe Cav and the re-launch of his WCF promotion at Combat FC 1. Follow this article throughout the night for live updates as we see them here from our seats here at Combat FC 1. Opening bell is due to sound promptly at 7pm local time and live updates will follow.

Amateur Undercard (7 pm Eastern)

Dimitri Kabouris (0-0, Spero Martial Arts) vs. RJ Guardia (0-0, BMAC)

Amateur Welterweight

Round 1: Dimitri comes out looking to use his lengthy frame to establish distance but RJ shoots across the cage for a takedown but Dimitri stuffs and they return to striking range. Dimitri slips on a right hand and RJ stuffs him into the corner but not for long as Kabouris returns to his feet and they strike away. Dimitri closes the distance this time and has RJ against the fence where he lands some knees from the clinch before circling back to center. Dimitri lands a nice jab and forces the clinch as the round ends. Close round 10-9 Kabouris.

Round 2: We go back and forth on the feet for the first part of the round with RJ answering Dimitri's with leg kicks and counter shots. Dimitri starts working on the lead leg of RJ now as he begins to use those long limbs to do damage, backing RJ to the fence landing shots as the round ends. 10-9 Kabouris.

Round 3: Kabouris comes out with a leg kick then shoots for a takedown and RJ stuffs and lands a three punch combination that ends with a right hnd that sends Kabouris staggering and the referee steps in to stop this. Looked slightly early for a stoppage but Kabouris was rocked.

Decision: RJ Guardia defeats Dimirti Kabouris by TKO (Punches) :33 seconds into the third round.

Curt Benoit (0-1, FAF Gym) vs. Hal Zanone (0-0, Team Savage)

Amateur Middleweight

Round 1: Hal Zanone comes out with a 1-2 that drops Benoit and the referee steps in and stops this one.

Decision: Hal Zanone defeats Curt Benoit by TKO (Punches) at :07 of the first round.

Carlos Pereira (1-2, Dragon Lair) vs. Bruce Pacy (0-1, Limitless Pride)

Amateur Heavyweight

Round 1: Pacy comes out with a kick to the body and Carlos returns with leg kicks Carlos gets in a short left that forces Bruce to clinch. Bruce looks for the takedown against the fence and after some work Pacy gets the fight to the mat. Carlos regains his feet but is dumped once again and Bruce is working punches from the top. Carlos gets back to his feet frantically but Bruce is back on him looking for another takedown as the first round ends. 10-9 Pacy.

Round 2: Carlos comes out with a combination that ends in a body kick and then lands a short left that drops Bruce. Carlos looks to jump on to but Bruce reverses and has top position on the ground. Carlos works to his feet but eats knees in the clinch from Pacy before giving up another takedown. Carlos reverses position and is tagging Pacy on the ground and to the feet. Pacy ties up and survives the round in the clinch. 10-9 Pereira. This is turning into an exciting Heavyweight bout!

Round 3: These guys trade left hands at the round begins and Pacy shoots for another takedown against the fence. Carlos stuffs and returns to striking distance where he starts landing heavy shots to the face of Pacy forcing Pacy to clinch once again. They finish this once clinches against the cage. 10-9 Pereria. Carlos did the most damage in this fight while Pacy simply looked to grapple.

Decision: Bruce Pacy defeats Carlos Pereria by split-decision.

Jarrod St. Jean (0-0, Spero Martial Arts) vs. Mike Jolicoeur (1-0, KTA)

Amateur Lightweight

Round 1: St. Jean definitely obviously sold some tickets as he gets a huge ovation on the walkout. Mike comes out landing strikes and backing Jarrod to the cage where he looks for a takedown. They turn each other on the cage exchanging knees before Mike gets the takedown and works from top position. Jarrod throws up a triangle attempt and its deep he sweeps to the top and Jolicoeur taps.

Decision: Jarrod St. Jean defeats Mike Jolicoeur by Submission (Triangle Choke) at 1:25 of the first round.

Fabio Alano (0-0, Sityodtong) vs. Lee McHugh (4-1, Team Savage)

Amateur Middleweight

Round 1: McHugh comes forward with combinations that are testing the chin of Alano as Lee looks to finish this one early. Alano has no answers for HcHughs striking. And just as I say that Alano lands a right hand that rocks McHugh. They return to the feet where McHugh lands more shots and has Fabio shooting for a takedown. Once it hats the mat its a whole different story, Alano is at home transitioning from a rear naked choke attempt to a deep armbar that causes McHugh to tap.

Decision: Fabio Alano defeats Lee McHugh by Submission (Armbar) at 2:29 of the first round. Huge comeback for the 3x NJJ World Champion; Alano.

Pro Undercard

Mike Bulger (Pro Debut, New England MMA) vs. Cody McCracken (1-0)


Round 1: Cody comes out in an old school boxing stance but it doesn't bother Bulger who starts to find his range early and knocks McCracken down and follows up with hammerfists for the referee stoppage.

Decision: Mike Bulger defeats Cody McCracken by TKO (Hammerfists) at 1:05 of the first round.

Pat Casey (8-5, Grizzlies Wrestling) vs. Stephen Stengel (4-17, Team Stengel)


Round 1: Pat comes out in high guard and fires leg kick that get Stengel to shoot, Pat reverses and gets to full mount and beats Stengel into the canvas with mean ground and pound for the finish.

Decision: Pat Casey defeats Stephen Stengel by TKO (Ground and Pound) at 1:00 of the first round.

Fight Pass Main Card (9 pm Eastern)

Leonardo Ladeira (1-3, Sityodtong) vs. Paul Teague (1-4, No Mercy MMA)

Catchweight (160 lbs)

Round 1: Teague comes out throwing funky kicks and spinning shit then connects with the cup of Ladeira and we have a brief time out. Leo throws heavy off the restart and Teague returns to some wild striking that gets him taken down by Leo. Leo works from the guard of Teague as Teague looks to keep him close and avoid ground and pound. Teague looks to post on a hip and is greeted with right hands from Laderia. Leo steps to full mount and locks in a head and arm choke that causes Teague to tap.

Decision: Leo Laderia defeats Paul Teague by Submission (Head and Arm Choke) at 2:18 of the first round.

Matt Denning (5-14, Team Denning) vs. Jacob Guerrero (0-0, Tiger Shulmann's)


Round 1: They trade leg kicks off the glove touch as Denning looks to close the distance. Denning gets a a takedown and transitions to a guillotine in the scramble and it's deep, Guerrero goes out!

Decision: Matt Denning defeats Jacob Guerrero by Submission (Guillotine) at :57 seconds of the first round.

Sanad Armouti (1-1, Florian Martial Arts) vs. Sage Philippe (1-2)


Bare with with us the rest of the evening as internet at the Shriners Auditorium is spotty at best!

Round 1: Sanad comes out throwing a spinning kick that gets Sage coming forward with a combination. Sanad shoots and gets Sage to the mat there Phillippe stands against the fence. Armouti gets his hands together and lands a double leg but Sage stands on the fence again where he lands a nice knee to the body. Sanad changes levels once again looking for a single let and Phillippe stuffs and returns to striking distance. Sanad lands a spinning back kicks to the body of Phillippe and follows with a low kick. Armouti tries to change levels once again and is greeted with a combination from Phillippe. Sanad lands a front kick and they clinch as the round ends. 10-9 Armouti.

Round 2: They trade leg kicks to begin the second round and Sanad answers with a spinning kick to the midsection as he begins to string some strikes together here. Sage is bleeding from the right eye and the doctor comes in to look at the cut. Sage is fine. Sage needs to find a way to make up for the length of Armouti as he is just short on all his strikes. Sanad continues to land kicks as Pihllippe looks to counter and lands some nice leather in between. They trade lead left hands back and forth around the cage as this one has slowed a bit. Sage Clinches now and has Sanad on the cage where he lands an elbow on the break. They return to striking distance as the second round ends. Close round 10-9 Armouti.

Round 3: Sage comes out with a sense of urgency as he looks to put Sanad on his back foot early. Sanad shoots and takes Sage down, Sanad lands a questionable knee as Sage gets up with Sanad on his back looking for the back take. Sage defends and remains on his feet looking to strike before Armouti grabs a leg. Sage steps out and lands a left hand that gets the crowds attention and Sanad looks gassed as he shoots for another takedown. Sanad gets a quick takedown as the fight ends in a scramble. 10-9 Sanad Armouti.

Decision: Sanad Armouti defeats Sage Phillippe by Unanimous Decision.

Jay Bakanowski (4-3, Gorilla MMA) vs. Jesse Erickson (11-8, CMBJJ)

Catchweight (160 lbs)

Round 1: Jesse starts with a front kick followed by a questionmark kick attempt as Jay clinches Jesse on the fence. Bakanowki lands some left hands that back up Jesse and Jay clinches him against the fence. They trade short shots in the clinch and Erickson looks to turn the action, Erickson lands a couple knees to the midsection as Bakanowski regains control against the cage. Jesse punches his way out but Jay closes the distance again before returning to the center where they trade strikes before Erickson clinches and lands an elbow. Jay punches his way out and lands a combination as the round ends. 10-9 Bakanowski.

Round 2: They circle the cage several times before engaging but Jay makes up for lost time landing some body shots that back Erickson to the cage wall before returning to the center of the cage. Jesse initiates the clinch and has Jay on the fence briefly before Jay turns the action and lands some short elbows that produce blood on the foreheard of Erickson. Bakanowski is pouring it on now as Erickson covers and looks to survive. Jay clinches and Jesse rolls for a leg but Bakanowski escapes and they return to striking distance where Erickson chooses to receive. Bakanowski clinches and lands knees that get the referee's stoppage. Man Bakanowski looked like a beast in this fight! Jesse was a zombie but kept coming forward despite wearing a crimson mask and being clearly battered.

Decision: Jay Bakanowski defeats Jesse Erickson by TKO (Unanswered Strikes) at 4:44 of the second round.

Salaimon Ahmadyar (7-2, AKA) vs. Tim Caron (10-5, Team Burgess)

Middleweight Co-Main Event

Round 1: Caron comes out poking the jab and touching Salaimon with leg kicks before Salaimon shoots for the takedown against the fence. Salaimon takes Caron to the mat briefly but Tim gets right back up and clinches Salaimar on the cage. They return to striking distance and Caron continues to land the jab and leg kicks. Salaimon comes forward with a combination and changes levels for a takedown stuffing Caron into the fence. Salaimon eventually gets the takedown and lands some short elbows as Caron sinks overhooks to stop the output. Caron backs up to the fence and looks to stand but Salaimon remains on top as the round ends....pretty uneventful round 10-9 Salaimon Ahmadyar.

Round 2: Casron comes out wieth legs kicks down low then a combination with the hands. Caron lands a kick to the body and Salaimon shoots for a takedown and has Caron on the fence once again. Salaimon changes levels and Tim stuffs with a guillotine and they remain at striking range where Tim is having the better time at range. Caron mixes in a nice hit kick that finds the chin of Salaimon but is partially blocked. Salaimon shoots for another takedown. Caron returns to striking range with a body kick as the round ends. 10-9 Caron.

Round 3: Salaimon comes out throwing wild hooks to close the distance once again looking to get the fight to the canvas but Carons takedown defense looks strong tonight. Caron stuffs and return to the center looking to strike. Salaimon changes levels yet again looking to get Caron to the mat. Caron stuffs and turns the action pushing Salaimon to the cage. Salaimon turns and eats some downward elbows from Caron for his troubles. Caron stuff another takedown attempt as he looks to strike from range down the stretch. And another takedown attempt for Salaimon lands, Tim stands and is taken down once again where he ends the fight on the bottom of Ahmadyar. 10-9 Caron.

Decision: Tim Caron defeats Salaimon Ahmadyar by Unanimous Decision (29-28 x3)

Rico Discuillo (10-2, Sityodtong) vs. Gareth De la Cruz (7-3, Tru MMA)

Catchweight (140 lbs) Main Event

Round 1: Rico comes out with a leg kick and a counter right hand to open the main event before putting Gareth on the cage. They return to striking distance and De La Cruz throws bombs including a left hand that lands clean. Gareth ducks for a level change and eats a knees from DiScuillo then takes a spinning kick to the midsection before firing back with a combination of his own. DiScuillo lands an overhand right that backs De La Cruz up briefly. DiScuillo leaves his feet for a spin kick and they clinch against the cage before returning to distance. Rico is getting the better of the striking volume but when Gareth lands its with power. Rico trips De La Cruz to the mat, they clinch on the cage and Gareth eats a knee on the break before the round ends. 10-9 DiScuillo.

Round 2: Gareth looks to take the pressure to DiScuillo early but eats right counter from DiScuillo. Rico catches a strike to the body and is tripped to the canvas by Gareth, Rico reverses and lands a knee on the break before eating a knee to the cup himself. Rico recovers and the doctor is checking a cut under the left eye of De La Cruz. The Doctor determines the damage is too much for De La Cruz to continues and Chris Burke stops the fight. Not sure about the doctors decision the cut was well under the eye of De La Cruz but DiScuillo looked good here against a tough opponent.

Decision: Rico DiScuillo defeats Gareth De La Cruz by TKO (Doctor Stoppage) at 1:25 of the second round.

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