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Combat FC 5: Live Play-by-play

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Travis Lizotte "Full Contact Writer"

We just outside of Boston, Massachusetts tonight for Joe Cavallaro's Combat FC 5 from the Shriners Auditorium in Wilmington, Massachusetts. We have ten fights on tap this evening. Follow along with us throughout the night as we go round by round with results as we have them live from our post here at Combat FC 5. Opening bell is due to sound right around 7 pm Eastern and this article will remain up-to-date until the final bell sounds on the main event between Jake Pilla and John Douma for the Combat FC Bantamweight title.

Eric Shelton v. Jake Ferry

6 min Submission only Grappling

Result: 6 minutes of grappling results in a draw.

Deven Richard v. Chris Smith

Amateur Lightweight

Round 1: Smith comes out behind a jab as they circle the cage and judge their distance. Smith is landing and backing Richard up with combinations. Smith catches a kick and dumps Richard on the mat. Richard gets to his feet but is greeted by a low blow that haults the action. They trade combinations on the restart and Richard starts to find a home for his right hand. Smith answers with strikes at the round ends. 10-9 Smith.

Round 2: They touch gloves and begin to strike as Smith once again establishes the center of the cage. They clinch and Deven lands some clean right hands on the split that get the attention of Smith. They clinch on the cage and Smith trips Richard to the mat, they scramble to the feet and Smith lands to the groin again. On the restart they stand infront of each other and trade shots with both men landing. Smith dumps Richard to the canvas as the round ends. 10-9 Smith.

Round 3: Richard comes out with urgency in the third and connects with some nice shots that send Smith into clinch mode. Smith circles out to striking distance and is now leading the striking exchange. They go to the mat and Smith has top control and ends up mounting Richard. Smith hops on the back looking for the Rear Naked Choke but Richard survives the round. 10-9 Smith.

Decision: Chris Smith defeats Deven Richard by Unanimous Decision.

Jarrid Digangi v. Joao Gomes Jr.

Amateur Middleweight

Round 1: Gomes comes out and fires a high kick and these two start swinging until Jarrid connects with the groin of Gomes. Jarrid lands a low kick on the restart and swarms Gomes but Gomes recovers in the clinch. Gomes lands another high kick that hurts Digangi and they go to the ground. Jarrid lets Gomes back to his feet where this round ends. Gomes is bleeding heavily out his mouth as they go to the stool. Close round. 10-9 Digangi.

Round 2: The doctor enters the cage at the beginning of the second round and sees that Gomes is missing several teeth and stops this fight.

Decision: Jarrid Digangi defeats Joao Gomes Jr. at the beginning of the second round by Doctor stoppage.

Mike Jolicoeur v. Jacob Cotigiano

Amateur Featherweight Title

Round 1: Fight begins with a combination from Jolicoeur that sends Jocob in for a takedown and he has Jolicouer up against the cage with top position. Mike throws up a triangle but Contigiano fights it with hammerfists. The choke slips deeper however and Mike finishes it.

Decision: Mike Jolicouer defeats Jacob Cotigiano by Triangle choke at 2:46 of the first round. To capture the Combat FC Amateur Featherweight Championship!

Damien Trites v. Stephen Stengel


Round 1: Trites comes out in high guard welcoming Stengel to strike, Stengel declines his change to throw bombs and Damien takes him down. Damien works from the guard of Stengel before passing to full mount. Stengel gives his back and Trites rains down bombs. Trites slips his forearm under the chin of Stengel and gets the tap.

Decision: Damien Trites defeats Stephen Stengel by Rear Naked Choke at 2:27 of the first round.

Rick Hawn v. Abe Hunter

6 minute Submission Grappling bout

Result: 6 minutes of grappling ends in a draw.

Artur Minev v. Tony Pike

Catchweight 160 lbs.

Round 1: Minev comes out behind lock kicks as he looks to chip away at Pike. An errant kick from Minev creates a clinch from Pike but Minev's takedown defense is perfect. Artur puts Pike on the canvas and takes his back. They stand again and Artur lands a huge punch followed by a brutal knee and Pike clinches to avoid further damage. They briefly return to striking range and Pike gets a takedown. Pike controls on the ground before Minev escapes. Pike wants none of the standup and clinches for the remainder of the round. 10-9 Minev.

Round 2: Artur begins round 2 with some long strikes as he looks to get the striking going. Artur throws a high kick behind a combination then lands a stiff low kick. Artur lands another low kick that has Pike gingerly favoring his lead leg. Artur knocks Pike down and jumps on top with hammerfists. Pike covers up and survives the initial onslaught but gives his back and Artur sinks in the Rear Naked Choke.

Decision: Artur Minev defeats Tony Pike by Rear Naked Choke at 3:46 of the second round.

Felipe Soares de Silva v. Kyle Hill


Round 1: They take turns coming forward with combinations as they look to establish range early. Kyle is committed heavily to the kicks early before clinching de Silva on the cage. Hill gets the takedown as de Silva looks to find a Submission off his back. Hill finds some room to land some ground and pound before returning to the guard of de Silva. They scramble and Kyle ends up in half guard landing shots and de Silva is split open. Hill goes to work on the face of de Silva with vicious elbows as the round ends. 10-8 Hill.

Round 2: Hill comes out with an ill willed combination ending in a head kick that separates de Silva from consciousness! Wow Kyle Hill is here!

Decision: Kyle Hill defeats Filipe Soares de Silva by Knockout (Headkick) at 9 seconds of round number 2.

Jeff Joy v. Shawn Johnson


Round 1: These two come out throwing heavy, Joy goes for a takedown but Johnson ends up on top and they return to their feet. Johnson fires some low kicks and they clinch on the fence. Johnson lands some knees and a combination on the break. Johnson attempts a flying knee and Joy ends up on his back. This is Joy's world here as he looks for his pattened Rear Naked. Johnson survives the round. 10-9 Joy.

Round 2: Round two starts with an exchange before Joy initiates the clinch. Johnson gets back to range with some lengthy strikes but once the opportunity presents itself Joy clinches again. Johnson stuffs. Jeff finally works Johnson to the mat, takes his back and finishes the aforementioned Rear Naked Choke.

Decision: Jeff Joy defeats Shawn Johnson by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 4:53 of the second round.

Yann Oliveira v. Derik de Freitas


Round 1: Yann comes out gauging his distance he comes forward and de Freitas takes him down. Yann lands an elbow from the bottom that splits de Freitas wide open. Blood pours from the forehead of de Freitas and referee Jordan Riley calls this one off.

Decision: Yann Oliveira defeats Derik de Freitas by Tap to Strikes (cut) at 37 seconds of the first round.

Jake Pilla v. John Douma

Combat FC Bantamweight Title

Round 1: Lots of respect shown early as these two settle in to battle. Pilla lands a spinning back kick and a barrage of punches that look to hurt Douma. They go to the ground and Douma is looking for a leg. Pilla defends and they return to the feet. Douma backs Pilla to the fence with hard shotsand Douma is finding his mark now. A huge right hand from Douma folds Pilla and its lights out for Jake Pilla.

Decision: John Douma defeats Jake Pilla by Knockout (right hand) at 4:12 of the first round to capture the Combat FC Bantamweight title!

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