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Combat Zone 75: Encore Boston Harbor - Live Play-By-Play

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Travis Lizotte "Full Contact Writer"

It's St. Paddy's Day ladies and gentlemen and the New England MMA crew is back on the road tonight, heading to the Encore Boston Harbor in Boston, Massachusetts for Calvin Kattar's Combat Zone 75. We have a packed night of action ahead of us and we are here on site to keep all New England MMA fans up to date on the happenings here from the Picasso Ballroom in the heart of the Encore Casino. Fans who were not able to attend tonight's event and do not play on purchasing the Pay-Per-View can refresh this article throughout the night for live up to the minute updates as we see them here from our seats on media row at Combat Zone 75

Make sure to check out our preview of tonight's event by clicking, here.

Tim Caron vs. Mike Zichelle

205 lbs. No-Gi Grappling

Result: Tim Caron Submits Mike Zichelle at 3:39 by D'arce Choke.

Joe Movessian (0-1 Zichelle MMA) vs. Tristan Turano (1-0 Whaling City MMA)

Amateur Lightweight

Round 1: Turano comes out looking to close the distance, he fires a combination to close the distance and Movessian lands a perfect counter right hand that drops Turano in a heap. Bryan Miner calls a stop to this one. Turano needs some extra attention in the cage following the finish but he walks off under his own power.

Decision: Joe Movessian defeats Tristan Turano by Knockout (Counter Right Hand) at :23 seconds of round number 1.

Mike Titus (0-0 Defensive Edge) vs. Geraldo Reyes (0-0, Team Link Hooksett)

Amateur Flyweight

Round 1: Reyes come out throwing heat and connecting, Mike wants none of this and shhots for the takedown. Reyes gets right back up looking to strike again but he is met with another takedown by Titus. They scramble and Reyes ends up on top looking to work, Titus appears to be cut as his mouth begins to shed blood and Kevin MacDonald calls a stop to this one.

Decision: Geraldo Reyes defeats Mike Titus by TKO at 1:54 of the first round...rumblings around the cage are saying Titus may have sustained a serious jaw injury.

Update: Talking with Titus' coach Connor Barry following the fight and he has confirmed that Titus indeed broke his jaw and is missing numerous teeth due to the severity of the injury.

Lucas Rosa (2-0, American Combat Gym) vs. Joe Whitehouse (0-0, NHMMA)

Amateur Catchweight (150 lbs.)

Round 1: Whitehouse comes out throwing leg kicks and Lucas works the jab. Lucas snaps up a deep double leg and gets the takedown looking to work from top position. Lucas works to side control and is raining down some heavy ground and pound, Bryn Miner takes a close look but Whitehouse survives. Rosa postures up again in side control and its come ground and pound...this time its enough to garner the stoppage from Miner.

Decision: Lucas Rosa defeats Joe Whitehouse by TKO (Ground and Pound) at 2:10 of the first round.

Jay Ellis (16-103 Red Schaffer MMA) vs. Kasheem Peterson (4-2 Webb Fight Team NJ)


Round 1: Jay Ellis comes out with a leg kick and slips to the canvas where they scramble and Ellis ends up on top in full mount landing ground and pound. Peterson bucks him off and is on top now threatening a kimura, I believe I heard Ellis verbally tap when the the action rolled over. Referee Kevin MacDonald heard the same thing and calls this one off.

Decision: Kasheem Peterson defeats Jay Ellis by Verbal Submission (due to a Kimura) at 1:10 of round number 1.

Rico DiSciullo (9-2, Sityodtong) vs. Rob Fuller (1-14, Team Fuller)


Round 1: Fuller comes out and feints an overhand right and shoots for a takedown, Rico turns the action and hip tosses Rob to the ground where he takes the back and sinks in the Rear Naked Choke for the tap.

Decision: Rico DiScuillo defeats Rob Fuller by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at :59 of round 1.

Mitch Raposo (5-1 Regiment) vs Jay Viola (3-2 Robot Fight & Fitness)


Round 1: They come out trading jabs and getting their distance and Viola is first to clinch. Mitch backs off and lands a stiff jab and follows with a nice combination ending with an uppercut. Raposo is picking Viola apart on he feet as Viola starts to wear a little blood on the bridge of his nose. Viola closes the distance and connects with the cup of Raposo and we have a quick break in the action. Mitch catches a right kick and returns an overhand right that sets Viola to the canvas but Mitch lets him right back up. Mitch ducks under a looping left from Viola and takes him to the ground with a minute to work in the opening round. Mitch controls the rest of the round from the top. 10-9 Raposo.

Round 2: Mitch comes out in the center of the cage again looking to work what seems to be a vastly improved boxing game as he continues to tag Viola with shots. Mitch ducks under for a double leg takedown but Viola scrambles to his feet. Mitch ducks a right hand from Viola and dumps Jay back to the mat where he looks to pass to side control. Viola gives his back to avoid side control and scrambles to the top now and has Raposo on the ground with time to work. Mitch scrambles to his feet and gets a double leg of his own as Jay uses the fence to stand and they return to the center. Mitch changes levels and lands another takedown but he cannot seem to keep Viola down, Mitch finishes the round on top but defending a Kimura attempt as the round ends. 10-9 Raposo.

Round 3: Mitch comes out behind the jab and some strikes as Viola looks to apply the pressure but he seems to not have the answer for Mitch's striking. Mitch backs Viola to the cage with sharp right hands that lead to another takedown by Raposo. Mitch has Jay on the stuffed into the corner of the cage with time to go to work. Mitch postures up and lands some downward shots before returning back to the open guard of Viola. Mitch lands some more ground and pound that cause Viola to scramble and give up his back again and this time Mitch slips his forearm under the chin, and as a puddle of blood accumulates on the canvas Viola is forced to tap.

Decision: Mitch Raposo defeats Jay Viola by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 4:13 of round three.

Carlos Espinosa (6-5 ATT Tampa) vs. John Douma (6-2 Tri-Force)


Round 1: Espinosa comes out firing a head kick that misses and Douma backs him up with a combination and puts Carlos' back to the cage. They return to striking distance and Espinosa lands a leg kick and is returned with a combination from Douma, They clinch briefly and return to striking distance. Douma uses another combination to close distance and we clinch on the fence again and Carlos lands a knee on the break. Douma shoots for another takedown and he has it but Carlos uses the fence to return to his feet...eating short shots from Douma on the way up. Douma comes forward with some nasty jabs that cause Carlos to shoot and Douma locks up a tight triangle as the round comes to an end. 10-9 Douma.

Round 2: Round two starts with a wild kick from Espinosa then a scramble that ends up with Douma in the corner with Carlos on top. Douma uses the fence to return to his feet as he goes back on the offensive with the hands. Douma has Carlos on the cage landing heavy shots before Espinosa circles but Douma chases him down again and lands more heavy hands. Douma backs Espinosa to the fence where he takes him down and sinks in the Rear Naked Choke that causes Espinosa to tap quickly.

Decision: John Douma defeats Carlos Espinosa by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 2:41 of the second round.

Andre Borges (8-4 BTT Rio De Janiero) vs. Nick Fiore (3-0 Renzo Gracie NH)

Lightweight Title (vacant)

Round 1: Both men comes out jabbing as they circle the cage several times before Nick throws a kick and they scramble to the ground, Nick takes his back and sinks in the Rean Naked Choke that garners a tap from Borges.

Decision: Nick Fiore defeats Andre Borges by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:31 of the first round to capture the Combat Zone Lightweight Championship!


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