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Combat Zone 80: Live Play-by-Play

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

Travis Lizotte "Full Contact Writer"

We have arrived in the stunningly gorgeous city of Manchester, New Hampshire and you can cut the air with a knife, quite's Haze, Hot and Humid and we got fights on tap...Doors to the DoubleTree open at 3:30 and we and fights are set to go live around 5 pm. Follow this article throughout the night for live coverage of the happenings here at Combat Zone 80!

Christos Papadelos v. Jeff Joy

6 minute Super-Grappling Match (Sub Only)

Result: Entertaining rolls here from Christos and Jeff, Christos ends up on the back of Joy and sinks in a RNC for the tap.

Julian Menjuvar v. Cooper McCallion

120lbs Kickboxing

Result: Menjivar methodically picks McCallion apart over the duration of this one, Cooper's chin kept this one entertaining throughout. Julian Menjivar defeats Cooper McCallion by Unanimous Decision.

Daylon Cossingham v. Kalvyn Houn

135lbs Kickboxing

Result: These guys threw hard and heavy from bell to bell both guys having their moments. We go to the judges scorecards that have a Split-Decision in favor of Daylon Cossington.

Bryan Macias v. Nick Johnson

160lbs Kickboxing

Result: Macias has Johnson on the ropes to end the first round, Johnson lands a counter right hand in the second round that dropped Macias...these guys are going to war through two rounds. Johnson drops Macias again in the third...What a Fight...we head to decision. Nick Johnson defeats Bryan Macias by Unanimous Decision.

Ramon Silva v. Brian Looney

190lbs Kickboxing

Result: Ramon outclasses Looney sending him to the canvas twice in the first, the second was enough for John English to stop the bout. Ramon Silva defeats Brian Looney by first round TKO.

Jordan Miles v. Brendan Martin

165lbss. Kickboxing

Result: Martin's length was a big problem for Miles in this fight. Miles was agressive in his advance but Martin had him on the end of his punches throughout. Miles was completely gassed in the third round and ended up on the canvas due to his exhaustion. We make it to the end of this one and we go to the judges scorecards. Brendan Martin defeats Jordan Miles by Unanimous Decision.

Sean Tobin v. Luis Castro

135lbs. Kickboxing

Result: Tobin was agressive and showed a ton of heart but the lengthy striking of Castro was too much to overcome in this one. Tobin did all he could to dictate the pace but Castro ended up being the more accurate striker taking the Unanimous Decision from Tobin.

Liam McNeil v. Marc Munroe

145lbs. Kickboxing

Result: McNeil is clearly the more technical striker here in the early going picking his spots wisely and touching the chin of Munroe. Liam is putting on a striking clinic and Munroe has no answers for it. Once again we end up at the judges table where Liam McNeil gets the Unanimous Decision over Marc Munroe.

Ryan Wackrow v. Kyle Boller

Amateur Bantamweight

Round 1: Wackrow comes out and changes levels looking for the takedown. After a scramble they end up on the canvas Wackrow on the back of Boller. Boller ends up in top position as Wackrow looks for an arm. Boller staves off submission and postures up and lands heavy ground and pound as the first comes to and ends. Tough round to score 10-9 Boller.

Round 2: Wackrow dives for a leg and Boller stuffs. Boller ends up in Wackrows half guard with a lot of time to work. Boller moves to side control and lands some hammerfists. Wackrow gives his back to avoid further damage but the fists keep coming. Wackrow is no longer intelligently defending the strikes and Kevin MacDonald steps in an call this one off.

Decision: Kyle Boller defeats Ryan Wackrow at 1:39 of the second round by TKO (Ground and Pound).

Joe Peters v. Frashley Paula

Amateur Middleweight

Round 1: Paula comes out and looks to change levels. Peters stuffs and now has Paula on the fence looking for a takedown of his own. Peters applies heavy pressure as he works for a single leg. Paula remains on his feet and they return to striking range. A wild exchange of strikes puts us back on the fence with Peters controlling the action. Peters changes levels and lifts for the takedown as the round ends. 10-9 Peters.

Round 2: They exchange punches and Paula gets the throw but Peters pops right back up and presses Paula against the fence. Joe lands some shots to the midsection of Paula and one connects with the cup. They tie up on the restart and Peters presses Paula to the fence again. Paula grabs a front choke and pulls Peters to the canvas but they return to their feet and their position on the fence as the round ends. Close round... 10-9 Peters.

Round 3: Peters is backing Paula up from the start with strikes that lead into another exchange against the fence. Peters works in some dirty boxing as they remain against the cage wall. Joe looks for the high crotch but Paula remains on his feet where he eats more short shots from Peters. They back off and exchange combinations before Peters clinches again. They finish this one against the fence. 10-9 Peters.

Decision: Frashley Paula defeats Joe Peters by Unanimous least thats what has been announced here in the arena...there must be a mistake...

Melissa Santos v. Danielle Okula

Amateur Women's Catchweight (120lbs.)

Round 1: Wild exchanges of strikes here and a right hand from Santos lands and drops Danielle in the corner. Melissa follows up but it is not needed this one is over.

Decision: Melissa Santos defeats Danielle Okula by Knockout at :29 seconds of the first round.

Anthony Palazolla v. Trey Legraw

Amateur Light-Heavyweight

Round 1: Palazolla engages in a clinch early and fires some shots from inside the clinch. Shortly after Legrew gets the fight to the ground but Palazolla is able to use the fence and get back to the feet. Legraw presses the grappling against the cage and is able to land a few knees to the body.

Round 2: clean left hand by legraw start the round and they clinch against the cage as Legraw is relentless in chasing the takedown. Halfway though the round Legraw gets a big takedown. Ler landing some massive ground and pound that almost gets the ref to jump in . somehow Palazolla fights his way back to his feet but Legraw smells blood and fires a barrage of lefts and right hands to get the stoppage when Palazolla stumbles back

Round 3:

Decision: Trey Legraw defeats Anthony Palazolla by TKO Punches 2:57 of round 2

Hunter Darling v. Lucas Moreira

Amateur Welterweight

Round 1: Darling fires a straight left and Moreira responds with a clean bodykick to the left side of Darling. A fire fight in against the cage ensues with both men landing solid punches to the head. M is in control as the two en grapple against the cage and eventually slides to the back but Darling is able to scramble and get the action back to the center of the cage. Darling fires some heavy hands while M shows some impressive head movement. Round ends with both men on their feet

Round 2: Moreira shoots right away to start the round and the action presses against the cage again. within seconds Moreira is able to get his own takedown and ends up on top. Darling is not staying down easy and fights his way back to his feet. Moreira sticks to the game plan and lands one more takedown before the round ends

Round 3: Moreira fires a head kick to start the round, darling fires back with a massive left hook but takes a straight right on the process. Darling takes the back of Moreira but ends up on the bottom eating some ground and pound. The ground and pound is enough for the ref to jump in and stop the fight.

Decision: Lucas Moreira at 2:05 of round 3 by TKO (Ground and Pound)

Miguel Rodriguez v. Jason Gomez

Amateur Flyweight

Round 1: Both men come out swinging and Gomez eats a straight left, that doesn't so the action at all as Rodriguez stands and bangs against the cage until they decide to grapple. Action returns to the center as Gomez lands a smooth double leg takedown. Gomez gets close to locking in a head and arm choke but decides to lands some shots as the round ends.

Round 2: Rodriguez lands some clean body shots as Gomez goes for a takedown, Rodriguez keeps the fight on the feet lands a solid right hand that sends gomez back to the takedown. Action slows down enough on the ground where the ref steps in and stand them up. with only 10 seconds left Gomez mouth guard comes flying out the men stand and trade head shots

Round 3: A few punches and Gomez shoots but Rodriguez able to avoid the takedown. A few seconds later Gomez presses the action against the cage and secures another takedown. Most of the round is spent with Gomez on top controlling the fight but not landing a lot

Decision: Jason Gomez defeats Miguel Rodriguez by Unanimous Decision (Round 3)

George Demers v. Jon Ciampa


Round 1: Control from the beginning as Jon Ciampa lands a double leg against the cage and once the fight is on the ground Ciampa unloads some massive elbows

Decision: Jon Ciampa defeats George Demers at :58 seconds of round 1 by KO (Ground & Pound Elbows)

Josh Medeiros v. David Durao

Catchweight (130lbs.)

Round 1: Medeiros controls the center of the cage and intiates the Clinch as medeiros lands some but get clipped as he goes in looking for the finish. After some brief clinching Medieros gets the crowd fired up as he lands a massive head shot and a quick takedown. Durao gets back to his feet but is dropped back down from a straight right. Durao goes after an ankle lock but Mederios able to get on top and fire a barrage of elbows and punches. Clear 10-9 for Medeiros

Round 2: Medeiros switch stances and firing a mix of shots to start the second. Mederios comes in and lands a big uppercut. Medeiros comes charging in with a straight left hand and send Durao back. Medeiros trips as he fires a head kick but shoots right back up for the takedown. After about a minute Durao is able to get back to his feet but as bot men stand up they fire some solid left hooks and right straights right at each others head with neither man backing down. MASSIVE KNEE TO HEAD by Medeiros lands as Durao shoots in for the takedown. Medeiros jumps on top and fires some elbows down to get the ref to jump in

Decision: Josh Medeiros defeats David Durao at 4:45 by TKO (Knee to the head )

Fernanda Araujo v. Brigid Chase

Women's Featherweight

Round 1: Chase takes control of the center of the cage and araujo stands and fires some nice counter strikes to keep chase at bay. Chase's karate seems to be helping her land some strikes as araujo oves along the cage. Araujo is able to land some huge straight shots right to the face the gets the attention of chase as she backs up and araju calls her right back motioning her hands lets go. Some brief grappling in and araujo lands a takedown, only seconds later araujo is on he back sinking in a rear naked choke. Unable to lock it in she switches to an armbar attempt but end up n her side eating hammerfist for the final 10 seconds

Round 2: Chase comes out on the attack landing a straight right and going for a double leg takedown of her own. After some grappling against the cage Chase lands a standing knee tothe head of Araujo and she presses araujo against the cage and bust out the famous Kamuru Usman toe stomps that gets Araujo to explode and get a huge takedown. Araujo threathens an armbar but chase is able to scramble and get tot he back of araujo. Chase sinks in a Rear naked choke and gets the tap.

Decision: Brigid Chase defeats Fernanda Araujo at 2:52 of round 2 by Submission (Rear Naked Choke)

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