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Combat Zone 82 - Live Results!

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

It's Time!! Check in with us throughout the night for live updates and results as they happen!

Garin Gregiore vs Joseph Bonkoki

185 lbs - BJJ

NEMMA Live Results : Match ends in a Draw

195 lbs - BJJ

NEMMA Live Results : Match ends in a Draw

185 lbs - AM Kickboxing

NEMMA Live Results : Kevin Barzola Wins by Unanimous Decision

135 lbs - AM Kickboxing

NEMMA Live Results : Bruno Kochenborger wins by decision

185 lbs - Am Kickboxing

NEMMA Live Results : Brian Looney wins by unanimous decision

155 lbs - AM MMA

Round 1: both men trade jabs to strat the fight, Espisito gets tha action against the cage. smith breaks free and gets the action back to the center of teh cage. with 30 seconds left espisito lands some power shots the get sthe corwd riled up but smith able to weathwer the storm and fire back his own punches. SMith gets a takedown at the end of the round and ends up on top.

Round 2: the first minute is spent with both men trading jabs and leg kicks, Espisito lands a takedown but smith gets back to his feet quick. At the end of the roun espisito gets another takedown and ends the round on top again.

Round 3: espisito throws a jumping kick to astart the round but after a brief scrambls Chris Smith gets the back and locks in a rear naked choke.

NEMMA Live Results : Chris Smith wins by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) in Round number 3

170 lbs - AM MMA

Round 1: Smikle gets the takedown rirght away, olivero getd to cage and stands up but Smikle is able to take him down again. Smikle spends most of round with dominate grappling almost locking in a rear naked choke but Olivero able to withstand it.

Round 2: Most of the round is epent with Smikle showcasing his grappling skills

Round 3:Smikle shoots right in but olivero able to stuff this takedown and land a beautiful body shot. Seconds later Smikle initiates some clinching against the cage. most of the third worund is spent with Smikle in control grappling.

NEMMA Live Results : Andrew Smikle wins by unanimous decision

125 lbs - AM MMA

Round 1: Lopex drops gomez early with a punch but gomex right back up. most of the round is spent with Lopez controling the center of the cage. With 20 seconds left Gomez lands a takedown but Lopez able to get on top and end the round with some ground and pound.

Round 2: Gomez gets the takedown,spends half the roudn showing off his ground control. Lopez able to get back to his feet with 30 seconds left and fire a few shots before the round ends.

Round 3: Lopez lands some beautiful shots to start the fight and gomez gets a takedown, lands on top. most of the round is pent on the ground.

NEMMA Live Results : Jason Gomez wins by unanimous decision

140 lbs - AM MMA

Round 1: Some strong strikign from both men to start the round, santiago goes for a takedown and KAtis almost sink s in a guillotine but Santiago ends up on top caught in Katis gaurd. A few miutes later Santiago sinks in a rear naked choke and ends the fight.

NEMMA Live Results : Avery Santiago wins by Submission in round 1 by Submission (Rear naked choke) at 225 in round 1

145 lbs - AM MMA

Round 1: Kelly comes out with some vicous punches to start the round. after a quick clinch agasint teh cage the get back to the center of the cage, Marques able to stand her ground and land some shots of her own but it seems like when kelley lands she does more damage. Round ends with both fighter on their feet.

Round 2: Most of the round was soent on the feet with both ladning their fair share of kicks and punches. Round ends with Kelley landing a beautiful body kick and eating a solid cross from Marques.

Round 3: Wild exchanges from both fighters has the crowd hyped! Kelley yells out a thunderous "Lets GOOO" and they fire punches at each otehr for the rest of round with neither fighter backing down.

NEMMA Live Results : Lindsey Kelley wins by Split decision

145 lbs - AM MMA - Title Fight

Round 1: Politis lands a beatiful leg kick, Sfeir fires some heavy punches in return. They scramble on the ground with Politis getting the best of the the exchanges. Sfeir gets control and ladns some serious shots from the top.

Round 2:poltisi pushes sfier back with a left hook, sfier shoots in and most of the round is spent with Sfier getting the best of the ground game.

Round 3: The whole round was spent with Sfier on top of Politis showcasing his ground control.

Round 4: Most of the same as round 3

Round 5: Politis throws a beautiful uppercut expecting sfier to shoot, Sfier shoots in and gets the takedown anyway. Sfier locks in a head and arm choke to end the fight

NEMMA Live Results : Fred Allen Sfeir wins by Submisson (Arm Triangle in Round 5 at 1:42

170 lbs - AM MMA - Title FIght

Round 1: Morerira fires ahead shot and Khokar eats it and drops Moreira with a jab. Moreira abel to recover and spend most of the round on the back of Khakhar landing multiple takedowns.

Round 2: wild round that see both men landing shots but Moreira able to end the round with s strong body kick that drops Khakhar and Moreira almost ends the fight with a rear naked choke but the bell rings.

Round 3: Moreira comes out firing body kicks trying to end the fight quick but Khakhar ladns some solid crosses that sends Moreira back. A couple big shots by both men and Khakhar ends up in full guard. with 4 seconds left Moreira almost gets an armbar. Saved by the bell again.

Round 4: Khakhar starts off with some brutal uppercuts and starts finding success in the stand up so Moriera shoots in but Khalhar able to break free. MOst of the rest of the round is spent with Moreira controling the fight on the ground.

Roudn 5 Not much to report, Moreira gets back control.

NEMMA Live Results : Moreira wins by Unanimous Decision to claim the 185 pound championship

Professional Fights

135 lbs - PRO MMA

Round 1: A couple punches from both men and SMythe fires a cross and shoots. Apito gets the best of teh clinch against the cage and lands some vicous knees to the body and elbows to the head of Smythe. SMythe gets the crowd fired up with a big slam and takes the back of Apito. A minute later Smythe locks in the Rear Naked choke and Apito taps

NEMMA Live Results : Tyler Smythe wins by submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 4:30 of round 1

135 lbs - PRO MMA

Round 1: Mountinho is incredibly impressive in this match. Landing some beautiful punches that dropped Pressley twice and abel to lock in a guillotine to finish the fight in round 1

NEMMA Live Results : at 2:17 Kris Moutinho wins by submission (Tap to Guillotine )

145 lbs - PRO MMA - Title Fight

Round 1: Round starts off with Pag landing a body kick but Murad gets 2 massive slams and lands a huge knee to the head. Pag is hurt but stands his grounf int he center of the cage. Murad able to close the distance and land some more knees but Pag able to withstand and fire some punches of his own.

Round 2:

Round 3: Tom gets a takedown a minute intot he round and ends up on top. after a scramble Olivier Murad gets an armbar to end the fight.

NEMMA Live Results : Olivier Murad wins by Submission (Armbar) at 1:43 of round 3

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