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Fighter Feature - Jacob Bohn : Combat Zone 83

Jacob "Jaguar" Bohn returns to action this Saturday at Combat Zone 83!

If you are a fan of Mixed Martial Arts in New England then you know the name Bohn. Jacob has been a part of some of the most exciting fights in New England. With memorable matchups against HUGE names like Peter Barrett, Zach DiSabatino, Ali Zebian and Jay Bakanowski, Bohn is down for anyone at anytime!

Coming into the SNHU arena this Saturday, Bohn is matched up with Mo Al Kinani. This has FIGHT OF THE YEAR potential written all over it! With 2 fan favorites stepping there, you know the crowd will be all in for this one!

We had a chance to catch up a little with Jacob before this weekends Combat Zone 83

1. How does it feel to be facing someone who had the "Fight of the Year" last year, and does it add any pressure to your preparation?

"It just feels like any other fight and no it doesn't add any pressure because I got fight of the year the previous year against the same guy. It just makes me more focused and ready knowing that he's going to be a tough opponent. "

2. In terms of technique, what improvements have you personally focused on since your last fight, and how do you think they'll come into play in this matchup?

"My boxing has really improved and it's helping me get into my wrestling range easier."

3. Fighters often have unique rituals or superstitions before a fight. Do you have any pre-fight rituals that you follow for good luck?

"Our dog Luna always comes with us and In the cage, before every fight, I always wink at Amanda."

4. A lot of professional fighters dream to open their own gym and train the next up on their road to MMA glory. How has becoming a coach helped you on your own MMA path?

"Having my own gym makes me train harder knowing I have fighters who I want to push to one day be better than I am. By doing this, I train at other gyms as well to gain more knowledge and train with other professionals."

5. Reflecting on your entire journey in MMA, what's one piece of advice you wish you could have given your younger self when you first started competing?

"Stay consistent in the weight room and never underestimate anyone."

6. If you were to predict the outcome of your fight, what do you envision happening that would make it a memorable and competitive battle?

"I have just been really focusing on my boxing and grappling and everything is coming together nicely. I can see a submission happening."

Thanks to Jacob Bohn for taking a few minutes to answer some questions!

Tune in this Saturday to see if Bohn's prediction comes true!

Remember if you can't be there, there will be a PPV link. Use your favorite fighters last name when ordering the PPV or buying Tickets so they get credit!

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