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Jay Perrin Throwing Some Fire Joe Penafiel's way as he Preps to Defend CES Belt on 2/4

Many New England MMA fans know Jay Perrin (10-4) as the #1 ranked bantamweight in the region. "The Joker" started his professional career as a mediocre 3-3 135er, but since then he has gone 7-1 and now holds an impressive 10-4 record, and is knocking on the door to the UFC.

Perrin is the current Cage Titans bantamweight champion, and recently snatched the CES bantamweight belt when he defeated Josh Smith at CES 64 back in September. Perrin is legitimately a champ-champ here in the region, but the New Hampshire native is now training full-time out in Las Vegas at Syndicate MMA.

Perrin is lined up to defend his CES belt on February 4th at CES 66, but an opponent has yet to be named to challenge "The Joker" for his belt. With a win on February 4th, Perrin may very well be making his next appearance in a UFC cage. But before we all get a head of ourselves, Perrin has some serious words for Joe "The Party" Penafiel (8-3), and also seems to have a bone to pick with Cage Titans and how he has been treated by the promotion since claiming the CES strap 3 months ago.

Perrin stopped by The Room to chat it up with us, and man did he bring some FIRE! Penafiel was top of mind for Perrin, as he went off on a 10 minute tirade as to when, and how, he wants to "break" Penafiel after this title defense on February 4th. "I will break him! He can't run from me!", Perrin said as he continued with a fiery passion. Perrin also had a target on Cage Titans back due to his perception of how he's been treated by the promotion since he claimed the CES bantamweight belt.

Make sure to check out the full, highly-entertaining, interview below, and make sure to subscribe and like our YouTube page!


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