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Live Results! - Combat Zone 83

Updated: Feb 24

Jeff "Combat Cowboy" Clark is here live at the SNHU arena in Manchester NH for the highly anticipated Combat Zone 83!

Check back for live results and updates all night as we cover the action from bell to bell.

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Nadav Moskovic vs. Chorobi Sagna

135 lbs AM

- NEMMA Live Results: Chorobi Sagna wins by unanimous decision

Jesse McElligott vs. Tim Caron

No GI Jiujitsu

- NEMMA Live Results: Tim Caron and Jesse Mcelliogott go to a draw

PJ Perrone vs. Leon Goodale

135 lbs AM Kickboxing

- NEMMA Live Results: Leon Goodale wins by unanimous decision

Gavin O'Connell vs. Dimitri Kabouris

170 lbs

- Round 1:

- Round 2:

- Round 3:

- NEMMA Live Results: Gavin O Connell wins by TKO in round 2

Fred Allen Sfeir vs. Danny Buteau

145 lbs

- Round 1: Round 1 is pretty even with a lot of grappling and ends with Buteau threatening a rear naked choke.

- Round 2:

- Round 3:

- NEMMA Live Results: Danny Buteau wins in round 5 by TKO

Angel Sanchez vs. Sean Nichols

135 lbs

- Round 1: Nichols catches a body kick and gets the action to the ground right away.

- NEMMA Live Results: Sean Nichols wins by Unanimous Decision

Julian Connerton vs. Isaiah Longs

145 lbs

- Round 1: All out action for this one. Conneront lands some crisp counters and Longs fires back with some heavy straights. Longs presses the action agasint the cage and secures a takedown but Connerton able to get to the cage and get back on his feet. Longs gets another takedown but like a magician Connerton is able to quickly maneuver to the back and almost sinks in a rear naked choke but the bell rings.

- Round 2: Longs firing some heavy punch combos to the body and gets the takedown about a minute in. Nothing much happens on the ground and when the action gets back to the feet, longs is the one dominating the round. Pushing the pace and backing Connerton up against the cage.

- Round 3: Connerton goes for a single leg takedown of his own but Longs is not having it and keeps the action standing. Connerton tries again and gets the takedown. The crowd loves it. Some high level grappling on the ground ensue as Connerton is looking for the Submission.

- NEMMA Live Results: Julian Connerton wins by Unanimous Decision

Sean Wakefield vs. Tristan Wood

170 lbs AM Title

- Round 1: Wood throws a combo and wakefield gets a beautiful takedown. with the action pressed against the cage wakefield tries gettting to the back and locking in a rear naked choke. He gets it and Wood taps, HUGE ROUND 1 Submission for Sean Wakefield

- Round 2:

- Round 3:

- NEMMA Live Results: Sean wakefield wins by submission in round 1 at 1:22 .

Bruce Pacy vs. Logan Bond

205 lbs

- Round 1: Pacy starting strong with some heavy punches taht send Bond back, bond clinches but Pacy breaks and connects with some more heavy strikes in the clinch. Bond slows down the action and presses against the cage. Bond throws a kick but misses and falls to the ground. 2 seconds later he gets a takedown on Pacy but not able to hold him down. the last few seconds is spent against the cage.

- Round 2: Bond shoots right in for a takedown but it gets stuffed and Pacy able to keep it standing for a bit but eventually it goes to the ground. all round is spent with Bond on top but not much damage being done.

- Round 3: Most of the round is s pent like round 2

- NEMMA Live Results: Logan Bond wins by Unanimous Decision

Richard Bilodeau vs. Joe Peters

185 lbs

- Round 1: bilodeau fires a head kick and peters goes for the takedowns but Bilodeau able to get to the back and almost sink in a rear naked, Peter's avoids but about a minute later Bilodeau is on top throwing hammer fist. Peter's gets back to his feet. Peter's then gets a takedown of his own but Bilodeau threatens a guillotine. Round ends before any submission is locked in

- Round 2: a lot of clinching in this one and eventually Peter's gets top mint but Bilodeau rolls out of it. Peter ends the fight on top but not much damage done this round.

- Round 3:peters lands 2 huge body kicks in a row and throws some bombs. Looking for a finish peters unloads and Bilodeau shoots in but peters is not having it. He shoots again and peters stuffs again. Peters ends up on top but not for long. Both men are gassed but throwing what little they have left into every punch.

- NEMMA Live Results: Joe Peters wins by Unanimous Decision

Meaghan Hanley vs. Erika Medina

135 lbs am Kickboxing

- NEMMA Live Results: Meaghan Hanley wins by split decision after 3 rounds

Kyle Adams vs. Kevin Barzola

170 lbs

After 5 rounds of action we have a winner by unanimous decision. Kyle Adam's started off strong but Kevin barzola was able to take the championship rounds

- NEMMA Live Results: Kevin Barzola wins by beating unanimous decision

Will Smith vs. Evan Pariseau

155 lbs

- Round 1: Both men come in hot swinging and Smith lands a beautiful takedown, Pariseau quickly goes for an armbar and Smith tries to stand up to break free but it's locked in tight and he taps.

- NEMMA Live Results: Evan Pariseau wins at 14 seconds into round 1 by armbar

Nick Johnson vs. Hunter Darling

165 lbs

- Round 1: Johnson drops Darling early and goes for a submission but Darling able to get back up, Johnson grabs a leg and gets the fight back to the ground. A few seconds later they are back to the center of the cage but Johnson looks hurt. Johnson switching stances nicely. Darling lands a heavy left hook. Darling takes control of the fight at the end of the round landing heavy shots and getting a takedown with 1 second left.

- Round 2: both men throwing heavy hands to start the round, johnson goes to duck and eats a head kick. Darling controlling the center of the cage. Against the cage Johnson threatens a guillotine choke while firing knows but Darkling powers out and start firing some heavy punches to back Johnson up.

- Round 3: Darling lands some hooks and jabs to start the round. Johnson seems to be holding back punches and shoots in for a takedown but its stuffed and the action presses against the cage. Johnsons gets a takedown but Darling right back up. A few shots landed from each fighter after but the round ends and we go to the judges.

- NEMMA Live Results: Hunter Darling wins by Split Decision after 3 rounds

Tyler Smythe vs. Harris Bonfiglio

125 lbs

- Round 1:

- Round 2:

- Round 3:

- NEMMA Live Results:

Nick Fiore vs. Carson Frei

155 lbs

- Round 1:

- Round 2:

- Round 3:

- NEMMA Live Results:

Anthony Vasta vs. Vincenzo Iannuzzo

145 lbs

- Round 1: Vasta able to keeo distance and throw some kicks but Iannuzzo clinches and gets the action against the cage. Vasta breaks free. Iannuzzo lands a huge left hook that immediately drops Vasta and the fights over. EPIC KNOCKOUT

- NEMMA Live Results: Vincenzo Iannuzzo Wins by KO at of round 1

Guilherme Viana vs. T. Jean-Jacques

265 lbs

- Round 1: Jabs and leg kicks to start the round. Terrance a little more successful with landing punches. Viana starts getting comfortable and leaving his hands down booby green style, landing counters everytime Jean Jacques goes in. VIana takes the round with some impressive foot movement and counter-striking .

- Round 2: Viana controls distance and is able to land some heavy shots that stumble Jean Jacques and he smells blood. Ciana goes in for the finsih throwing some heavy bombs, eventually dropping Jean with a hook and the ref jumps in.

- Round 3:

- NEMMA Live Results: Guilherme Viana wins at 3:05 of round 2 by TKO (Punches)

M. Al Kinani vs. Jacob Bohn

155 lbs

- Round 1: body kicks from both man land. athey get clinching and bohn lands a few uppercuts but Mo fires back some straights and a hard leg kick of his own. Bohn presses teh action and lands a head kick of his own. Bohn goes for the takdown but Mo able to stop it. Combos landed by both men. Bohn eats a knee and fires back. Boh gets the takedowbn and ends uop in full mnount. Bohn locks in a guillotine . Mo flips to tjhe top but Bohn doesnt let go. Mo taps and its over!

- Round 2:

- Round 3:

- NEMMA Live Results: Jacob Bohn wins by submission at 3.40 of round 1 (Guillotine choke)

Ray Shawdee vs. Nick Alley

170 lbs

- Round 1:

- Round 2:

- Round 3:

- NEMMA Live Results:

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