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NEF 44 Live Play by Play; Back in Black

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Travis Lizotte "Full Contact Writer"

We are back on the road today New England and this time we set up shop at the Hampshire Dome in Milford, New Hampshire for Nick DiSalvo and Matt Peterson's New England Fights 44: Back in Black. We have our hands full this evening as NEF rolls out 20 fights including; 2 Kickboxing Bouts, 2 Amateur Title Fights, and 4 Fights contested amongst the ranks of the Professionals. Once again we will be on location giving our followers live up to the minute fight coverage as it goes down from inside the Dome in Milford. Follow, Share and Tag this article and refresh throughout the evening to stay up to the minute on the action taking place at NEF 44. If you can't make it to the fights and aren't planning on buying the PPV this will be the easiest, most concise way to stay in tune with your favorite NEF athlete as they put their skills on display tonight at NEF 44. We should be reporting cageside starting at 6 pm with an opening bell due to sound at 7 pm local time, as always stay with for all the latest combat sports news in the region!

Below is the fightcard as released by the promotion, although subject to change, this should be the line up for tonight's fights. As fights commence the results will be reflected within the fightcard below!

Update: So we are here cageside and news is starting to flow in already, the fight between Brandon Oldenburg and Henry Jeffs has been scrapped and the fight between Josh "Hook On" Harvey and Ian Beatease has also been scrapped from what we are hearing is there was a medical emergency in the Beatease camp...looks like opening bell is set to sound at 7 pm here from the Hampshire dome...


Dustin Veinott (5-4, CMBJJ) vs Geraldo Reyes (Team Link)

130 lbs Amateur Kickboxing

Round 1: Here we go it's time for the return of New England Fights! Reyes comes out throwing spinning techniques and backs Dustin down, they work to the fence where the ref splits them and Reyes lands a leg kick on the break. Dustin clinches and lands some knees that lead to combinations. Dustin comes forward with a push kick and they trade in the last ten seconds. Close round 10-9 Reyes.

Round 2: Reyes starts with a front kick and an overhand right that lands before they need to be split. Reyes backs Dustin to the cage and lands some sharp shots that get the attention of Vienott. Dustin lands a couple sharp kicks and follows with a combination. Reyes fires back and lands some strikes of his own, they trade as the round comes to a close.Another close one 10-9 Reyes.

Round 3: Little service interruption to start this round but its Vienott leading the pace throught the first minute but Reyes finishes the round with a nice flurry...I'm not a Kickboxing judge so I'm probably way off 10-9 Vienott.

Decision: Dustin Vienott defeats Geraldo Reyes by Split Decision (29-28 Reyes, 29-28 Vienott, 29-28 Vienott)

Tim Murray (0-1, Vision Quest) vs Guiliano Rossi (0-1, Kaze)

Amateur Flyweight

Round 1: Murray comes out with kicks to start and he is finding his range early in this one as they look content to test each other on the feet. A low leg kick crumbles Rossi, he gets back up and Murray lands another one that puts him down for good!

Decision: Tim Murray defeats Guiliano Rossi by TKO at 1:20 of the first round via leg kicks followed by punches.

Teddy Politis (1-0, Evolution Athletix) vs Tyler Parent (Debut, CMBJJ)

Amateur Bantamweight

Round 1: Tyler comes out striking and Teddy is talking to him as he comes forward with a combination of his own and drives Parent to the mat where he looks to transition to mount. Teddy uses a head and arm to take the back then Teddy transitions back to the arm triangle that causes Tyler to tap.

Decision: Teddy Politis defeats Tyler Parent by submission (Arm Triangle) at 1:47 of round one!

Ryan Savage (0-2, First Class MMA) vs Kyle Pufahl (2-0, Nostos)

Amateur Lightweight

Round 1: Kyle comes out slugging looking to control this one early as Ryan is having trouble finding his range. Kyle is looking very good keeping the distance and landing the more impactfull strikes. And now Savage finds his range and these guys are bringing it, Pufahl has a big hemotoma around his right eye and the doc comes in to take a look. We get back to action where we left off with these guys throwing, what a first round Kyle lands a nice right as the bell sounds. 10-9 Pufahl.

Round 2: Savage comes forward with a mean combination but is met with a right hand from Pufahl and these guys are right back in the grove they were in in the first round, trading power shots on the feet. Kyle lands a punch that wobbles Savage and Kyle lands a headkick then an ill willed uppercut that separates Ryan Savage from consciousness.

Decision: Kyle Pufahl knocks out Ryan Savage with a Headkick followed by a monstrous uppercut at 1:28 of the second round! WOW!

Caleb Austin (4-0, CMBJJ) vs James Ploss (1-2, Kaze)

Amateur Flyweight

Round 1: Ploss comes out striking and Caleb goes right for the takedown, Ploss grabs the guillotine but Austin ends up in side control. Ploss stands but gets dumped again and Austin has Ploss stuffed in the corner and mounted with time to work. Ploss gives his back to get up and Austin looks for a RNC but Ploss defends and Austin ends up back in mount as the first round ends. 10-8 Austin.

Round 2: Ploss comes out striking and Austin takes him down with a double leg and looks to work from mount again. Caleb is very heavy from the top as he lands ground and pound before returning to the back where he locks in the RNC and looks to finish. Ploss survives but is still in a bad spot. Ploss fights the RNC again as the last ten seconds tick away. 10-8 Austin.

Round 3: Ploss comes out with a front kick and a low leg kick but Austin returns with a right hand then goes for the takedown and Ploss stuffs! They stay on the feet where Ploss looks ready to trade but Austin gets the takedown once again and works from half guard. Austin works the body with his right hand and transitions to mount where he finishes the fight. 10-9 Austin.

Decision: Caleb Austin defeats James Ploss by Unanimous Decision (30-25 X3)

Lucas Donald (Debut, Independent) vs Evan Piette (Debut, Kaze)

Amateur Lightweight

Round 1: Piette comes out with combinations that lands, then they go to the ground and Donald nearly gets the RNC but Evan escapes and they return to the feet where Evan lands more bombs. Petite looks like he is having an easy time finding the jaw with his right hand as Donald seems to be standing right in front of him and absorbing combinations. They trade for the last ten seconds of the round. Close round but 10-9 Petite.

Round 2: Petite answers the second round bell the fresher fighter as he starts landing some heavy hands but Donald can take a punch, the ref stops the fight to check on blood coming from the nose of Petite. We return to action with Petite backing Donald to the cage with strikes, Donald circles but Petite is back on him and the referee takes a point from Piette. Piette continues to work but Donald gets the fight to the mat where he finishes the round with ground and pound from the top. 9-9 with the point deduction.

Decision: The Fight is stopped between rounds declaring the winner by TKO Lucas Donald. (Winner due to illness in the Piette corner)

Hannon Sanford (0-1, CMBJJ) vs Richard Martell (Debut, Young’s MMA)

Amateur Catchweight (130 lbs.)

Round 1: Hannon comes out quick looking to clinch and Martell unloads some damning strikes that back Sanford to the fence where Martell lands a 8 punch combination that ends the night for Sanford!

Decision: Richard Martell defeats Hannon Sanford by TKO (Standing Strikes) at 19 seconds of round one!

Cody Kilton (0-1, First Class MMA) vs Cam Hoyt (Debut, Kaze)

Amateur Featherweight

Round 1: Cam comes out using his length to back Kilton up but Cody grabs the steabelt and gets the takedown, Cody transitions to mount and lands some strikes to the head of Hoyt. Kilton postures up and lands heavy ground and pound that eventually gets the stoppage from referee Kevin MacDonald.

Decision: Cody Kilton defeats Cam Hoyt by TKO Ground and Pound at 1:21 of the first round.

Austin Hamilton (0-2, Independent) vs Jon Assam (1-3, CMBJJ)

Amateur Welterweight

Round 1: Austin comes out with a some nice leg kicks and an overhand that lands, Austin takes Assam across the cage for a takedown and he eventually gets Jon to the mat but Assam bounces back up. Austin looks for another takedown but is stuffed and these guys start to trade on the feet. Austin lands a single leg and Assam looks to defend. Assam lands some hammerfists as Hamilton finishes the round on top. 10-9 Hamilton.

Round 2: Austin comes out throwing strikes but looks like he is tired from an active round one. Assam lands a kick to the body and Hamilton returns but comes up empty. Austin starts to open up and land some shots but he looks very tired. Austin ducks into a body kick from Assam that gets the crowds attention as they trade over the final 10 seconds. 10-9 Assam but close.

Decision: Austin Hamilton is unable to answer the bell in the third round and Jon Assam is declared the winner by TKO.

Curtis Ouellette (1-1, CMBJJ) vs Zach Faulkner (3-1, Recon)

Amateur Welterweight

Round 1: Faulkner comes out with jabs and leg kicks that are landing and Curtis's strikes are missing, Ouellette clinches and Faulkner puts him on the cage, Curtis circles out and Faulkner continues to land at striking range. Curtis catches a kick and dumps Zach, but Zach gets right back up and continues to pick Ouellette apart. Faulkner pulls guard on a deep guillotine late but Ouellette survives the round. 10-9 Faulkner.

Round 2: Zach comes forward feinting the jab as Curtis unleashes some flashy attempts that come up empty, Ouellette shoots for a takedown but Zach stuffs and has Curtis on the cage looking to work. Ouellette turns the action but Faulkner locks up a standing guillotine that takes Ouellette to the mat where Faulkner looks to strike but he backs off Ouellette and returns to striking range in the final 10 seconds of the round. 10-9 Faulkner.

Round 3: Zach comes out in round three and backs Ouellette to the cage and takes him down and has a ton of time to work from the top as he looks to set up the end of this fight. Ouellette works to his knees but Faulkner grabs the guillotine and looks to finish with 10 seconds left Ouellette pops out his head and finishes on top. 10-9 Faulkner.

Decision: Zach Faulkner defeats Curtis Ouellette by Unanimous Decision (30-27 X3)

NEF announces their next show November 5th in Portland and they announce Matt Denning vs. John Deupree will face one another as part of that card at the Aura Night Club.

Kaleb Kenney (Debut, Team Nitemare) vs Isaac Piette (Debut, Kaze)

Amateur Lightweight

Round 1: Piette starts with kicks that set up some hands and Isaac is rag dolling Kenney around the cage looking for the finish but Kenney starts to fire back. This is turning into a standup war as these guys continue to trade combinations. Piette pulls guard on a guillotine and Kenney is on top and lets Piette up but Piette lands to the groin and the action is stopped while Kenney recovers. Piette comes out firing on the restart and Isaac lands a right hand just before the bell that stuns Kenney and gets the stoppage from referee John English.

Decision: Isaac Piette defeats Kaleb Kenney by TKO strikes at 2:59 of round 1.

Matt Miles (Debut, Independent) vs Juan Quinom (Debut, UFC Gym)

Amateur Men's Strawweight

Round 1: Juan Quinom comes to the cage with Johnny "Cupcakes" Campbell in his corner, veteran move by the newcomer! Matt comes out with a jab off the glove touch as he looks to use the lenght to his advantage. Juan has landed a couple low leg kicks but when he throws that overhand he throws it with all his 115 pounds. Juan knocks Matt down with another low leg kick that looks like it hurt Miles. Miles finishes the round with a thunderous takedown as the horn sounds. 10-9 Miles.

Round 2: Juan begins the round with leg kicks but Matt answers with a brutal combination that slows Juan down and has Juan backing to the cage for most of the round. These guys slug it out for the final ten seconds. 10-9 Miles.

Round 3: Miles comes out behind the jab and is greeted with a right hand from Juan and Juan goes back to the leg kicks as these guys are having some fun in there. Miles catches a kick from Juan and dumps him on the canvas but lets him right back up and they return to striking range. They scramble wildly as the fight comes to a close. 10-9 Miles

Decision: Matt Miles defeats Juan Quinom by Split Decision (29-28 Quinom, 29-28 Miles, 29-28 Miles)

Duncan Smith (6-3, Evolution Athletix) vs Mike Bezanson (5-0, Kaze)

*Amateur Welterweight Title*

Round 1: Duncan comes out pushing Mike to the cage looking for a quick takedown as Bezanson defends but Duncan eventually gets it to the mat. Bezanson gets back to his feet but Duncan will not leave him room to work and Duncan connects to the cup with a knee and referee Kevin MacDonald calls a stop. On the restart Bezanson lands a right hand that badly hurts Duncan as he stumbles to the cage Bezanson hops on him and finishes Duncan with strikes to capture the NEF Welterweight Amateur title.

Decision: Mike Bezanson defeats Duncan Smith by Knockout at 1:52 of the very first round to dethrone Duncan Smith as the NEF Amateur Welterweight Champion!

Nathaniel Grimard (Nostos) vs Bradnon Maillet-Fevens (CMBJJ)

*Vacant Amateur Featherweight Title*

Round 1: Fevens comes out throwing jabs and Nate takes him down and is quickly looking to pass the guard, Nate postures up and lands some shots before Brandon returns to his feet but it doesn't last long as Grimard dumps him again to the canvas. The "Let's Go Nate" chant starts up in the crowd and Nate lands some heavy ground and pound to the sounds of the cheers. Fevens defends with everything he has as the round ends. 10-8 Grimard.

Round 2: Nate comes out in round 2 with a quick double leg as he looks to work on the mat feeding Fevens with heavy shots from the top. Nate looks for an arm triangle but Brandon defends and Nate continues with the ground and pound that gets the attention of referee John English as the stoppage looks close here....and there it is John English has seen enough.

Decision: Nate Grimard defeats Brandon Maillet Fevens by TKO at 2:28 of the seconds of the second round to capture the vacant NEF Amateur Featherweight title. Devin Powell also promotes Grimard to Blue Belt in BJJ in the cage following the Title win.


Caleb Hall (3-0, Syndicate MMA) vs Shaun Ray (0-0, Independent)


Round 1: Caleb comes out and catches an opening front kick from Ray and dumps him in the middle of the cage and works the Arm Triangle. Hall steps over and it's all over Ray taps to the choke.

Decision: Caleb Hall defeats Shaun Ray by Submission Arm Triangle at 56 seconds of round one.

Jacob Deppmeyer (1-0, First Class MMA) vs Aaron Hughes (1-0, Regiment)


Round 1: Aaron comes out throwing leg kicks and Deppmeyer clinches and they scramble and Aaron ends up with his back on the cage, Jacob lands a right hand that crumbles Hughes. Deppmeyer follows Hughes to the canvas where he finishes him with hammer fists.

Decision: Jacob Deppmeyer defeats Aaron Hughes by TKO at 1:22 of round one.

Hilarie Rose (5-3, USMMA) vs Glory Watson (0-1, Young’s MMA)

Women's Strawweight Kickboxing

Round 1: These ladies waste no time getting into a clinch where Glory lands some knees before Hilarie returns to distance. Hilarie has a big cut above her left eye but is continuing to throw front kicks, Glory slips a front kick and lands a right hand and Hilarie returns fire. Hilarie kicks and Glory catches it in the groin section and the action stops. They restart with just over ten seconds left and they slug to the finish. 10-9 Rose.

Round 2: Round 2 starts with Hilarie landing some nice combinations and leg kicks and both of these girls are looking good in this one. Glory comes forward with a combination and Hilarie lands a counter elbow. They continue to trade but Hilarie is definitely leading the pace in this round. With ten seconds left they scramble on the fence. 10-9 Rose.

Round 3: They meet in the center throwing bombs and Hilarie is landing nicely but Glory is hanging in there with her and gets the knockdown of Rose against the cage. Hilarie lands some nice elbows from the clinch as she looks to pull away in this one. With 30 secnds left Glory needs everything she has left if she wants to get the nod in this one. These girls finish the fight landing in the clinch. Close round 10-9 Watson.

Decision: Hilarie Rose defeats Glory Watson by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Fight Night Awards:

Fight of the Night: Curtis Ouellette vs. Zach Faulkner

Knockout of the Night: Kyle Pufahl Headkick/Uppercut Knockout of Ryan Savage.

Submission of the Night: Caleb Hall Arm Triangle over Shaun Ray

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