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NEF 45: Live Results

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

We are in the Pine Tree State tonight, as New England Fights rolls into town with a 20 fight card of amateur and professional MMA action. This will be the first event that our newest team member, Chelsea Tucker, will be covering with us. We're going to kickoff the night with a pre-fight show on our FaceBook page around 6:15 tonight, and the first fight will be kicking off at 7:00. We'll have all the angles covered her in the Old Port for NEF 45: Uprising. You can check out the full fight card HERE, and follow along on this post throughout the night for live results.

Tyler Parent (0-1, CMBJJ) vs. Randall Hathorn (1-1, Vision Quest Muay Thai)

Amateur MMA - Bantamweight

Round 1: Both guys are throwing down in the center of the cage with no intention of going to the mat. Solid low kicks coming from both fighters. Hathorn has some blood trickling down from his nose from some solid jabs delivered from Parent. Parent grabs a leg after Hathorn threw a low kick and gets the takedown. Parent ends the round on top delivering heavy punches before the bell rings. 10-9 Parent

Round 2: Parent lands some heavy punches the and drops Hathorn with a left hook that sends Hathorn to the mat. Parent follows him to the mat and keeps delivering heavy punches until referee Alan Lau steps in to stop the contest.

Result: Tyler Parent wins via TKO at :56 of the 2nd round

Jacob Routon (0-0, Independent) vs. Emmett Huber (1-1, The Academy)

Amateur MMA - Lightweight

Round 1: Routon comes out and gets a massive takedown, and now has top control as he looks to advance position. Huber is working from his back and is looking to lock up a triangle. Routon is fighting back, but Huber grabs an arm and locks up a nasty arm-bar, forcing ref Dale Hart to call a stop to the fight without a tap. This is amateurs and that was the right call. His arm would have broke.

Result: Emmett Huber wins via arm bar at 2:03 of the 1st round.

Julian Menjivar (0-0, KTA) vs. Matt Miles (1-1, Independent)

Amateur MMA - Strawweight

Round 1: These two 115ers are coming out like two squirrels fighting over a nut! This is crazy action!! Menjivar's volume is insane. He's landing at will and the fight is close to be stopped. Steve Rita is watching closely. Rita steps in and calls off the onslaught!! Wow! Menjivar's volume was like nothing that I've seen before.

Result: Julian Menjivar defeats Matt Miles via TKO (referee stoppage) at 2:08 of the 1st round. Impressive performance by the KTA product.

Austin Hamilton (0-3, Independent) vs. David Hart (1-4, Kenney's MMA)

Amateur MMA - 165 lb Catchweight


Jonas Ryerson (0-0, CMBJJ) vs. RJ Janeczek (1-0, Nostos MMA)

Amateur MMA - Lightweight

Round 1: Both guys are throwing heavy shots. RJ is definitely getting the better of the standup, and is starting to bloody Jonas. The ref jumps in to stop the fight. Impressive striking performance by RJ. Domination on the feet throughout the 1st round before it was called off.

Result: RJ Janeczek defeats Jonas Ryerson at 2:02 of the 1st round via TKO (strikes)

Brett Martin (0-0, First Class MMA) vs. Justin Philbrick (1-2, Independent)

Amateur MMA - Middleweight

Round 1: Martin is in shape and looks hungry to make his debut. Both fighters are landing strikes early. Martin gets a takedown, but Philbrick reverses position. Now Martin is on top after a failed arm bar. Martin is landing some heavy punches as they both make their way back to their feet. Martin is too big for Philbrick to get to the mat. Martin continues to stuff takedowns as Martin grinds him against the cage. Martin lands some more heavy punches to end the round.

10-8 Martin

Round 2: Philbrick doesn't come out for the 2nd round as he's clutching his grown area. The corners tells the ref to call it off and he does.

Result: Brett Martin defeats Justin Philbrick via TKO (didn't answer round 2) at 3:00 of the 1st round.

Brandon Oldenburg (0-0, Vision Quest) vs. Bryant Wade (0-0, Titan Athletics)

Amateur MMA - Middleweight

Round 1: Both fighters are throwing a lot of punches. Wade connects with a left hook that puts Oldenburg out, but he recovers before he hits the mat and gets back to his feet quickly. Referee Dale Hart steps in to stop the contest early, and Primo Bellarosa is HOT! Definitely an early stoppage.

Result: Bryant Wade defeats Brandon Oldenburg via TKO (left hook) at :22 of the 1st round.

Curtis Ouellette (1-2, CMBJJ) vs. Derek Lambert (0-0, Nostos MMA)

Amateur MMA - Welterweight

Round 1: Ouellette and Lambert are throwing down, and Lambert lands a right hand from his hip that connects cleanly on Ouellette's chin, putting him out cold! Wow! Possible KO of the night here!

Result: Derek Lambert defeats Curtis Ouellette via KO from hell at 1:45 of the 1st round.

Tucker Olinsky (0-0, Independent) vs. George Pissimissis (0-1, Wai Kru)

Amateur MMA - Heavyweight

Round 1: Two bigs having a crazy striking battle. But George gets the better of Tucker, and the ref jumps in to stop the fight due to strikes.

Result: George Pissimissis defeats Tucker Olinsky via TKO (strikes) at 1:04 of round 1

Brian Cosco (5-10, Sityodtong) vs. Tyler Kingsbury (0-0, Independent)

Amateur MMA - Welterweight

Round 1: Cosco finds himself in top position after a takedown. Cosco is working for a guillotine from top position, but doesn't have it. Kingsbury uses the opportunity to reverse Cosco and now finds himself on top. Kingsbury is landing some heavy leather from half guard. Cosco is game though. Cosco reverses him with a Kumora, and he's now in side control. The round ends with Cosco on top. Super close round, but I'd give it to Cosco slightly.

Round 2: Tyler throws some looping punches, and Cosco shoots for a single leg and eventually pulls guard. Kingsbury is now on top, but lets him up to strike. Cosco shoots again and finds himself on top. Cosco eventually finds himself with a neck, attempting a guillotine, but Kingsbury works his way out of it and now finds himself on top. Tyler finishes the round with some short rabbit punches. Another close round. 10-9 Kingsbury

Round 3: Both throw some sloppy strikes, and they find themselves falling to the mat together. Kingsbury is on top as Cosco is working for a Kimura. Not much happening, but Kingsbury does have position. Steve Rita stands them up due to inactivity. Cosco shoots again and is able to secure the takedown late in the round. Cosco ends the round in top position. Another stupidly close round. Kingsbury 10-9 due to more strikes landed.

Result: Brian Cosco defeats Tyler Kingsbury via split decision

David McCarty (0-0, Titans Athletics) vs. Danny Dray (0-0, Independent)

Amateur MMA - 200 lb Catchweight

Round 1: David McCarty presses Dray against the cage, grabs a double leg, and gets a big slam. He advances position to full mount, and rains down heavy punches as the ref is forced to jump in to top the contest.

Result: David McCarty defeats Danny Dray via TKO (ground N pound) at :31 of round1. Impressive.

BJ Garceau (1-1, Young's MMA) vs. Hayley Martin (0-0, Independent)

Amateur MMA - Strawweight

Round 1: Garceau gets a takedown, grabs ahold of Martin's neck quickly, and puts her to sleep. The ref didn't realize that Martin was out, and called it off probably 5 seconds later than he should have.

Result: BJ Garceau defeats Haylet Martin via guillotine choke at :23 of the 1st round

Felipe Gunter (3-0, First Class MMA) vs. Teddy Politis (2-0, Evolution Athletix)

Amateur MMA - Bantamweight Championship

Round 1: Gunter and Politis come out swinging, and both are connecting. Both eventually trade takedowns, but neither can keep the other in the position that they want. Awesome display of striking and grappling from both of these high-level amateurs. Close round, but I'll give it to Gunter 10-9.

Round 2: Politis ends up getting a takedown and works from top position all of the round. Gunter looks tired, and Politis looks to be getting stronger. 10-9 Politis

Round 3: Gunter ends up grabbing a standing guillotine that forces Politis to tap at :52 of the 3rd round.

Nate Grimard (3-0, Nostos MMA) vs. Billy Wilson (2-0, Jackson-Wink MMA)

Amateur MMA - Featherweight Championship

Round 1: Both fighters grind against the cage. Wilson gets the takedown and ends up on top. Grimard throws his leg up and is going for a triangle from his back. It might be close to being locked in, but Wilson is defending well. The round ends with Wilson on top. Grimard 10-9

Round 2: Some crazy grappling exchanges from both of these guys. Grimard is working hard for a guillotine, but Wilson is too squirmy and is defending well. Wilson eventually ends up on top and finishes the round that way. Wilson 10-9

Round 3: Another quick grappling exchange to start the round. Wilson ends up getting back to his feet and is pressing Grimard against the cage. Wilson has a bodylock and is delivering some knees to the thighs of Grimard. Wilson is delivering some foot stops as he presses Grimard against the cage. Grimard reverses Wilson against the cage, but it is short lived and Wilson reverses him and gets a takedown. Wilson is working from half-guard and landing some short, annoying shots. Grimard works back to full-guard and the round ends. Wilson 10-9

Round 4: Grimard lands a couple punches, but Wilson closes the distance, grabs a single leg, and is able to lightly slam Grimard to the mat. A familiar position in the fight, Wilson has top position again. Wilson has a heavy top game. Grimard throws up a desperation triangle to no avail. The round ends with Wilson in top position once again. Wilson 10-9

Round 5: Wilson once again presses Grimard against the cage, and eventually gets Grimard to the mat without much defense from Grimard. Wilson isn't throwing many punches when in top position, but he's defending everything and seems to be one step ahead of the champ. Wilson continues heavy top pressure, and Grimard is unable to sweep. The round ends once again with Wilson on top. Wilson 10-9

Result: Billy Wilson defeats Nate Grimard via unanimous decision.

Caleb Austin (5-0, CMBJJ) vs. Tyler Smythe (2-1, Evolution Athletix)

Amateur MMA - Flyweight Championship

Round 1: Austin gets a quick takedown and works his way to mount. He stays in mount for a while but doesn't land many strikes. Smythe eventually is able to shrimp out and grab a leg. He pushes Austin to the cage, picks him up, walks him to his corner, and slams him in emphatic fashion! Close round, but I'll give it to Austin for out grappling Smythe for most of the round. 10-9 Austin

Round 2: More grappling action with scrambles aplenty. Smythe is definitely a game opponent, but I'll give Austin this round for slightly out grappling Smythe again. Austin 10-9

Round 3: They clinch, and Smythe is starting to have his way in the grappling exchanges. He picked up Austin again and slammed him in his corner once again. Smythe seems to be the fresher fighter at this point in the fight. I spoke too soon, as Austin reverses Smythe and ends up taking his back and trying to lock in a rear naked choke to no avail. Close round with swings, but I'll give it to Austin 10-9.

Round 4: Smythe shoots for a single leg, but Austin is ready for it and eventually is able to get Smythe to the mat against the cage. Austin is working from half guard, and looking to take Smythe's back. Smythe is defending well, but Austin has a grip on him that he can't break. Austin is working to get a hook in from Smythe's back. Smythe is able to reverse position and has Austin's arm trapped as he delivers heavy unaswered punches that Austin isn't able to defend. Tyler Smythe is your new NEF ammy flyweight champ! What a performance by the Evolution Athletix fighter.

Result: Tyler Smythe defeats Caleb Austin via TKO (strikes) at 2:52 of the 4th round

Jay Ellis (15-100, Red Schaffer MMA) vs. Rodrigo Almeida (14-4, Young Lion MMA)

Pro MMA - 160 lb Catchweight

Round 1: Jay Ellis ends up getting the back of Rodrigo against the cage and sinks in a rear-naked choke that forces Rodrigo to tap! What did I just watch! Holy fuck! I've seen Jay Ellis fight probably 20 times in person and I've never seen him win! So happy for the guy.

Result: Jay Ellis beats Rodrigo Almeida via rear-naked choke at :49 of the 1st round

Jonathan Deupree (0-0, Recon MMA) vs. Matt Denning (5-11, Denning's MMA)

Pro MMA - Welterweight

Round 1: Deupree gets a takedown and starts landing some HEAVY elbows to the side of Denning's head. The ref has seen enough and steps in to stop the fight.

Result: Jon Deupree defeats Matt Denning at 1:22 of the 1st round via ground n pound.

Zac Richard (0-0, Evolution Athletix) vs. Carl Langston (0-5, Young's MMA)

Pro MMA - 140 lb Catchweight

Round 1: Zac Richard dominates the action on the ground and gets the 1st round stoppage via ground n pound at 3:53 of the 1st round.

Nick Alley (7-4, Team Link Hooksett) vs. Mark Gardner (1-2, The Academy)

Pro MMA - Welterweight

Round 1: A grinding first round that saw Gardner get cut on the brow, but he also had some impressive moments o the mat. Gardner 10-9

Round 2: Alley gets a favorable top position and is delivering some heavy ground N pound. He eventually gets reversed and Gardner has top position and is delivering some seriously heavy elbows to the side of Alley's head. The ref has seen enough and steps in to stop the fight. Alley protests briefly that they were to the back of the head, but from my angle they looked legal.

Result: Mark Gardner defeats Nick Alley via TKO (unanswered elbows) at 3:19 of round 2

Josh Harvey (7-1-1, Vision Quest) vs. Aguilando Brandao (9-8, Boston Krav Maga)

Pro MMA - Lightweight

Round 1: Josh Harvey wins via TKO at 1:43 of the 1st round. Impressive.

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