NEF 46: Live Results

We're out here at Aura in the Old Port of Portland for NEF 46: Decade of Dominance. Nick DiSalvo and Matt Peterson bring you their 46th edition of their promotion, as they celebrate 10 years of bringing MMA to the state of Maine. The duo has brought a professional, unique, and reliable product to the region for a decade, and they should be celebrated for that.

Also cageside is Mike Shorey and his son Mikey, as they're taking in the show within blood range....which is always a good thing.

Curtis Ouellette (1-3) vs. Christopher Smith (0-0)

AM 175 lbs

Round 1: Ouellette and Smith start the fight with some heavy strikes, with not much landing. Curt gets top position and is landing some solid body shots. His going for a head and arm choke, and it looks like its tight. He is still working it as Smith tries to survive. Smith escapes, but Ouellette now his full mount. Smith sweeps him and is now on top. The round ends with both guys evening out in the scramble. 10-9 Ouellette

Round 2: Ouellette lands a big right cross that crumples Smith, but Smith recovers quickly as Ouellette follows him to the mat looking to finish the fight. Ouellette goes for a mounted guillotine, but he doesn't have the position to finish it. The fight is staling with Ouellette in dominant position. The round comes to an end with Curt looking for an arm bar late in the round. Smith has got a mouse above his right eye. 10-9 Ouellette

Round 3: The 3rd round is being played out on the feet and Ouellette is definitely getting the better of the exchanges. Smith is getting bloodied up. Ouellette is landing and the ref has seen enough. Curtis Ouellette wins via TKO to strikes at 2:11 of the 3rd round.

Justin Kangas (0-3) vs. Jon Assam (2-3)

AM Welterweight

Round 1: Both fighters are feeling each other out in the opening minute. Kangas lands some heavy strikes against the cage, but he gets caught coming in and is dropped. Assam goes for a rear naked choke, but he can't fins it. Super tight round, as Assam finishes on top landing strikes. Assam 10-9

Round 2: Kangas lands some punches and shoots for a takedown. He presses Assam against the cage and gets the takedown. Kangas is on top landing some pitter patter shots. Kangas maintains top position while working to trying to advance, but Assam is doing a good job defending. Assam lands a backhanded slap while on bottom as the crowd erupts in cheer. Kangas gets mount and is reigning down punches. He's now got Assam's back as the round ends. Kangas 10-9

Round 3: Assam lands a solid right to start the round. Assam lands a flurry that drops Kangas, but Kangas rises from the dead and grabs a single leg and ends up on top. Kangas has position, but he isn't landing any strikes and barely throwing. The action is stalling, as both guys seem gassed. Assam is going for a d'arce choke as the round ends. Weird round to score, but I'll give it to Assam 10-9. He landed the more damaging strikes, and when Kangas got on top, he didn't do anything with the position. Assam 10-9

RESULT: Justin Kangas wins via Split Decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-29)

Cody Kilton (1-1) vs. Kaleb Kenney (0-1)

AM Lightweight

Round 1: Kilton lands a few shits and presses Kenney against the cage and gets the takedown. He's got sidemount and is delivering heavy top pressure. Kilton is working for a crucifix and is delivering some solid shots in the process. Kilton has mount and is dropping some shots as he has Kenney's back now. Kenney works back to his feet, but Kilton drags him back to the mat. Kilton 10-9

Round 2: Kilton immedietly pressures Kalenb against the cage, and quickly gets a takedown. Kaleb works his way back to his feet, but Kilton won't give him any space and gets another takedown. Kilton's grappling is too much for Kenney. Kaleb gets a sweep and ends up on top momentarily. The round ends with Kilton landing knees against the cage. Kilton 10-9

Round 3: Kilton immedietly closes the distance and gets a single leg takedown. Kenney is doing a nice job staying off his back, but Kilton's top-heavy grappling game is too much for Kenney. The fight is stalling against the cage, as both fighters look spent. The ref separates them, but they instantly clinch each other after the reset. Pretty blah round, but Kilton 10-9

RESULT: Cody Kilton defeats Kaleb Kenney via unanimous decision

Ben Grady (2-0, #6 AM LW) vs. Brandon Maillet-Fevens (3-2, #6 AM FW)

AM Lightweight

Round 1: Grady lands a big headkick that is partially blocked by BMF. Grady is landing solid punches and heavy kicks to BMF as he retreats against the cage. Grady throws a big kick to the body that is block by BMF's forearm and it breaks! KGrady broke BMF's arm with a heavy body kick and referee Kevin MacDonald instantly realizes it and jumps in to stop the action. Wow! You could hear the arm break. Heal up fast BMF.

Round 2:

Round 3:

RESULTS: Ben Grady defeats Brandon Maillet-Fevens via TKO in the 1st round

Jeff Reynolds (2-2, #6 AM MW) vs. David McCarty (1-0, #3 AM LHW)

AM Middleweight

Round 1: Both fighters throw down in the center of the cage with power! Wow, impressive display out of two amateurs. McCarty lands some heavy shots, but Reynolds fires back. Reynolds eventually gets a takedown and works to back mount where he sinks in his hooks and secures a rear naked chokd halfway through the 1st round.

Round 2:

Round 3:

RESULTS: Jeff Reynolds defeats David McCarty via rear naked choke halfway through the 1st round

Jack Burke (0-0) vs. Nick Legrande (0-0)

AM Heavyweight

Round 1: Holy shit! These two heavyweight are throwing down! They might not be the most technical, but its entertaining as hell! Burke lands a big punch that bloodies the nose of Legrande. He then lands another punch that send him to the mat and he follows up with a hammerfist to his defenseless opponent as the referee steps in.

Round 2:

Round 3:

RESULT: Jack Burke wins vio KO in the 1st round

Quinn Poirier (0-0) vs. Key Baltazar (0-0)

AM 130 lbs

Round 1: Key and Quinn scramble for position as Key grabs for an arm bar that he can't finish off. Key is getting the better of the grappling exchanges. The fight makes its way back to the feet with both fighters looking exhausted. Baltazar 10-9

Round 2: Poirier is throwing some sloppy punches, but Key is being patient and landing selective shots. Key gets a body lock and gets a takedown. He's trying to lock in a rear naked choke but he doesn't have the angle. He finally sinks it in the 2nd attempt at it and gets the tap from Poirier.

Round 3:

RESULTS: Key Baltazar wins via rear naked choke in the 2nd round

Mike Jolicoeur (0-0) vs. Will Smith (0-0)

AM Featherweight

Round 1: Mike and Will meet in the middle of the cage, exchange a few strikes, and then a scramble ensues. Jolicoeur finds himself on top and works to sidemount. He eventually locks up an arm triangle and puts Smith to sleep as the ref steps in.

Round 2:

Round 3:

Tyler Smythe (3-1, #2 AM FLW) vs. Ryan Burgess (3-2)

AM Flyweight Championship

Round 1: Smythe and Burgess start cage fighting, and you can tell quickly that Smythe seems to have the strength advantage. Smythe has a body lock and gets a big slam! Burgess works back to his feet, but Smythe has him pressed against the cage. Burgess ducks his head and Smythe goes for the nack and snatches a standing guillotine. Burgess taps on the far side from the ref, but its eventually noticed, and the fight is waived off with Smythe retaining the NEF amateur flyweight title.

Round 2:

Round 3:

RESULTS: Tyler Smythe defeats Ryan Burgess vis standing guillotine in the 1st round

Mike Murray (3-2, #5 AM LW) vs. Zach Faulkner (4-1, #2 AM WW)

AM Welterweight Championship

Round 1: Murray and Faulkner clinch early on. Zach forces the fight against the cage and grabs a body lock and slams Murray to the mat! Faulkner works for position as Murray does a good job defending. Murray gets back to his feet and Fualkner presses the action against the cage once again where they fight for position before the round ends. 10-9 Faulkner.

Round 2: Murray gets a quick takedown, but Faulkner sweeps him and ends up on top. Faulkner works from half guard before Murray reverses him and is now on top. Murray is in full guard, but can't find any space to throw strikes. Faulkner is going for a triangle, but it isn't very tight. Murray picks up Faulkner and slams the piss out of him!! The round ends with Murray throwing some shots on top. Murray 10-9

Round 3: Murray gets an early takedown, but Faulkner reverses and advances to side mount. Both guys are spending a lot of energy in these grappling exchanges, but high-level stuff all-around. Murray is trying to sweep from the bottom, but Faulkner has a solid base and defense well. Faulkner is delivering some soft shots to keep the action. The round ends with Faulkner on top. Faulkner 10-9

Round 4: Murray gets an early takedown and has mount. He's delivering some solid shots, and eventually finds himself on Faulkner's back and looking for a rear naked choke. The round ends with Murray in dominant position. This one is all tied up going into the 5th and final round. Murray 10-9

Round 5: Faulkner clinches and presses the action against the cage. Faulkner looks like the more tired of the two fighters, but he's using his size advantage to keep Murray pinned against the cage. Faulkner is going for a double leg, but can't clasp his hands. Murray is defending well and is delvering some body shots to score some points. Faulkner seems content going for a takedown, but Murray isn't having it and is landing some softish shots to the body. Faulkner gets a big takedown with 20 seconds left. Super tight round! Faulkner 10-9 due to the late takedown and some shots landed right before the bell.

RESULT: Mike Murray defeats Zach Faulkner and wins the vacant NEF Amateur Welterweight title vis split decision (48-47, 49-46, 47-48)

Mo Al Kinani (0-0, #1 AM LW) vs. Chris Rooney (0-1, #7 AM WW)