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NEF 48: Live Play-by-Play

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

We are out here at beautiful Thompson's Point in Portland, Maine for New England Fights 48th installment of their traveling roadshow of violence. Matt Peterson and Nick Disalvo have ventured outside of the confines of 4 walls for only the 2nd time in the promotions 13 year history. They have 17 fights on tap tonight: 4 pro and 13 ammy, and one of the biggest storylines is Nostos MMA having 7 fighters on the card, which may be a record for modern day MMA in New England. Impressive feat!

We'll be out here all night giving you some live play-by-play. I'll be covering the event solo tonight, so I got my hands full! We got a big crowd here tonight right on the water!

Key Baltazar (1-0, Nostos MMA) vs. Hannon Sanford (0-2, CMBJJ)

Ammy - 135 Pounds

Round 1: Key lands some dirty boxing as they clinch against the cage. Sanford continues to clinch against the cage. Key circles out. Key throws a big headkick that is partially blocked. Sanford steps in the pocket and is tagged by Key. Key is showing some power early on in this fight. Key is controlling the fight on the feet and Sanford looks to be damaged from the punches of Key. Impressive round. 10-9 Key

Round 2: Both fighters are fine with standing and trading in the pocket. Ket lands a big straight right and cuts open Sanford above his right eye. The ref calls time to have the doctor look at the cut. The doctor is taking a long look at it, but determines that Sanford can continue. Key continues to land big punches, but Sanford grabs a body lock and get a big slam as the crowd goes crazy! Sanford is now standing over Key and raining down punches. Key grabs an ankle and almost has a kneebar sunk in, but Sanford spins out. Key rides out the rest of the round in guard as both fighters look tired. 10-9 Key

Round 3: Key lands a big left hook, and then a high kick. Key looks patient on his feet tonight and is stalking his prey. Sanford is bloodied up but still in the fight. More of a measured pace as the round carries on. Key's length is a big advantage and his having his way on the feet, but Sanford is still coming forward. Key gets a last minute slam as the bell tolls. Key 10-9

RESULT: Key Baltazar wins via unanimous decision (30-27 across the board)

Ed Davis (0-0, Titan Athletics) vs. Joe Peters (1-1, KTA)

Ammy - 170 Pounds

Round 1: Davis lands a few punches, but Peters handles them well. Davis lands some heavy shots and Peters is stunned. Peters presses Davis against the cage and grabs a single leg. Peters is still grinding for that single leg but Davis is defending well. Peters continues to press Davis against the cage. Peters finally gets the takedown after a lot of work. He's now got Davis mounted, but Davis spins out and now they're back on their feet and throwing in the pocket. Peters once again presses Davis against the cage as the round ends. 10-9 Davis

Round 2: They are throwing in the pocket and Davis lands some BIG right hands that send Peters falling against the cage. The ref has seen enough and steps in, but the crowd is not happy and raining down some boos. Questionable stoppage, but Davis was about to end the fight in a few more big punches.

RESULT: Ed Davis wins via TKO at 0:23 of the 1st round. Impressive performance out of Davis in his ammy debut. And we just realized that we have blood all over our area cageside. On the table. On the computer. On my phone. Awesome.

Alex Morris (0-0, Nostos MMA) vs. Quinn Poirier (0-1, First Class MMA)

Ammy - 130 Pounds

Round 1: Morris lands a big straight right that sends Quinn realing to the mat. Morris is landing some knees as they both rise to their feet. Morris lands a HUGE uppercut that knocks out Quinn!! Morris follows him to the mat and lands a few more short shots before the ref can step in. WOW! Big KO win by Alex Morris and Nostos MMA is now 2-0 on the night.

RESULT: Alex Morris defeats Quinn Poirier via KO at 1:04 of the 1st round. Great debut by Alex Morris!

Nate Dorr (1-0, Acadia BJJ) vs. Clifford Redman (0-12, Redman Fight Team)

Ammy - 130 Pounds

Round 1: Dorr throws a body kick and Redman grabs it. They are clinches against the cage, but they separate. This is Redman's 13th ammy fight inside the NEF cage. Dorr is landing a few body kicks and then a nice uppercut. The stronger Dorr now has Redman pressed against the cage. Dorr lands a right and Redman returns with a right of his own. Dorr gets a bodylock and then a takedown. Dorr has Redman mounted and landing some punches. Dorr has an arm trapped as well and he continues to land punches. Kevin MacDonald has seen enough and calls an end to the fight.

RESULT: Nate Dorr defeats Clifford Redman via TKO at 2:07 of the 1st round.

Zach Faulkner (4-2, Recon MMA) vs. Bobby Kelley (2-3, Lee Brothers MMA)

Ammy - 155 Pounds

Round 1: Faulkner lands a left hook counter to a leg kick from Kelley. Kelley has flown in from Indiana for this fight. Faulkner catches a kick and gets a takedown and is now in Kelley's guard. Kelley gets back to his feet and the separate. Faulkner is looking patient in his 7th ammy fight. Kelley changes levels and shoots for a double leg and gets the takedown against the cage. Kelley has a kimura locked in and is twisting hard which forces Faulkner to tap! Wow, what a comeback by Kelley to get the takedown and lock in a submission within 30 seconds of hitting the mat.

RESULT: Bobby Kelley defeats Zach Faulkner via Kimura at 2:40 of the 1st round.

John Marcley (0-0, Nostos MMA) vs. Jonas Ryerson (0-1, CMBJJ)

Ammy - 145 Pounds

Round 1: Reyerson lands some BIGS punches early in the 1st round and sleeps Marcley! The ref jumps in and calls the fight off and when Marcley wakes up he is grabbing for Steve Rita's leg, unknowing that the fight is over. WOW. Jonas - fucking - Ryerson! Impressive! Super quick finish!

RESULT: Jonas Reyerson defeats John Marcley at :10 of round 1! Yes, you read that right. 10 seconds! Vicious hands on Jonas Reyerson.

Will Smith (0-1, Smitty's Barn) vs. Evrit Roy (0-0, First Class MMA)

Ammy - 145 Pounds

Round 1: Smith comes out in a flurry and lans some punches. Roy grabs a body lock and is pressing Smith against the cage. Roy gets a hip-toss takedown and is working from half-guard. He jumps to the side and is now looking for an arm triangle. He's improving position and locks it in! The crowd goes crazy as the ref jumps in to stop the fight. Smith is unconscious as the ref pulls off Roy. Roy goes to celebrate outside the cage and pukes all over the steps and some in the cage as well! Wow! Now he's walking around outside the cage and getting the crowd fired up! What just happened?

Result: Evrit Roy defeats Will Smith via arm-triangle at 1:20 of the 1st round.

Cody Dular (0-0, Team Benson) vs. Nick McInnis (0-0, Wendigo)

Ammy - 265 Pounds

RESULT: Cody Dular defeats Nick McInnis via TKO at 1:20 of round 2

Seth Godfrey (1-0, Titan Athletics) vs. Jared Turcotte (0-0, CMBJJ)

Ammy - 205 Pounds

Round 1: Jared Turcotte rushes in with some wild punches, clinches Godfrey against the cage and gets a takedown. He's then raining down punches as Godfrey tries to scramble back to his feet. Godfrey gives up his back and Turcotte sees an opening and grabs a rear naked choke and it's locked in deep! Godfrey is forced to tap and this place just went crazy! Wow! The former UMaine football player showed his athleticism and ran through a tough opponent in Godfrey. Awesome ammy debut for Turcotte.

RESULT: Jared Turcotte defeats Seth Godfrey via rear naked choke at :40 of the 1st round.

David Burke (1-0, Nostos MMA) vs. Ryan Fredette (0-0, First Class MMA)

Ammy - 185 Pounds

Round 1: David Burke comes out like a fucking tornado! Holy shit! Burke is a man possessed. Fredertte is weathering the storm, but Burke is relentless. Fredetee is bloody up and Burke is landing big shots. Burke is manhandling Fredette, but Fredette is a tough SOB. Fredette is bleeding from both eyes. Both guys are looking tired. What a fight! Burke lands a big upper cut and some solid hooks that send Fredette to the mat. Burke follows up with big punches to a covering up Fredette and the ref has seen enough. David Burke is a serious problem at 185 in New England. Look out for this kid!

RESULT: David Burke defeats Ryan Fredette via TKO at ___ of the 1st round. Fredette's right eye is a mess, and David Burke is a scary, scary man.

BJ Garceau (2-1, Young's MMA) vs. Maria Clinton (2-0, Renzo Gracie PEI)

Ammy - 115 Pounds

Round 1: BJ presses Maria against the cage. They are both fighting for cage position. They separate and Maria is throwing some high kicks but nothing is threatening. Maria lands a nice uppercut. Maria seems to be the bigger fighter in the cage and is using her range. Maria is working for a standing guillotine and eventually gets it and gets the tap from Garceau.

RESULT: Maria Clinton defeats BJ Garceau via standing guillotine at 2:15 of the 1st round.

Kyle Hill (2-0, Nostos MMA) vs. Curtis Ouellette (3-3, CMBJJ)

Ammy Title - 170 Pounds

Round 1: Hill throws a headkick but slips and returns to his feet quickly. Ouellette presses forward and throws some big punches as Hill retreats and avoids most of them. Ouellette gets a double leg takedown against the cage and settles into Hill's guard. Hill reverses and they are back on their feet. Ouellette lands a knee to the cup of Hill and Kevin MacDonald halts the action so Hill can recover from the nut shot. Ouellette lands a nice straight right that backs up Hill. Hill clinches and pushes Ouellette against the cage. They separate to the center and reset. Hill ducks a big right from Ouellette, changes levels, and gets a double leg. Ouellette has a butterfly guard. The round comes to an end with Hill on top. Super tight round, but I'll give it to Ouellette 10-9 due to landing bigger strikes in the round with more consistency.

Round 2: Hill is throwing a lot of kicks in this fight. Hill, the southpaw is the rangier of the two. Ouellette lands a nice right cross and Hill clinches. They're cage fighting and Ouellette grabs a double leg and gets the takedown against the cage. Hill sweeps and ends up in half guard. Hill is working for the Dhagastani handcuff and its working. Ouellette powers out and reverses. Hill elevator sweeps and reverses. The round ends with Hill landing some nice ground N pound. 10-9 Hill.

Round 3: Hill lands a nice headkick that Ouellette shows hurt him. Hill looks like the fresher of the fighters and Ouellette is bloodied. Hill is throwing some crazy kicks that are close to landing. Wow. Hill has some dynamic striking. Ouellette doesn't want to be on the feel with Hill anymore. Ho shoots for a takedown and Hill gets mount and is raining down punches and the ref steps in to stop of the fight and Kyle Hill is your new NEF amateur welterweight champion! Awesome performance by Hill who weathered the storm from Ouellette and showed his high-level striking game is on another level. This kid is the real deal!.

RESULT: Kyle Hill Defeats Curtis Ouellette via TKO at 1:33 of the 3rd round.

Cody Lightfoot (6-5, Nostos MMA) vs. Ras Hylton (7-6, Dragon Fire)

Pro - 265 Pounds

Round 1: Ras and Cody come out throwing some bombs at each other. Ras lands a ccouple big shots that stun Cody and he falls to the mat face first, but he isn't out. Cody reaches for a leg, but Ras stands over him and lands some big shots which force the ref to step in and stop the fight. Impressive performance by Ras Hylton!

RESULT: Ras Hylton defeats Cody Lightfoot via KO at :18 of the 1st round.

Matt Denning (6-14, Denning's MMA) vs. Brian Cosco (0-0, Sityodtong)

Pro - 165 Pounds

Round 1: Denning lands a leg kick and then finds an opening to hop on Casco's back. Denning has a rear naked choke sunk in and gets the tap! 2 wins in a row for Matt Denning! Quick money for the NEF vet.

RESULT: Matt Denning defeats Brian Cosco via rear naked choke at :35 of the 1st round

Mark Gardner (2-3, The Academy) vs. Justin Burrill (3-3, South Shore Sport Fighting)

Pro - 170 Pounds

Round 1: Gardner lands a couple nice leg kicks. Burrill throws and Gardners shoots in and gets the takedown. He finds his way onto Burrill's back and sinks in the rear naked choke, but Burrill is fighting the hands. Gardner couldn't get it under the chin. Burrill reverses but Gardner throws up a slick triangle choke to force the tap from Burrill. The kid is legit on the mat. Pockets improves to 3-3 with an impressive performance.

RESULT: Mark Gardner defeats Justin Burrill via triangle choke 1:16 of the 1st round.

Nate Grimard (2-0, Nostos MMA) vs. Jake Hixenbaugh (1-0, Bohn MMA)

Pro - 155 Pounds

Round 1: Hix lands a nice left on entry. He lands another big left. Grimard pushes forward, but Jake's length is a problem for him. Hix lands a nice body kick and shoots for a takedown and gets it. Jake is applying heavy top pressure and looking for a guillotine. He's got it locked in and forces the tap! Jake Hixenbaugh came in and looked great in enemy territory! Impressive performance by the young kid from New York.

RESULT: Jake Hixenbaugh defeats Nate Grimard via guillotine at 2:38 in the 1st round.

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