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NEF 56: Satori - Live Results!

Updated: Feb 3

Aura in Portland is packed, Fighters are all weighed in, nothing left to do besides lock the cage and start throwing hands!

Jose Pereira ( Nostos)vs. Shane Bourgoin

135 Am

Round 1: Bourgoin comes out strong landing some beautiful punches, throwing straights and crosses that push Pereira back against nt the cage. Pereira able to get control against the cage and avoid a takdown. then Bougoin able to secure a hip toss and get pereira down a knee but pereria posp rights back up and gets the fight back tot he ground. After takign control on the gorund he throws a perfect heakick that stumbles Bourgoin and Pereira smells bloos and goes for the finish. After a few punches land Bourgoin drops and the ref jumps in.

NEMMA LIVE RESULTS : Jose Pereira wins by KO in Round 1 at 1:31

Tyler Parent vs. Theodore Savitt

125 Am

Round 1: Parent fies some heavy kicks Savitt able to control distance and avoid the body kicks of parent . Savitt shoot in and Parent threatens with a guillotine choke but Savitt able to get the takedown and its all domination from there. From landing heavy blows to locking in a. submission. Theodore Savitt is a Bad dude in this cage.

Round 2:

Round 3:

NEMMA LIVE RESULTS : Therdore Savitt by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 221 of round 1

Jake Ferri vs. Nathan Wright

120 Am

Round 1: Wright comes in firing punches but Ferri able to slip and counter with a hook that sends Wright back, squaring up in the middle Wright thows a badass Windmill kick but Ferri able to avoid. Ferri throws a Left hook, right hook, and left straight combo that drops Wright. Ref jumps in and the fights over!

NEMMA LIVE RESULTS : Jake Ferri by KO at 46 seconds of Round 1

Kat Jenkins vs. Lindsey Valentine

150 Am

Round 1: Jenkins starts off strong by thoring a few punches that connect and securing the takedown. from there its all domination. Almost securing an Armbar and tossing valentine back down when she gets up, she is able to finsih the fight on top with some gorund and pound.

Round 2:

Round 3:

NEMMA LIVE RESULTS : Kat Jenkins wins at 1:18 in Round 1 by KO (Ground and pound strikes)

Ben Grady vs. Zachary Faulkner

165 Am

Round 1: Ben eats some light leg kicks but when he throws his hand he does damage immediately that sends Faulkner looking for the takdown. Grady able to stuff it and press Faulkner against the cage, Grady then fires some scary knees to the body the drop his opponent. After landing some huge punches, the ref jumps in

NEMMA LIVE RESULTS : Ben Grady wins by KO at 49 seconds of round 1

Josh Smith vs. Ian Godin

170 Am

Round 1: Both men meet in the middle and fire punches then Smith goes for the takedown and gets blocked the first time but a minute later Godin throws a headkick, seems to slightly ladn it but Smith walks through and gets the takedown. after soem grapplking Godin gets the back and threatens a rear naked choke but isnt able to secure it. round ends with godin on smiths back

Round 2: Smith able to ladn the takedown early and completely control the round throwing punches and using his weight to control the grappling. Threatening submissions he is able to land some headshots here and there. round ends with Smith in top control throwing punches

Round 3: Smith Clearly has the momentum as he immediately secures the takedown and its complete domination from there. Aftter some massive punches from the back the ref jumpo in and its over!

NEMMA LIVE RESULTS : Josh Smith wins by TKO (Ground and Pound) in at 2:39 of round 3

David Hart vs. David McCarty

195 Am

Round 1: McCarty Immediately gets the takedown and grinds away the while round making it miserable for Hart. After some massive shots from the top, its all over.

NEMMA LIVE RESULTS : Davis Mccarty wins by TKO (Ground and pound) at 1:15 of Round 1

Danny Buteau vs. Nick Eldridge

145 Am

Round 1: Eldrirdge comes in with a few punches then Buteau shoots. Eldridge almost sinks in a Guillotine right off the bat and is able to press the action against the cage. Win it hits the ground Buteau seems to have the slight advantage in this round ending the round in control .

Round 2: Eldridge starts off with some strikes that get the attention of buteau but moments later the fights ont he ground and eldridge controls the round landing strikes and threatening submissions to win the round.

Round 3: Eldridge comes in hot with a heavy corss and a body kick but Buteau able to get the fight to the ground and do his thing. Almost sinking in a head and arm choke he reverts back tot he strikes. Dominate third round by Danny Buteau

NEMMA LIVE RESULTS : Danny Buteau wins by Unanimous Decision

Nate Dorr vs. Marco Berreondo

135 Am Championship

Round 1: A touch of the gloves and both men throw some thunderous shots, Berreono lands a heavy body kick to the side. After soem grappling against the cage Berreono is able to secure teh takedown. Berreondo able to control the fight. Action gets back to the feet for a few seconds byt the round ends with Berreondo on top.

Round 2: Most of the beginning is spent on the feet with both men landing a few shots but nothing significant . Dorr rushes in and Berreondo gets the takedown. Round ends with Berreondo on top.

Round 3: Most of the beginning is spent with both men keeping range and peppering a few shots here and there until Dorr lands a massive spinning back fist that stumbles Berreondo, Dorr goes on the attack but Berreondo does what the does and secures the takedown. Round ends the same way as the last 2.

Round 4 : A touch of the gloves and seconds alter am accidental groin shot by Dorr halts the action. back to the feet and after a few single shots by each fighter, Dorr goes for the spinning back fist and Berreondo locks in the takedown again. Berreondo showing off his ground game adn ends on top again.

Round 5: Dorr knows he needs a finish and fires out some heavy punches that stumble Berreondo, But Berreondo sticks to the gameplan and gets the fight back tot he ground. Somehow Dorr ends up on top with some heavy ground and pound but it might be too little too late.

NEMMA LIVE RESULTS : Marco Berreondo wins by Unanimous Decision after 5 rounds.

James Lawson vs. Christian Turner

165 Pro

Round 1: Turner ducks a right hook by Lawson and ladns a beautiful combo consisting of a body shots to a right hook and back to the body finally dropping Lawson and the ref jumps in to stop the fight.

NEMMA LIVE RESULTS : Christian Turner wins by KO at 23 seconds of round 1

Paul Walters vs. Felipe Gunter

140 Pro

Round 1: Walters shoots but Gunter stuffs the takedown. Looks like walters goes to throw a spinning back fist but eats a head kick while doing it. Gunter sees the finish and starts raining down som heavy shots. Ref jumps in and its over.

NEMMA LIVE RESULTS : Felipe Gunter wins at 13 seconds into Round 1

Jon McNeil vs. S. Goodridge

195 Pro

Round 1: Mcneil able to get the best on the feet and fire a barrage of punches that pushes Goodridge back to the cage and McNeil shoots in. After a minute of clinching action gets back to the feet and Goodridge shoots in pressing the action against the cage. McNeil able to get on the back and flatten

NEMMA LIVE RESULTS : Jon McNeil by TKO (Ground and Pound) at 4:15 of Round 1.

Ed Davis vs. Tymar

155 Pro

Round 1: Davis comes our with some powerful hooks that send tymar back every time he connects. Tymar throws a superman punch then fires in for a takeDown but ends up on the bottom. After eating a few heavy shots from Davis the ref jumps in and its over.

NEMMA LIVE RESULTS : Ed Davis win by TKO (Ground and Pound) at 1:39 seconds of round 1

Miles Ahsan Abdullah vs. Nathaniel Grimard

145 Pro

Round 1: Nate shoots in but Ahsan able to stuff, They clinch against the cage and Abdullah ends up on top. Grimard able to grapple his way back to the feet and presses the action against the cage. After tading a few shots int he center of the cage Abdullah is able to get the takedown and end up on top with 40 seconds left. Abdullah ends the round on top.

Round 2: Grimard goes ont he pffense and gets the action pressed against the cage but ends up on the bottom when they go to the ground. A couple seconds later they arew back to the feet. Grimard gets the takedown started again. but Abdullah threatens a Kimura. A few seconds later and Abdullah presses the submission deeper and Grimard has no option but to tap.

NEMMA LIVE RESULTS : Miles Ahsan Abdullah wins by Submission at 2:05 of round 2.

Jeff Reynolds vs. David Burke

185 Pro

Round 1: Burke comes out fast and heavy throwing combo after combo, Reynolds is busted open but abel to stall the action with a takedown. Burke almost slips in a guillotine but reynolds avoids it and the actiong ets back to the feet.Burke goes on the attack again and it seems he does heavy damage every punch that lands. Burke sees an opportunity and lands a huge takedown and some heavy ass shots from the top. Reynolds is one tough dude for weathering this storm

During this round myself and the wholw table including judges were sprayed with blood, what t wild fight so far.

Round 2: Burke starts with a leg kick and goes for the takedown. Reynolds able to avoid it and gets his own takedown. Moments later Reynolds sinks in the Rear naked choke and Burke taps.

NEMMA LIVE RESULTS : Jeff Reynolds wins by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:22 of Round 2

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