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Premier FC 32: Live Results

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

I'm shipping out to "The Birthplace of Basketball" tonight to bring you all the action from Premier FC 32 at the Mass Mutual Center in Springfield, MA. The event is slated to begin at 7pm, so be sure to follow along for live results. Despite losing two contests from the card, including the main event, this is sure to be an action packed evening of fights. It appears Pat Casey will be kicking the card off against a last minute replacement in Jay Ellis. Ellis is stepping up and looking to build some momentum after a huge upset win at NEF 45 just two short weeks ago. I'll have you covered as soon as these gentlemen walk into the cage to get the night started!

It appears the fight order has changed a bit, so we will be starting out with a flyweight match up.

Niyaz Ahmed (Pro Debut) vs. Blaze Robinson (Pro Debut)

Professional MMA - Flyweight

Round 1: Ahmed starts with a leg kick as both fighters begin feeling each other out. Robinson responds with a leg kick and Ahmed lands a solid right, followed by a takedown. Very little action on the ground as Ahmed attempts to improve his position while Robinson holds onto overhooks while trying to elevate Ahmed. Ahmed lands a few light punches and stands up to break Robinson's guard. Robinson lands a glancing upkick and they scramble back to their feet. Ahmed lands knees to the body and they clinch against the cage before Ahmed once again gets a takedown. Not much action in that round and the silence from the crowd was "deafening".

10-9 Ahmed

Round 2: A brief exchange on the feet, but nothing of significance lands before Ahmed gets another takedown. The referee stands the fighters up and Ahmed lands a glancing head kick, followed by a left hand. Another left hand lands and Ahmed secures another takedown. Robinson hits a sweep and Ahmed half heartedly attempts an armbar. Robinson shrugs off the armbar, but now he's caught in a triangle. He is stacking Ahmed with 10 seconds left in the round.

10-9 Ahmed

Round 3: Leg kick for Robinson to start the round and Ahmed forces him into the fence. They exchange knees and the referee stops the action due to a low blow. Ahmed slips while attempting a kick and Robinson pounces, but Ahmed quickly reverses and is back on top. Ahmed passes to side control and attempts to mount, but is stuck back in half guard. No damage being done by either fighter to this point. Robinson reverses with 10 seconds left and lands some ground & pound, but it's too little, too late.

10-9 Ahmed

Result: Niyaz Ahmed defeats Blaze Robinson via Unanimous Decision

Steven Lantry (3-3-0) vs Dan Cormier (8-10-0)

Professional MMA - Straweight

Round 1: Head kick attempt by Lantry is blocked. Cormier lands a nice leg kick and Lantry responds with one of his own. Overhand right from Cormier just misses, but he follows up with a jab and a nice leg kick. They exchange right hands and Cormier continues to press forward. He lands another right and Lantry answers back. More leg kicks from Cormier and a solid right. He appears to be just a bit faster than Lantry. Lantry attempts a single leg, but Cormier defends, secures a body lock, and lands a takedown. Cormier passes to side control, but isn't able to land anything of note before the round ends. 10-9 Cormier

Round 2: Big overhand lands for Cormier, but Lantry is ok. Cormier forces a clinch against the cage, but Lantry breaks away. Side kick to the body lands for Lantry as Cormier answers with a leg kick. Cormier lands a huge right that appears to rock Lantry who shoots for a takedown, but Cormier sprawls has a front headlock. Cormier circles toward the back, but Lantry gets up. The stand up is brief however, and Cormier drags him back to the mat. Lantry is stuffed against the cage and Cormier lands two big right hands before taking his back. Lantry is now flattened out on his stomach while eating punches and elbows. He rolls to his back and Cormier is in mount.

10-8 Cormier

Round 3: Each fighter lands a solid right hand, but Cormier is still the aggressor. Nice 1-2 lands for Cormier. Now Cormier is attacking the body, but Lantry is hanging in there and lands a right of his own before Cormier scores another takedown. They are against the cage and Lantry briefly locks in a reverse triangle, but Cormier defends and eventually returns to his feet. Leg kicks are landing for Lantry and Cormier looks to have lost a bit of steam. Lantry shoots, but Cormier sprawls and attempts to lock in a choke. Lantry reverses position and lands knees to the body to end the round. 10-9 Lantry

Result: Dan Cormier defeats Steven Lantry by Unanimous Decision

Jonathan DiLorenzo (Pro Debut) vs Sage Phillippe (1-1-0)

Professional MMA - Welterweight

Round 1: Phillippe comes out throwing bombs, but DiLorenzo lands a takedown. They aren't on the ground long as Phillipe stands up quickly. Head kick just misses for DiLorenzo and Phillippe presses him against the cage. Both men engage in some grueling clinch work and trade knees to the body before Dilorenzo lands a glancing knee to the head. 10-9 DiLorenzo

Round 2: DiLorenzo misses with a knee and Phillippe lands a right hand. DiLorenzo scores a takedown and is looking to get hooks. He slips off the back and Phillippe stands up. Head kick from DiLorenzo is blocked. Another takedown for DiLorenzo. They are back on their feet and DiLorenzo lands a combo before shooting again, but this takedown is unsuccessful and they clinch along the fence. Big knee from DiLorenzo, but Phillippe looks to be ok. 10-9 DiLorenzo

Round 3: Leg kicks from DiLorenzo and a 1-2 for good measure. Phillippe lands a leg kick and DiLorenzo asks for another one. DiLorenzo lands a sweeping leg kick that nearly takes Phillippe off his feet. DiLorenzo scores another takedown. Phillippe wall walks back to his feet, but DiLorenzo drags him back to the mat immediately. DiLorenzo is landing some big ground and pound and looks to take the back. He has one hook in, but is in danger of slipping off. 10-9 DiLorenzo

Result: Jonathan DiLorenzo defeats Sage Phillippe via Unanimous Decision

Albert Tulley(1-1-0) vs Cameron Resnisky (Pro Debut)

Professional MMA - Welterweight

Round 1: Stiff jab from Resnisky and he backs Tulley up against the cage where he unloads some bombs. Nothing lands clean, but Resnisky scores a huge takedown. Tulley is bleeding and Resnisky is unloading ground and pound. Resnisky stands and beckons Tulley back to his feet. Tulley's face is leaking. The doctor checks the cut and we are back to the action. Resnisky lands a big left and then a huge right moments later. Tulley is getting battered, but he's showing his toughness. Both men pause for a breather and then start swinging overhands. Resnisky secures another takedown, Tulley sweeps, but Resnisky immediately regains top position and works to full mount. 10-8 Resnisky

Round 2: Uppercut and a left hook land for Resnisky and Tulley answers with a right hand. The pace has slowed considerably. Tulley slips and Resnisky lands some groud and pound. Tulley attempts an ill advised guillotine, but it isn't close and Resnisky begins landing massive elbows and punches. The referee has seen enough and stops the fight.

Result: Cameron Resnisky defeats Albert Tulley via 2nd Round TKO

Kideby Gordon (Pro Debut) vs Kenny Champion (2-1-0)

Professional MMA - Featherweight

Round 1: Leg kick from Gordon is answered by a big right from Champion who then lands a takedown. Gordon gets back to his feet, but Champion drags him down again. Gordon attempts a guillotine, but Champion defends and lands a few hammerfists. Gordon throws up a high guard, secures an armbar and gets the tap!!!

Result: Kideby Gordon defeats Kenny Champion via 1st Round Armbar

Pat Casey (7-4-0) vs Jay Ellis (16-100-0)

Professional MMA - Welterweight

Round 1: Casey is pressing forward and Ellis grabs a single leg, but Casey defends and locks in a standing guillotine. They fall to the mat and Casey lets go of the neck briefly before climbing to Ellis' back. Ellis stands up and escapes. Now they are trading bombs on the feet. Casey gets another takedown and immediately sinks in the rear naked choke.

Result: Pat Casey defeats Jay Ellis via 1st Round Rear Naked Choke

Victor Jones (5-15-0) vs Ronny Markes (19-9-0)

Professional MMA - Heavyweight

Round 1: Leg kick for Markes and an immediate takedown to ground and pound. The ref steps in to stop the fight due to unanswered strikes. This one was a mismatch as expected.

Result: Ronny Markes defeats Victor Jones via 1st Round TKO

Marcus Davis (22-11-0) vs Stephen Stengel (4-15-0)

Professional MMA - Welterweight

Round 1: Stengel throws a big right and shoots a doubt which he gets. He is on top of Davis and landing punches. Davis controls posture and locks up an armbar, but Stengel defends, so Davis switches to a triangle and gets the tap.

Result: Marcus Davis defeats Stephen Stengel via 1st Round Triangle Choke

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