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Premier FC 32: Live Results

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

I'm shipping out to "The Birthplace of Basketball" tonight to bring you all the action from Premier FC 32 at the Mass Mutual Center in Springfield, MA. The event is slated to begin at 7pm, so be sure to follow along for live results. Despite losing two contests from the card, including the main event, this is sure to be an action packed evening of fights. It appears Pat Casey will be kicking the card off against a last minute replacement in Jay Ellis. Ellis is stepping up and looking to build some momentum after a huge upset win at NEF 45 just two short weeks ago. I'll have you covered as soon as these gentlemen walk into the cage to get the night started!

It appears the fight order has changed a bit, so we will be starting out with a flyweight match up.

Niyaz Ahmed (Pro Debut) vs. Blaze Robinson (Pro Debut)

Professional MMA - Flyweight

Round 1: Ahmed starts with a leg kick as both fighters begin feeling each other out. Robinson responds with a leg kick and Ahmed lands a solid right, followed by a takedown. Very little action on the ground as Ahmed attempts to improve his position while Robinson holds onto overhooks while trying to elevate Ahmed. Ahmed lands a few light punches and stands up to break Robinson's guard. Robinson lands a glancing upkick and they scramble back to their feet. Ahmed lands knees to the body and they clinch against the cage before Ahmed once again gets a takedown. Not much action in that round and the silence from the crowd was "deafening".

10-9 Ahmed

Round 2: A brief exchange on the feet, but nothing of significance lands before Ahmed gets another takedown. The referee stands the fighters up and Ahmed lands a glancing head kick, followed by a left hand. Another left hand lands and Ahmed secures another takedown. Robinson hits a sweep and Ahmed half heartedly attempts an armbar. Robinson shrugs off the armbar, but now he's caught in a triangle. He is stacking Ahmed with 10 seconds left in the round.

10-9 Ahmed

Round 3: Leg kick for Robinson to start the round and Ahmed forces him into the fence. They exchange knees and the referee stops the action due to a low blow. Ahmed