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Sean Yadimarco talks going "Balls to the Wall" at Enigma V and prep for Emerald City Invitational

Into The Room Podcast this week and fresh off a submission victory over Jonathan Piersma at Enigma Invitational V last weekend, Sean Yadimarco (Immortal Jiu Jitsu, Northern New Jersey) discusses his preparations ahead of his next competition, next Saturday December 4th at Emerald City Invitational in Martinsville, New Jersey. An understudy of the famed Tom DeBlass, Yadimarco says competing for $10k at Emerald City is "Just another day at the office" for the 23 year old who has been competing a couple times a month for as long as he can remember. Catch the complete episode here and stay tuned to NewEnglandMMA for all your Regional Combat Sports coverage.


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