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The Room Podcast: Aaron Hughes & Connor Matthews

After a 10 fight amateur career, Fall River based prospect, Aaron "Short Fuse" Hughes (1-0), finally was able to make his pro debut, albeit, 1,000 miles away from home. Hughes and the Regiment Training Center crew made the trek to Knoxville, Tennessee to take on a hometown prospect. "Short Fuse" stopped by The Room to talk about his eventful trip down south, and takes us through the fight where he overcame adversity and won via TKO in the 2nd round.

Also stopping by The Room was Lauzon MMA product, Connor "The Controller" Matthews (3-0), as he got us caught up on the progression of his fighting career, and where he sees himself in the next few years. He talks about training like an animal, his promotion to a BJJ purple belt, and how he has laser-like focus on achieving his dreams of succeeding in the UFC.

Check out the full podcast below:

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