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The Room Podcast: Aaron Hughes & Jay Perrin

It's been a year and a half since Regiment fighter Aaron "Short Fuse" Hughes (aka "Mayonnaise") has been able to throw down in the cage, but the wait is almost over, as he'll be making his pro debut against Tyler Edwards in 2 weeks down in Tennessee for Valor Fighting Challenge. Hughes had been offered multiple opponents over the last few weeks that fell threw, but he's finally landed on a local opponent who was an amateur champion.

If you follow Hughes on social media, you know that he's been working his ass off in the gym and is more than prepared for his professional debut. Aaron gets us caught up on the training camp leading up to this fight, and what he plans to do to his opponent down south. If you plan on purchasing tickets for the event, make sure you use the ticket link below to make sure that "Short Fuse" gets credit for the purchase. If you can't make the trip to Tennessee, don't fret. You can watch the event on VFC PPV, and Aaron will get credit for the purchase. The PPV link will be posted on the VFC website soon.

Jay "The Joker" Perrin (9-4) is the #1 ranked pro bantamweight in New England, and is on the cusp of getting another shot with the UFC, but the pandemic has put his career on hold, as he hasn't competed in the cage since beating Diego Silva at Cage Titans 47 14 months ago. The Cage Titans 135 pound champ is itching to get a fight, but with the lack of shows in the region, Perrin has been on the shelf since pre-pandemic.

Someone who's never short on words, Perrin has been training consistently since the lockdown, and he's ready to show the region who the King of the 135ers still is. Perrin has been offered some short notice fights outside of the region, but as he points out, it's just not fair to be put in the position of fighting a hometown guy on a weeks notice, so he's been patiently waiting, licking his chops, ready to get an opportunity that gives him the appropriate amount of time to train and perform to the top of his abilities.

Check out the full podcast below, and you can also listen via Spotify.

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