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Where Do We Go From Here?: New England MMA

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

The last time we saw a live MMA event take place in New England was on February 29th in Springfield, MA when Premier FC 30 took place. Since then every New England based promotion has canceled events, and being in limbo would be an understatement for all of these promotions. The lack of fights at the regional level is a massive hit for the younger guys who are looking to make their mark and achieve their goals of getting to the next level of fighting on the national stage. Not only are these younger fighters stunting their MMA growth with the lack of training and events, but our New England based MMA promotions are also taking a big hit with this stall in action. So what does the landscape look like right now, and what does the future hold for both fighters and promotions in New England? Is this the beginning of the end for some fighters and promotions? Possibly, but we'll peel back the onion and see what we can expect in the near future.


Karyn Wesch and the Premier FC crew were the last organization to hold a MMA event here in New England. Premier FC 30 was a big event for the promotion with 3 new champions being crowned. I was cage side with the rest of the NEMMA crew for the show, and it was a night filled with competitive, entertaining fights, but who would have seen what was coming at the time. A mere 3 weeks later the entire world shutdown due to Covid 19. 2 weeks before we were scheduled to launch our site on the backs of Cage Titans and their back to back shows on April 3rd and 4th. Obviously those plans were put to rest by the honorable Chuck Baker when mass gatherings were outlawed in late March.

Karyn Wesch pictured with newly crowned Premier FC middleweight champ, Yu Ji.

Since Premier's last show on February 29th, Karyn Wesch has been hard at work, matching fights for a planned returned to live action in Springfield on October 3rd. She's released a handful of fights scheduled to be on the card, and has been promoting the event pretty heavily on social media. The card is scheduled to be headlined by New England MMA and UFC vet, Marcus "The Irish Hand Grenade" Davis, versus Team Link Hooksett fighter Nick Alley (6-3). An interesting matchup that would place Davis in the center of a MMA cage as a competitor for the first time since losing to "The" Ryan Sanders by cut 6.5 years ago at