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Cage Titans 50 - Night Cap: Live Results

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

Travis Lizotte "Full Contact Writer"

We're back...actually we didn't go anywhere, Michael Polvere provided Dinner for the entire crew here in the building, so we hunkered down grabbed some food, catered by Coop's and dug in our heels for the long haul! Main Card begins at 7:30 from here inside Plymouth Memorial Hall and once again we got you covered from tip to toe...join us!

Austin Schalla (2-10, Dexter MMA) vs Duncan Smith (6-4, Evolution Athletix)

Amateur Welterweight

Round 1: These guys come out trading come leather as they circle the cage and it looks like blood under the right eye of Schalla early. Duncan changes levels and gets the takedown but Schalla grabs a deep guillotine and Duncan is forced to tap.

Decision: Austin Schalla defeats Duncan Smith by Submission (Guillotine) at 1:15 of the first round.

Mo Al Kinani (8-1 Evolution Athletix) vs Nuri Abrar (3-1 Boston BJJ)

Amateur Lightweight Title

Round 1: Arbar comes out with leg kicks and Mo greets him with stiff jab and an overhand right that sends Abrar into the Cape Cod canal! Mo follows up with some more vicious strikes but its clear the night is over for Abrar! Wow Mo Al Kinani is the new Cage Titans Amateur Lightweight Champion and officially the best Amateur Lightweight Prospect this region has seen in a LONG time.

Decision: Mo Al Kinani defeats Nuri Abrar by Knockout due to strikes at :34 seconds of the first round! Remember the name ladies and gentlemen, this kid has IT!

Rob Fuller (1-12 Team Fuller) vs Kam Arnold (0-0 Recon)

Catchweight (140 lbs.)

Age: 41

Fighting out of: Lakewood, Colorado

Affiliation: Team Fuller

Record: 1-12 (1 Knockouts)

Last fight: First Round Knockout loss to Ryan Kuse at Titan FC 72. (09/17/21)

Age: 28

Fighting out of: Portland, Maine

Affiliation: Recon MMA

Record: Debut (6-1 as an Amateur)

Last fight: Second Round Knockout of Walt Shea at NEF 41. (11/09/19)

Round 1: Just as we expected, these guys come out throwing heavy, Rob is standing in front of Kam and Kam is cutting angles and landing combinations and a left hook connects flush on the chin of ol' Cornflakes and he drops to the canvas. Referee Robert Wombacher hops on top of Fuller to save him from further punnishment but Kam is already celebrating atop the Cage Titans cage, this one is OVA!

Decision: Kam Arnold defeats Rob Fuller by Knockout (Left Hook) at :28 of the first round!

Billy Goff (4-2) vs Marty Navis (5-0)

Welterweight Title (Vacant)

Age: 23

Fighting out of: Groton, Connecticut

Affiliation: Dexter MMA

Record: 4-2 (2 Knockouts)

Last fight: Unanimous Decision Victory over Sean Lally at Cage Titans 48. (07/10/21)

Age: 28

Fighting out of: Middleboro, Massachusetts

Affiliation: Lauzon MMA

Record: 5-0 (4 Knockouts, 1 Submission)

Last fight: Second Round Knockout of Roberto Yong at Cage Titans 49. (08/28/21)

Round 1: Ok folks we have a slight switch in the fight order, Billy Goff will now meet Marty Navis for the Cage Titans Welterweight title. I've been told the fight time was switched per request of the Goff camp...either way here we go with the...Main Event?....

Goff comes out with some jabs and is answered with a body kick by Goff, Billy takes Marty down and is ground and pounding the hell out of Navis...Navis tries to escape to his feet but the barrage from Goff won't allow him...Robert Wombacher has seen enough and pulls Goff off of Navis.

Decision: Billy Goff defeats Marty Navis by TKO (Ground and Pound) at 1:11 of the first round. Billy Goff is the NEW Cage Titans Welterweight Champion and a big fucking problem in the New England Welterweight Division!

BIG PROPS TO MARTY NAVIS, Marty came back from the locker room and silenced the crowd who was showering Billy with a chorus of boos. Marty is a stand up dude and true professional...hats off to Marty Navis!

Something tells me we will see Billy Goff on top of our New England Welterweight rankings when they are released later this year!

Jeff Joy (1-0) vs Jason Rine (1-7)


Age: 31

Fighting out of: Bourne, Massachusetts

Affiliation: Loco Lobo

Record: 1-0 (1 Submission)

Last fight: First Round Submission (Rear Naked Choke) of Rob Fuller at Cage Titans 48. (07/10/21)

Age: 34

Fighting out of: Mount Vernon, Ohio

Affiliation: Lashley Training Center

Record: 1-7 (1 Submission)

Last fight: Unanimous Decision loss to Dru Shottenheimer at Honor FC 10. (08/24/19)

Round 1: Jeff comes out circling the outside of the cage and popping jabs before changing levels and taking Rine down. Joy immediately transitions to Rine's back where he is relentless in his chase for the RNC. Rine defends but its only a matter of time, Rine taps to the patented RNC of Jeffery Joy!

Decision: Jeff Joy defeats Jason Rine by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at right around 2 minutes in the first round.

Lionel Young (9-17) vs. Andres Rodriguez (4-1)


Age: 37

Fighting out of: Brockton, Massachusetts

Affiliation: Citadel Martial Arts

Record: 9-17 (2 Knockouts, 7 Submissions)

Last fight: First Round Knockout of Pat Gilbride at Cage Titans 49. (08/28/21)

Age: 28

Fighting out of: Boston, Massachusetts

Affiliation: Sityodtong Boston

Record: 4-1 (2 Knockouts, 1 Submission)

Last fight: Third Round Knockout loss to Ashiek Ajim at CES 60. (01/24/20)

Round 1: Cooley comes out composed with a front kick and Lionel looks to change levels for a takedown. After a little work on the cage Boogz gets Cooley to the mat where he works from top control. Young eventually passes guard and has Rodriguez in side control where he lands some elbows to the body. Cooley gets his guard back and is able to finally stand along the fence where Boogz maintains pressure and gets another takedown. Lionel lands some ground and pound but Cooley gets back to his feet again and puts Young's back against the cage. Referee Wombacher calls for separation and Cooley lands a combination off the break before Boogz clinches again. 10-9 Lionel Young.

Round 2: Cooley lands a straight over a leg kick from Lionel to open the round and Lionel shoots again and takes Cooley down with ease...Boogz cinches up a head and arm choke and Cooley taps! Wow, the "Lionel Young Prospect Upset Tour" continues with another big finish here against Andres Rodriguez.

Decision: Lionel "Boogz" Young defeats Andres Rodriguez by Submission (Head and Arm Choke) at :59 seconds of round 2.

Don Shainis (7-3) vs Quinten Wyland (3-3)


Age: 31

Fighting out of: St. Louis, Missouri by way of Easton, Massachusetts

Affiliation: Glory MMA

Record: 7-3 (4 Knockouts, 3 Submissions)

Last fight: Unanimous Decision loss to Nate Williams at Cage Titans 48. (07/10/21)

Age: 27

Fighting out of: Oregon City, Oregon

Affiliation: American Top Team Portland

Record: 3-3 (3 Submissions)

Last fight: Unanimous Decision loss to Darrell Flores at Front Street Fights 21. (01/10/21)

Round 1: Don comes out looking for his range and finds it by landing a combination and changing levels for the takedown. Shainis has Wyland stacked in the corner and is using short body strikes to soften the guard of Wyland. Don is looking to posture up out of the tight guard of Wyland as he continues to batter the body from the top. Wyland looks to shift to high guard and set up a triangle but Don is wise to it, landing more lefts fists to the right rib cage of the grounded Quinten Wyland. 10-9 Shainis.

Round 2: Shainis is clearly the fresher fighter off the stool in the second as Wyland throws a lazy combination that Shainis ducks under and takes Wyland back to the canvas. We are right back to where we sent the majority of the first round, Don on top with Quinten stuffed into the fence. Don goes to work with shoulder strikes on the ground as Wyland just tries to keep him close and avoid damage. Shainis gets knee on belly to pass to half guard where he again peppers the body. Wyland is again able to pull Don in close and avoid and more abuse as the round ends. 10-9 Shainis.

Round 3: Between rounds Alan Lau calls a stop to the contest per instruction from Wyland's corner

Decision: Don Shainis defeats Quinten Wyland by TKO (Corner Stoppage) at 5:00 of the second round.

Peter Barrett (11-6) vs. Spencer Higa (7-12)

Lightweight Co-Main Event

Age: 35

Fighting out of: Plymouth, Massachusetts

Affiliation: Lauzon MMA

Record: 11-6 (2 Knockouts, 3 Submissions)

Last fight: Split-Decision loss to Ali Zebian at Cage Titans 48. (07/10/21)

Age: 34

Fighting out of: Honolulu, Hawaii

Affiliation: Hawaii MMA

Record: 7-12 (4 Knockouts, 2 Submissions)

Last fight: Unanimous Decision loss to Kai Kamaka at Bellator 236. (12/21/19)

Round 1: Pete comes out with a flying knee attempt on the start and here we go. Spenser is landing some combination and he may have Pete hurt as Higa stalks him around the cage. Peter turns and is connecting with Higa now as they clinch against the fence. Peter grabs a quillotine and Higa pics him up with intentions of slamming Barrett in front of his corner but Pete somehows staves off the takedown. Higa changes levels and Pete grabs the guillotine again and sits down on it. Higa defense the choke and they both get back to their feet and clinch on the fence. They circle out and Barrett lands some stiff knees to the body of the Hawaiian and then follows with 20 seconds of ill fated combinations that have Higa in defense mode. Peter lands another knee of two up the middle and referee Robert Wombacher sees what the entire crowd at Plymouth Memorial Hall see; Higa is finished!

Decision: Peter Barrett defeats Spencer Higa by TKO (Knees from Hades) at 4:56 of the very first round! And Slippery Pete blows the top off Plymouth Memorail Hall.

Joe Penafiel (7-3) vs. Bruno Dias (19-11)

Bantamweight Main Event

Age: 35

Fighting out of: Orlando, Florida

Affiliation: Fusion Xcel

Record: 7-3 (1 Knockout, 1 Submission)

Last fight: First Round Knockout of Richie Santiago at Cage Titans 49. (08/28/21)

Age: 35

Fighting out of: Woburn, Massachusetts

Affiliation: Junkio

Record: 19-11 (4 Knockouts, 14 Submissions)

Last fight: Second Round Knockout loss to Johnny Campbell at Cage Titans 46. (11/02/19)

Round 1: They circle the cage twice with Bruno throwing front kicks and Penafiel dodging them with his hands at his waist. Penafiel catches a kick and fires back a combination, Bruno answers with a combination of his own. Joe is inviting Bruno to come forward but both of these guys are showing a reluctance to commit to anything early. Dias lands a stiff leg kick and follows with a combination ending in an errant high kick that The Party laughs off. Bruno looks to connect with the cup on Penafiel but the action continues with both men throwing as the first round ends. 10-9 Dias.

Round 2: It's Penafiel who starts round 2 with a low leg kick and Bruno fires back. Penafiel shoots for a double leg and lands it, Joe has top control and is looking to solve the butterfly hooks of Bruno. Penafiel starts to pepper the body of Dias with short strikes as Bruno looks comfortable defending from his back. Bruno scrambles back to his feet and they return to striking distance. Joe lands a shot that drops Bruno and Penafiel is on top landing hammerfists as Bruno scrambles for a leg. Penafiel spends the last few seconds of the round looking for a single leg, when the round ends Penafiel returns to his corner with a bludgeoned left eye Close round 10-9 Penafiel.

Round 3: They touch gloves to start the third and Penafiel comes forward with a combination and takes Bruno down. As Bruno tries to regain his feet he eats a knee from Penafiel that has them scrambling. Penafiel takes Bruno down once again, and it's more fists to the body for Penafiel from the top. Bruno throws up high guard looking for a limb but Joe is savvy to it and returns with some more downward strikes from top position. Referee Wombacher takes a point from Dias for an egregious fence grab. Joe stands up and allows Bruno to stand, once on the feet Penafiel fires a wheel kick that misses and sends him to the Canvas where this fight ends. 10-8 Penafiel.

Decision: Joe Penafiel defeats Bruno Dias by Unanimous Decision (29-27 on all three cards) And the Party Continues!

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