Cage Titans 54 Live Play-By-Play

Updated: Jul 2

Travis Lizotte "Full Contact Writer"

We have arrived early, seems as we overestimated the impact of the traffic south of Boston on July 4th weekend. But I can't think of many places I would rather have time to kill than America's Hometown of Plymouth, Massachusetts on the country's birthday! Fights are due to start shortly after 6 pm and this article will update throughout the night once the Fireworks commence here at Cage Titans 54!

Changes are immediately evident here from Plymouth Memorial Hall as Michael Polvere unveils a brand new lighting stanchion over the Cage Titans cage! This is some next level shit Cage Titans is pulling out here, looks boss!

Somewhat of a delay here folks stay tuned!

Pro Main Card

Jacob Bohn (10-9) vs. Peter Barrett (12-6)


Round 1: Both men come out firing kicks as this one lives up to the billing early. Bohn shoots for a takedown and Peter stuffs as they continue at Striking range. Peter appears to be cut above his right eye early here. Jacob starts scoring with leg kicks at Slippery comes forward with a combination now. Peter continues to strike and Jacob continues to target that right eye of Barrett. Jacob clinches and has Pete on the cage but cannot land the trip as they return to the center of the cage. Peter comes forward with a combination that drops Bohn and Jacob looks for the takedown and ends up finishing the round on top of Barrett. 10-9 Bohn. Very Close round!

Round 2: Peter comes out feinting the flying knee before unleashing some ill willed strikes that begin to land. Bohn recovers as they return to the center both looking to continue this striking affair. Peter is starting to find a home for the left hand as Bohn circles. Peter comes forward once again with heavy shots but Bohn defends and fires back. Bohn clinches and lands a knee then eats one from Pete as these guys go back and forth now. What a WAR this fight is! Jacob clinches Peter on the cage as Pete fires a spinning elbow to break the clinch. Body kick for Peter Barrett lands as Jacob’s right eye is bleeding now. Peter puts Bohn on the cage, there he lands an elbow that gets Jacob shooting as the round ends. 10-9 Barrett.

Round 3: Pete is the first to land in the third then Jacob answers before the clinch ensues, Barrett knocks Jacob down with a shot and follows up for the finish as Steve Rita calls this fight off…

Decision: Peter Barrett defeats Jacob Bohn by TKO (Strikes) at :25 seconds of the third round.

Hilarie Rose (6-4) vs. Gabriella Gulfin (4-4)

Women's Catchweight (120 lbs)

Round 1: Hilarie comes out with Jabs and Leg Kicks to get this one started before scoring a takedown and working from the half guard of Gulfin. Hilarie passes the guard and goes from side control to full mount with three and a half minutes to work. Gulfin gives her back to escape and Hilarie hops on it looking for the choke. Gulfin spins into Rose and is now on top where she gets up and offers for Rose to stand. Rose declines and Gabriella returns to the guard of Hilarie. Gulfin gets in some nice short elbows as Hilarie rolls for a leg then eventually gets the back of Hilarie Rose where she sinks in the Rear Naked Choke for the tap.

Decision: Gabriella Gulfin defeats Hilarie Rose by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at the end of the first round.

Spencer Higa (7-12) vs. Zach DiSabatino (9-2)


Round 1: They come out pawing the jabs and Zach commits to a combination as Higa clinches and they work on the fence with Zach holding tightly to a Guillotine. Zach turns the action and has Spencer on the cage looking for a takedown, and it comes, Zach has Higa on the mat with plenty of time to work. But Higa gets his feet back under him as he stands on the fence. Spencer changes levels and Zach grabs the neck once again as they go to the mat, and back up again. They split and Zach lands a knee then a combination that has Spencer shooting and they finish the round exchanging Guillotine attempts. 10-9 DiSabatino.

Round 2: Spencer comes out stalking Zach and eating his punches as they clinch on the fence and DiSabatino shoots for the takedown. Zach has Spencer against the cage landing hammerfists as they continue to scramble Zach grabs the Guillotine once again and uses it to land knees from the clinch. DiSabatino Steps back and lands a series of left hands that back Higa to the cage where they both work for position from the clinch before they separate. Higa goes for broke on a guillotine, Zach transitions to the top but is still forced to defend the choke. Zach escapes and Zach gets a takedown and now looks for the neck of Higa. Zach finishes the round on Higa’s back looking for the choke. 10-9 DiSabatino.

Round 3: Spencer comes out striking in the third and they end up clinching on the cage again as Zach gets Higa to the mat where he takes his back with over three minutes to work. Zach looks to secure the choke but Spencer looks at the camera as to say “he isn’t finishing me” and turns into DiSabatino looking to escape, but Zach ends up on the back again with both hooks in. They hand fight down the stretch as the fight ends with Zach landing strikes from the back of Higa. 10-9 DiSabatino.

Decision: Zach DiSabatino defeats Spencer Higa by Unanimous Decision (30-27 x3)

Joe Giannetti (11-4) vs. Marcus Andrusia (10-20)

Catchweight (165 lbs)

Round 1: Joe comes out and establishes the center of the cage as he looks loose and ready to fire combinations. Andrusia shoots and Giannetti snatches the neck and cashes his check!

Decision: Joe Giannetti defeats Marcus Andrusia by Submission (Guillotine) at 1:24 of the first round. Never a doubt.

Tyler Smythe (4-2) vs. Joe Poirier

Vacant Amateur Flyweight Title

Round 1: These guys come out and a grappling battle ensues and ends up with Joe on the back of Smythe inflicting damage and threatening the choke. Smythe survives and ends up on the neck of Poirier looking for a D’arce choke, Joe gives the thumbs up as the final seconds tick away and Poirier survives a tough round. 10-9 Smythe.

Round 2: Tyler comes out in the second with a deep double leg takedown and has Joe in side control with all round to work. Tyler hops on the back looking for the choke as Poirer turns into him and regains guard, then reverses and has Tyler’s neck now. Tyler scrambles to Joe’s back now this is crazy. 10-9 Smythe.

Round 3: Another round another quick takedown for Smythe who ends up on top then transitions to Poirier's back where he sinks his forearm under the chin of Poirier for the tap.

Decision: Tyler Smythe Defeats Joe Poirier by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at :58 seconds of the third round to capture the Vacant Cage Titans Amateur Flyweight Championship.

Colin Robinson vs. Lamon Payne

Amateur Middleweight Muay Thai Title

Round 1: Back and forth first round with both guys landing, Close first round. 10-9 Payne…but close.

Round 2: Nice round for Colin who lands a ton of power shots. 10-9 Robinson.

Round 3: Robinson looks fresher and it building momentum in this one as Payne appears to be fading. 10-9 Robinson.

Doctor is called in between rounds to check on Payne and declares he is ok to continue.

Round 4: Another powerful dominant round by Robinson as he starts to really pull away here. 10-9 Robinson.

Once again the cage side doctor is in the corner of Payne between rounds.

Round 5: Domination down the stretch for Superman 10-9 Robinson.

Decision: Colin Robinson defeats Lamon Payne by Unanimous Decision (48-47, 49-46, 49-46) to capture the first ever Cage Titans Muay Thai Championship!

Amateur Undercard

Jack Burke (1-0) vs. (C) Hassan Graham (3-0)

Amateur Heavyweight Title

Round 1: Burke comes out firing leg kicks then a massive combination that ends in a left hand. Hassan steamrolls Burke to the canvas and locks in a scarfhold that causes Jack to tap! Wow! very impressive performance for the Champion Hassan Graham.

Decision: Hassan Garham defeats Jack Burke by Submission (Scarf Choke) at :49 seconds of the very first round!

Annabel Kelly (2-5) vs. Erin Johnson (1-1)

Amateur Women's Flyweight

Round 1: Erin comes out throwing combinations that summon the clinch from Annabel as they go to work on the fence here early. They go back and forth on the fence as Annabell looks for a takedown but Erin returns to striking distance where she finds her range again before Kelly clinches again. Erin turns the action as the round ends and has Annabel against the fence. Hard round to score…10-9 Johnson. But Close.

Round 2: Erin comes out throwing more strikes and landing before Annabell clinches and Erin turns the action towards the fence. Kelly turns the action now as these two ladies continue to clinch fight but neither is able to score the takedown. Kelly lands some nice strikes in the clinch as she looks to change levels on Johnson but Erin defends and remains on her feet as the round ends. 10-9 Kelly.

Round 3: Here we go in what I have as the decisive round in this one. Erin starts with a right hand followed by a combination that once again causes Kelly to clinch Erin along the fence. Kelly is doing some crafty work on the fence with knees, short shots and foot stomps. Erin needs to sense some urgency here as she now needs to harvest a finish. But that finish never presents itself as Kelly controls the final minute in what should win her this fight. 10-9 Kelly

Decision: Annabell Kelly defeats Erin Johnson by Unanimous Decision (30-27 x 3)

Sergei Peresunko (2-0) vs. Ben Grady (4-0)

Amateur Catchweight (160 lbs)

Round 1: Grady comes out with a combination and Sergei comes forward with strikes of his own backing Grady to the cage where they clinch before Sergei gets the takedown against the cage. Ben uses the fence to get up but is greeted with a thunderous slam from Peresunko who is looking for that back of Grady. Grady stands and gets a takedown of his own but Sergei is back on his feet before landing a takedown of his own. Peresunko tries to lock in a D’arce choke and Grady sweeps to the top as the round ends. 10-9 Peresunko

Round 2: They start the second with wild combinations that send Sergei shooting for the takedown. Grady stuffs and has Sergei against the fence before Sergei gets space and lands another takedown. Serdei is working some heavy ground and pound as Grady works back to his feet but not for long. Sergei is smothering in his attack, it’s impressive! They stand again and trade right hands to the jaw before clinching on the cage once again as the second round ends with a knee to the body from Grady. 10-9 Peresunko.