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Cage Titans 58 live Play-By-Play (Day Event)

Travis Lizotte "Full Contact Writer"

We out here New England MMA fans and your Full Contact Writer is not a morning HOLD ON! Once again Cage Titans has a full day of fights in store for all in attendance at Plymouth Memorial Hall and those tuning in on the Pay Per View steams at Spectation Sports. Stay tuned into this article this afternoon as we keep up with all 17 fights as they go down live at Cage Titans 58 (Day Event).

Adina Hornstra (Evolution Athletix) vs. Emily Crown (Citadel)

Amateur Atomweight Muay Thai

Results: Back and forth we go for three rounds with both fighters showing flashes and some crisp striking as we go to the judges table for a decision. Adina Hornstra wins by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Rich Clark (CMBJJ) vs. Niko Mavrommatis (Red Seal MT)

Amateur Featherweight Muay Thai

Results: These guys brought some heavy firepower to Memorial Hall trading heavy blows and lengthy combinations for the full six minutes, with an absolutely nutty third round of action, as we once again need the judges to decide this one but it's pretty evident that Mavrommatis should cruise to

Will Portillo (1-0, Tri-Force MMA) vs. Ash Rao (0-0-1, Broadway BJJ)

Amateur Bantamweight

Decision: Ash Rao defeats Will Portello by Submission (Kimura) at 2:29 of the second round. Not to take away from an impressive performance by Ash but it appears Will injured his knee in the beginning of the second round that seemed to be the beginning of the end for him.

Lyndsey Kelley (0-2, Evolution Athlethix) vs Anastasia Dafnou (0-0, UFC GYM)

Amateur 140 lb Catchweight

Round 1: These girls come out swinging leather and Kelley gets the takedown and goes to work from top control, Dafnou tries to throw submissions from her back as Lyndsey works to mount and rains down HELL! Kevin MacDonald has seen enough of this and call a stop to this one.

Results: Lyndsey Kelley defeats Anastasia Danfou by TKO (Ground and Pound) at 2:11 of the very first round. Lyndsey looked ferocious in this!

Carlos Ballestier (1-0, G & G) vs Blaize Nichols (0-0, North Andover Jiu-Jitsu)

Amateur Featherweight

Round 1: Nichols comes out looking for the takedown and he gets Carlos down to the mat albiet briefly before Ballestier returns to his feet and is met with another takedown from Nichols. This time Nichols secures top control and is putting it on Carlos as he takes the back. Carlos handfights but the RNC of Nichols sinks deep under the chin of Ballestier for the tap.

Results: Blaize Nochols defeats Carlos Ballestier by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 2:22 of the first round.

Matt Sousa (0-0, Triforce) vs Neil Mazumdar (2-1-1, Sityodtong)

Amateur Flyweight

Round 1: Sousa slips on a kick attempt to begin this contest, Sousa returns to his feet and takes Mazumdar down and has top control. Mazumdar uses the fence to sweep to the top where he works in Sousa's high guard before they return to the feet. Neil looks to strike but Matt ties him up and takes the fight back to the mat to end the first round, 10-9 Sousa.

Round 2: Neil enjoys a little striking from distance to begin the second round before Matt ducks a punch and gets the takedown. Neil uses the fence to stand but gets taken right back down by Sousa. Mazumdar eats some fists to find his feet as we return to striking distance. Neil connects on some combinations as they circle the cage as Matt looks to use the front kicks to maintain distance. 10-9 Mazumdar.

Round 3: More teeps to open the third for Sousa but they don't come close to landing. Neil comes forward with a combination that lands partially as he looks to get his hands going here. A right hand from Mazumdar stumbles Sousa and Matt looks to clinch. They finish this fight on the feet trading combinations until the final bell. Close third round that I see for Sousa 10-9.

Results: Matt Sousa defeats Neil Mazumdar by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Myles Avery (0-0, Bishops Boxing) vs Tim Melvin (1-0, Broadway BJJ)

Amateur Welterweight

Round 1: Avery comes out throwing wildly, Melvin maintains his composure and ties him up against the fence. Avery gets distance and throws wildly once again and Melvin tags him with a counter right that sends Avery to the mat. Avery stands against the fence where Melvin lands more shots They tie up as the first round comes to a close. 10-9 Melvin.

Round 2: Melvin comes out behind a jab in round two and starts to land some hands to the head of Avery. Melvin lands some calf kicks and it looks like Avery is tired as he bucks up around the cage, flat footed. Melvin begins to pick Avery apart, battering him against the fence until Avery folds to a combination from Timmy Melvin that garners the stoppage.

Results: Timmy Melvin defeats Myles Avery by Knockout (HANDS) at 1:50 of the second round.

Sarah Hunt (The Academy) vs. Kristina Katsikis (South Shore Sportfighting)

Womens Lightweight Grappling

Results: Kristina Katsikis definitely had some aggression to let out here as she put Hunt on the business end of a one way chain wrestling clinic that ended with Katsikis finishing with a Kimura early in the contest.

Nick Roman (0-3, F5 Fight Team) vs Phil LoCigno (1-3, Sityodtong)

Amateur Featherweight

Round 1: LoCigno wastes little time looking for the takedown off the glove touch, Roman kees his feet for the first 50 seconds before Phil hits a deep double leg slam and has Roman scrambling. Nick gives his back and eats right hands from LoCigno that flatten him out. Phil continues the onslaught as the ref has seen enough and calls a stop to this one.

Results: Phil LoCigno defeats Nick Roman by TKO (Ground and Pound) at 1:59 of round number 1.

Julian Connerton (1-0, Evolution Athletix ) vs Santy Munoz (1-0, Tri-Force)

Amateur Featherweight

Round 1: Santy opens with a teep that is off the mark and it returned with a body kick by Connecton and we are under way. The Next kick from Connerton is up high and is just barely blocked by Santy. And again Connecton goes up high. Santy comes forward with some combinations with the hands as these guys circle the cage at striking distance. Santy comes forward with a combination and changes levels for a takedown. Santy gets top control with just over 10 seconds to work, Connecton gives his back as the round ends. Close round 10-9 Munoz.

Round 2: Connecton comes out and slips on a head kick attempt and is clinched against the cage by Santy who lands the takedown. Connerton uses the cage to stand but not without eating csome hands from Santy who once again clinches and works the takedown. Santy transitions to the back and rains down some hammerfists to the downed Connerton as he looks to sink in the choke. Santy locks in the body of Connerton as Julian looks to use the fence to sweep. The round ends with Santy on the back of Connerton. 10-9 Munoz.

Round 3: We head to the third round and in my estimation Connerton needs a finish here. Connerton comes forward with punches and Santy ducks under for another takedown as he looks to put this out of reach for Connerton. Santy gets the back once again and is again threatening the RNC. Connerton is going a nice job not getting choked but is eating hammerfists for his troubles. Munoz finishes the third round on the back and should be cruising to a Unanimous Decision.

Results: Santy Munoz defeats Julian Connerton by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

Anthony Rivera (0-4, TNT ) vs Carlos Vespaziano (1-3, Daniel Gracie Plymouth)

Amateur 140lb Catchweight

Round 1: Carlos comes out with a sharp calf kick to start the contest and Rivera clinches but its Carlos that finishes the takedown and gets on top with ample time to work on Rivera. Carlos is taking his time here softening Rivera with strikes before flattening him out and taking Rivera's arm home with him via Americana.

Results: Carlos Vespaziano defeats Tony Rivera by Submission (Americana) at 1:30 of the first round.

Christian Echevarria (0-0, F5 Fight Team ) vs Tyler Wolf (1-1, Broadway BJJ)

Amateur Lightweight

Round 1: Both of these guys come out swinging but its Wolf getting the better of the early exchanges. Christian launches a shot that lands that gets Tyler's attention and now he starts to heat up the striking machine. Back and forth they go before they tie up and fight for position along the cage wall. Wolf ends up getting the takedown as the ten second warning sounds. Wolf finishes the round on top. 10-9 Wolf.

Round 2: Wolf comes forward off the bell to start the second round, throwing a wild combination that ends with a takedown. Wolf hops on top of Echevarria and initiates destructive ground and pound that forces Kevin MacDonald to step in.

Results: Tyler Wolf defeats Christian Echevarria by TKO (Ground and Pound) at :54 of the second round.

Daniel Keepers (3-4, G&G Wrestling) vs. Ozzy Martin (1-0, Lakes Region Vale Tudo)

Amateur 175 lb Catchweight

Round 1: Ozzy comes out and establishes the center early throwing strikes the way of Keepers, Daniel clinches and has Ozzy against the cage looking for the throw. The throw comes in Ozzy's favor who returns to the feet and fires a right hand that drops Keepers, Martin follows up but it's all she wrote for Keepers as Alan Lau waves this one off.

Results: Ozzy Martin defeats Daniel Keepers by Knockout (Right Hand) at 1:09 of the first round.

Bobby Baker (0-3, Bishops Boxing ) vs Deon Perry (1-0, Tri-Force)

Amateur 150lb Catchweight

Round 1: Perry comes out and tests Baker's chin with some left hands early before getting the takedown, both fighters return to their feet and Bobby clinches Deon against the fence. Baker lands strikes that drop Perry and he jumps on top looking to finish but Perry is weathering the storm. They scramble but Baker maintains top control and Perry remains in survival mode and just barely makes the horn in round 1. 10-9 Baker.

Round 2: They stand toe to toe again to start the second and Perry lands a right hand that has Baker looking for the clinch again. They clinch on the fence briefly before returning to striking distance. Perry ties up the action and Baker lands a knee to the body that hurts Perry, Baker follows up and finishes Perry with ground strikes.

Results: Bobby Baker defeats Deon Perry by TKO (Knee to Ground and Pound) at 1:28 of the second round.

Troy Cutter (0-0, Kingston JKD ) vs Andrew Jacobs (1-2, Lauzon MMA)

Amateur 195lb Catch-weight

Round 1: Cutter comes out strong throwing jabs and straight trying to find his range. Jacob fires back with a clean left hook. Leg kick by Jacobs and he initiates the clinch leading to a sweep of the legs and Jacobs landing in side control. A quick transition and Jacobs has the back of Cutter. AS the 10 second warning claps Jacobs fires some monstrous punches that gets the ref to stop the fight right before the bell rings.

Results: Andrew Jacobs defeats Troy Cutter by TKO (Strikes) at 2:59 of round number 1.

Teddy Politis (3-1, Evolution Athletic ) vs Key Baltazar (2-1, Nostos)

Amateur Bantamweight

Cage Titans 135 Amateur Title

Round 1: Key starts this Bantamweight title fight with a calf kick and here we go. Key shoots for the takedown but Politis locks in a Guillotine choke that puts Key OUT!

Results: Teddy Politis defeats Key Baltazar by Technical Submission (Guillotine Choke) at :49 seconds of the first round to claim the Cage Titans Amateur Bantamweight Championship.

Orelvis Hernandez (0-0, Synthesis BJJ ) vs Daniel Mola (1-0, UFC GYM)

Pro Light Heavyweight

Round 1: Man we have two action figures ready to throw down here...these guys are YOLKED! Daniel comes out and immediately shoots for the takedown but Orelvis stuffs him and ends up on top. Hernandez allows Mola to stand but we end up right back in the clinch against the fence. Hernandez gets the takedown and looks to work from the top on Mola who looks to grab a leg. Orelvis defends and returns to top control. Mola takes a finger to the eye from Hernandez and we see a brief stoppage in the action. On the restart Hernandez uses strikes to once again change levels and take Mola down. Hernandez lands a hammerfist as the first round comes to an end. 10-9 Hernandez.

Round 2: Orelvis strikes his way in to another takedown to begin the second, Mola gets up and looks to take the back but Hernandez reverses and returns to top control. Orelvis looks for some space where he lands some short elbows before before standing and peppering the legs of Mola with kicks. Hernandez returns to top control and goes to work on the neck of Mola. Kevin MacDonald returns them to their feet and Orelvis lands another easy takedown and works some ground and pound to the ribs of Mola as the round ends. 10-9 Hernandez.

Round 3: Hernandez begins the third with some strikes that land before returning to the clinch. Hernandez beats Mola up on the fence a little before getting the takedown and moving to side control. Hernandez traps the arm of Mola and lands some slicing elbows that get the stoppage from Kevin MacDonald.

Results: Orelvis Hernandez defeats Daniel Mola by Submission (Strikes) at 2:11 of the third round

*** Cancelled Bout - Cayolyn Biskup vs Kristina Katsikis - Due to Biskup not making it to event

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