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Cage Titans 58: Live Play by Play - Night Card

Updated: Mar 19, 2023


Cage Titans 58 keeps the rolling on with 9 professional fights!

This Live Play-By-Play brought to you by Sun Dynasty the finest Asian Cuisine in the Plymouth Memorial Hall Parking lot...Guaranteed!

Rob Fuller (2-19, Kinch Tribe) vs Joe Poirier (0-0, Lauzon MMA)


Round 1: Rob lands a glancing overhand right then goes right into a takedown by Poirier. Poirier isolates the head of Fuller and squeezes a Von Flue choke that causes Fuller to tap.

Results: Joe Poirier defeats Rob Fuller by Submission (Von Flue Choke) at :57 seconds of the first round.

Jake Hixenbaugh (2-0, Bohn MMA) vs Gerry Meuse (2-0, Sityodtong)


Round 1: Hix starts with a couple body kicks before taking Meuse to the ground where he goes to work right in front of his Bohn MMA corner. Meuse looks for the sweep but Hix is smart to it and scrambles into a Guillotine and Gerry uses it to get on top. They scramble back to theur feet against the cage where Meuse gets the takedown. Hix sneaks out the backdoor and ends up on top before they get back to their feet on the cage wall. Hix takes a knee to the cup. On the restart Meuse throws Hix to the ground where he works from the top landing some ground and pound. Hix scrambles back to his feet where he is wobbled by a strike from Gerry. Hix gains composure and gets the takedown and the round ends with Meuse on top. 10-9 Meuse.

Round 2: Hix starts round 2 with a flying knee attempt and a spinning kick that is off the mark and Meuse takes him down. It took a little work but Meuse ends up on the back of Hixenbaugh and in a scramble the ref stops the fight.

Results: Gerry Meuse defeats Jake Hixenbaugh by TKO (Unanswered Strikes) at the early stages of the second round.

Shane Dillehay (1-0, Triforce) vs Aaron Trecell (2-3, Sityodtong)


Round 1: Trecell comes out and lands a combination that gets Dillehey to shoot for the takedown and we end up on the ground early. Trecell scrambles to his feet but Dillehay drags him back down and takes the back of Trecell. Dillehay swings some hammerfists and traps the arm of Trecell, Trecell gives his back and Dillehay looks for the choke. Trecell scrambles back to his feet then looks for a takedown of his own and its Trecell on top now where he rides out the round. Close round 10-9 Dillehay but Trecell was close to stealing it.

Round 2: Dillehay ducks an opening combination from Trecell and looks for a takedown, Trecell stuffs and gets a takedown of his own. Dillehay scrambles from the bottom and ends up in Trecell's half guard. Shane traps Trecell's arm and rolls to a Kimura attempt which Trecell uses to sweep to the top. Trecell starts landing some heavy hammerfists and Dillehay is covering up now. Dillehay eats a few and Kevin MacDonald steps in and call a stop to this one.

Results: Aaron Trecell defeats Shane Dillehay by TKO (Hammerfists) at 4:18 of the second round.

Mike Taylor (1-5, Brojo) vs Andrew Valdina (2-0, Lauzon MMA)

Catchweight (140 lbs.)

Round 1: Taylor comes out firing an off-mark high kick to open this one up as the crowd is in full throat chanting Valdina's name. A left hand from Valdina drops Taylor and Valdina hops on top looking for the finish. Valdina switches back and forth from ground and pound to a Rear Naked Choke that causes Taylor to tap.

Results: Andrew Valdina defeats Mike Taylor by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:50 of the first round. And the Cage Titans faithful is in a frenzy!

Jacob Bohn (11-10, Bohn MMA) vs Ali Zebian (9-2, Underground fight club)


Round 1: Bohn comes out behind kicks as these guys look for their range early. Bohn is working with a lot of movement and Ali is having trouble finding a home for his shots. Round one i turning out to be quite a feeling out process as these guys circle the cage trading shots. Ali grabs the leg of Bohn off a kick attempt and these guys don't give much for us to score in the first. 10-9 Bohn.

Round 2: Bohn fires a kick off the start ad then goes for a takedown and has Ali;s back against the cage. Bohn goes for broke and ends up getting the takedown and working from the top will a ton of time. Jacob works some funky knees to the body as Ali looks for a way to create space. Bohn tries to go deep on a guillotine and Ali scrambles to his feet where he lands a calf kick. Bohn shoots and gets met with a right from Ali that stumbles Bohn but Bohn recovers quickly. Ali lands a left hand at the end of the round and Jacob eats it. 10-9 Zebian.

Round 3: Bohn trades in a high kick for a takedown attempt to open up the third round but Ali stuffs the takedown. Ali shoots and Bohn goes to the ground where he grabs a quick guillotine and Ali rolls over tapping.

Results: Jacob Bohn defeats Ali Zebian by Submission (Guillotine) at 1:15 in the third round.

Jay Ellis (16-107, Neutral Ground Martial Arts ) vs Jack Congdon (1-0,Lakeville MMA)


Round 1: Ellis comes out and shoots for a takedown and Congdon defends, Congdon works to the back standing and sinks in a Rear Naked Choke for the quick tap.

Results: Jack Congdon defeats Jay Ellis by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at :38 of the first round.

Cage Titans announces that Amateur Lightweight Champion Miguel Sevesin will defend his belt at Cage Titans 59 in May against Sergei Parasunko.

Carl Langston (2-8, Clifford's TKD ) vs Jeff Joy (3-0, Loco Lobo)


Round 1: Langston comes out with a sharp leg kick and Joy shoots but Carl stuffs the takedown attempt. Joy fires a left hand and changes level off it and takes Carl to the canvas. Carl makes it back to his feet on the cage as Jeff Joy looks to take the back. Jeff jumps back control from a standing position and they go to the canvas where its gunna be a quick night here for Carl. One Hook Two Hooks and Joy harvests the neck of Langston.

Results: Jeff Joy defeats Carl Langston by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 2:02 of the first round.

Mo Al Kinani (5-1, Evolution Athletix) vs Peter Barrett (14-6, Sityodtong/Lauzon)


Round 1: They come out and exchange kicks early and both guys connect with the cup during the opening minute. Pete lands a combinations and closes distance and goes for the neck of AL Kinani Al kinani fights it off and comes back across the cage with knees for Peter Barrett. This is an absolute barn burner. They clinch on the cage and trade knees in close then seperate and trade right hands. I'm near lost for words as a watch these guys swing for the fences. Pete grabs a guillotine with 30 seconds left and Al Kinani survives the round. 10-9 Barrett.

Round 2: Mo shoots early in the round and Pete once again looks for the guillotine and is feeding Mo knees from this position. Mo survives the guillotine again. Mo Comes back with a nice combination that gets Pete shooting for another takedown but Mo stuffs. Barrett shoots again and Mo connects with a knee that stops the shot of Barrett. This is pure insanity. Barrett shoots and finally gets Mo back to the mat. Mo stands and comes back swinging and cuts Barrett open. Mo goes deep on a single lg Pete Stuffs and this is the most insane fight I've seen under this roof. 10-9 Barrett.

Round 3: Both these guys are gasses but Mo is wearing the better poker face to open the third. Mo comes out behind three straight shots that all land to the face of Barrett, and they clinch. Mo lands an elbow on the break and they begin to trade bomb again before Barrett ties up. Peter backs Mo to the cage with strikes and knees but Mo remains on his feet and swinging back. Barrett lands a coupe more knees and Al Kinani can no longer defend. Alan Lau call a stop to this one, CAGE TITANS FIGHT OF THE YEAR!

Results: Peter Barrett defeats Mo Al Kinani by TKO (Unanswered Strikes) at 2:23 of the third round.

What an absolutely incredible performance put on by both of these guys, Peter Barrett brought the calculated violence and Mo Proved he belongs in the upper echelon of Lightweight prospects in the country.

John Douma (7-3, Triforce ) vs Joe Penafiel (C) (10-5, Fusion Xcel)

Pro Bantamweight

Cage Titans Bantamweight Championship

Round 1: Joe comes out at distance throwing kicks as Douma looks to settle in with his boxing. After a few turns around the cage Douma sports a bloody nose. Douma is finding his range with some well placed jabs and this is the best striking we've seen from John Douma. Party connects with some slick striking now that has John back peddling. Joe swings wildly and John comes back with some solid combinations to the face of the champion. These guys clearly are thinking about giving the co-main event a run for its money entertainment wise. 10-9 Douma.

Round 2: Douma starts the round with elbows they go to the ground and Douma hops on the neck of Penafiel. The party somehow escapes and ends up on top of Douma. Douma stands to the punches of Penafiel and the clinch on the fence. Douma works some slick boxing right into a takedown and he looks again for the neck of The Party. Douma advances looking for a head and arm but the cage is in his way as Douma returns to Penafiel's guard. Douma finishes the round on top smothering Penafiel. 10-9 Douma.

Round 3: We go back and forth on the feet to open the third round here as Douma lands a nice right hand over a lowkick attempt by Penafiel. The Party starts warming up the strikes now as Douma's back is against the cage and he fights off the fence. Douma shoots and Penafiel remains standing and they exchange knees against the cage. Douma lands some elbows and he begins to put it on the Party. Douma shoots and Penafiel ends up on top as the rounds clock ticks away. 10-9 Penafiel.

Round 4: At the beginning of the Championship rounds Penafiel's once white trunks are not covered in blood stains and he comes forward with a series of right hands to the face of Douma but Douma will not fold. Douma comes back with elbows before they clinch on the cage. Douma's face has sustained heavy damage but he continues to come forward. Douma shoots and slips going for a guillotine and the Party ends up on top. Douma makes it back to his feet where he begins to land again Douma goes to the canvas and Joe throws a flying strike as the round ends 10-9 Penafiel.

Round 5: In my estimation it all comes down to this round. And it's back to rock em sock em as Penafiel is getting the better of these first striking exchanges. They clinch against the fence where Penafiel lands, Douma comes forward with a jab and looks for a takedown but Penafiel denies it and they clinch on the fence once again. Penafiel ends up getting Douma to the ground where the Party ends up in full mount and finishes the fight in control. 10-9 Penafiel.

Results: Joe Penafiel defeats John Douma by Unanimous Decision (48-47, 48-47, 49-45) to retain his Cage Titans Bantamweight Title.

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