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CES 75 Live Results

Stay tuned here all night long for CES 75 live results. Bout order will start with preliminary fights and work downwards to our main event of the evening.

Amateur Middleweight: Tommy Kempton vs. Gilani Ibragimov

Official Result: Tommy Kempton defeats Gilani Ibragimov by unanimous decision.

Amateur Bantamweight: Maximus Fernandez vs. Alexander Reigosa

Official Result: Alexander Reigosa defeats Maximus Fernandez by submission (RNC) at 2:10 of R2.

Amateur Featherweight: Jojo Gonzalez vs. Naduev Rakhman

Official Result: Jojo Gonzalez defeats Naduev Rahman by unanimous decision.

Amateur Lightweight: Justin Graves vs. Joe Cortigiano

Official Result: Joe Cortigiano defeats Justin Graves by unanimous decision.

Professional Featherweight: Pat Gilbride vs. Arslan Otchiyev

Official Result: Arslan Otchiyev defeats Pat Gilbride by TKO (leg kicks) at 3:23 of R1.

Professional Light Heavyweight: Quentin Pasley vs. Turner Williams

Official Result: Quentin Pasley defeats Turner Williams by way of TKO at :59 of R1.

Professional Bantamweight: Tim Flores vs. John Medina

Tim Flores defeats John Medina by TKO at 1:59 of R1.

Professional Light Heavyweight: Eric Spiceley vs. Justin Sumter

Official Result: Justin Sumter defeats Eric Spiceley by submission (neck crank) at 2:32 of R1.

Professional Featherweight: Don Shainis vs. Regivaldo Carvalho

CES Lightweight World Championship

Regivaldo Carvalho defeats Don Shainis by submission (guillotine) in R1.

Professional Welterweight: Nate Andrews vs. Ali Zebian

Ali Zebian defeats Nate Andrews by TKO at :51 of R1 (broken arm).

Professional Lightweight: Charles Rosa vs. Jonathan Gary

Charles Rosa defeats Jonathan Gary by submission (guillotine) at :47 of R2.

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