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CES MMA 65: De Castro vs. Williams - Live Results

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

Travis Lizotte "Full Contact Writer"

We are here in Downtown Providence, Rhode Island at the Providence Career Technical Academy and as the stands begin to fill we have taken out seats on media row and are ready to keep you covered with live round by round results of CES MMA 65! Follow this post throughout the afternoon for all the latest CES MMA 65 coverage!

Main Card: 4 pm, broadcast live on UFC Fight Pass.

Matt Almy (4-4) vs. Tim Flores (2-1)


Age: 33

Fighting out of: Binghamton, New York

Affiliation: Apex MMA Academy

Record: 4-4 (1 Knockout, 3 Submissions)

Last fight: Unanimous Decision Loss to Mitch Raposo at CES 61. (10/14/20)

Age: 29

Fighting out of: Hartford, Connecticut

Affiliation: Fighting Arts Academy

Record: 2-1 (1 Submission)

Last fight: First Round Submission (Rear Naked Choke) of Brandon Neiford at Premier FC 31. (09/18/21)

Round 1: Flores starts out with a combination as he looks to dictate the pace early, Almy looks happy to sit back and counter those strikes from Flores. Almy shoots for a takedown and Tim Flores stuffs and fires a knee up the middle as the clinch on the fence. They split and return to range where Flores fires again and ends the sequence with a leg kick. Almy comes forward and drops Flores with a knee and Matt hops on top and looks to work with a minute left. Matt finishes the round in half guard with Flores taking punishment to the body. 10-9 Almy.

Round 2: Matt launches a front kick that just misses on the start, then Fores comes forward with a combination ending with a knee and changes levels for a takedown of his own. Flores is on top working from half guard and looks like he is setting up the head and arm choke. Matt is doing everything in his power to avoid the guard pass but it come. Tim is in dominant position here as Almy turns and gives his back to eventually get back to the feet. Flores lands another takedown but its Almy who ends up on top to finish the round. 10-9 Flores but close.

Round 3: Round three starts with a flurry from both fighters followed by another takedown for Flores who ends up back in side control but he cannot prevent Almy from standing on the fence. Flores lands some nice shots from the clinch before Almy comes forward with a combination and is greeted with another takedown from Flores. Flores works from half guard again and Almy gives his back again in an attempt to stand but Flores brings him right back to the mat where he finishes the round on top. 10-9 Flores

Decsion: Tim Flores defeats Matt Almy by Split-Decision (29-28 Flores, 29-28 Almy, 30-27 Flores)

Nathan Ghareeb (4-1) vs. Tom Pagliarulo (3-0)


Age: 28

Fighting out of: Southampton, Massachusetts

Affiliation: Fighting Arts Academy

Record: 4-1 (4 Knockouts)

Last fight: First Round Knockout of Eduardo Rodrigues at CES 64. (09/17/21)

Age: 24

Fighting out of: Haverhill, Massachusetts

Affiliation: New England Cartel

Record: 3-0 (3 Knockouts)

Last fight: First Round TKO of Elias Jose De Oliveira at Combat Zone 74. (Last Friday)

Round 1: They circle the cage a couple times, with respect for the KO power of one another and try to find their distance. Pags is the first to fire with some kicks that miss their mark. Pags comes forward behind jabs and lands a nice kick to the body of Ghareeb. Nate starts to land low kicks to the front leg of Pagliarulo but these guys are still respecting one another, Ghareeb catches a kick and dumps Pags to the mat but Pags hops right back up and they return to striking distance. Nate ducks under a right hand and takes Pags down but it is not long lived as we return to the feet to finish the round. Close round not much to score; 10-9 Ghareeb.

Round 2: Ghareeb take the center of the cage to start the second round and continues to beat up the lead leg of Pagliarulo. Pags lands a right hand but eats another leg kick for his troubles. Tom finally begins to initiate with a combination but it ends guickly with a poke to the eye of Ghareeb and a brief stoppage. Tom is back to dictating the pace after the pause as he lands some significant right hands to the chin of Ghareeb, they trade shots across the final moments of round 2. Another close round; 10-9 Pagliarulo.

Round 3: Round 3 begins with Ghareeb in the center of the cage landing some right hands as Tom looks to counter. Ghareeb lands a couple more low leg kicks and Pags looks like he is starting to feel those kicks. Nate keeps working from the outside but Paglarulo continues to land counter strikes and this one is picking up pace down the stretch. They trade combination and Tom changes levels but cannot get Ghareeb to the ground. They slug it out across the final 30 seconds as this fight comes to an end. 10-9 Ghareeb...what a tough fight to score, Ghareeb scored with those leg kicks and Pags left leg is meat.

Decsion: Nate Ghareeb defeats Tom Pagliarulo by Split-Decision (29-28 Pagliarulo, 29-28 Ghareeb, 29-28 Nate Ghareeb)

Pat McCrohan (4-3) vs. Hugh McKenna (3-5)


Age: 33

Fighting out of: Berkeley, Massachusetts

Affiliation: Regiment Training Center

Record: 4-3 (3 Knockouts)

Last fight: First Round Submission loss to Andre Hall at CES 57. (07/26/19)

Age: 32

Fighting out of: Long Island, New York

Affiliation: Long Island MMA

Record: 3-5 (2 Submissions)

Last fight: Third Round Submission (Triangle Choke) loss to Adriano Capitulino at CES 62. (04/30/21)

Round 1: McKenna comes out with a leg kick and McCrohan answers with a combination and this one is underway. Hugh continues to throw combinations and follow them up with low leg kicks, we saw this strategy work in our last fight lets see about this one. McCrohan comes foward and connects and changes levels for a takedown but Hugh stuffs. Hugh puts Pat's back on the fence, grabs the guillotine and uses it to feed knees to McCrohan. McKenna stuffs McCrohan in the corner where he finishes him with heavy ground and pound.

Decsion: Hugh McKenna defeats Pat McCrohan by TKO at 4:37 of round one in what you would expect from two dueling grapplers; a stand up war.

John Douma (5-2) vs. Tristan Lindi (2-2)


Age: 25

Fighting out of: Narragansett, Rhode Island

Affiliation: Tri-Force MMA

Record: 5-2 (2 Knockouts, 2 Submissions)

Last fight: Split-Decision victory over Will Smith at Bellator 256. (04/09/21)

Age: 25

Fighting out of: Ashland, Oregon

Affiliation: Rogue Combat Academy

Record: 2-2 (2 Knockouts)

Last fight: Unanimous Decision loss to Arnold Jiminez at KOTC: Pure Vengeance. (02/01/20)

Round 1: Lindi comes out throwing leg kicks and one knocks Douma to the canvas early. Douma returns to the feet where he fires a high kick that is just blocked by Lindi. Douma closes the distance and takes Tristan to the mat where he now works from top control. Douma is looking for the neck of Lindi and looks to close up a D'arce choke. With a little adjustment the choke is in and is forced to tapout.

Decision: John Douma defeats Tristan Lindi by Verbal Submission (D'arce Choke) at 2:24 of the first round. This is exactly what I expected out of Douma in this fight, quick work for a huge New England Bantamweight prospect.

Ashiek Ajim (4-1) vs. Carlos Espinosa (6-4)


Age: 28

Fighting out of: New York, New York

Affiliation: Long Island MMA

Record: 4-1 (3 Knockouts)

Last fight: First Round Knockout of Richard Barnard at CES 63. (08/06/21)

Age: 34

Fighting out of: Tampa, Florida

Affiliation: American Top Team (Tampa)

Record: 6-4 (3 Knockouts, 1 Submissions)

Last fight: Unanimous Decision victory over Leandro Cavalho at CES 63. (04/30/21)

Round 1: Ashiek comes out behind the jab and unleashes a high kick that misses, they exchange and Ajim lands a devastating right hand that folds Espinosa. Kevin MacDonald has seen enough and calls the stop to this one, Espinosa disputes the stoppage but he was out on his feet and Kevin saved him from excessive damage, good stoppage!

Decision: Ashiek Ajim defeats Carlos Espinosa by Knockout (Right Hook) at :26 seconds of round 1.

Andre Harrison (21-2-1) vs. Mauro Chaulet (14-7)


Age: 33

Fighting out of: Long Island, New York

Affiliation: Bellmore Kickboxing MMA

Record: 21-2-1 (3 Knockouts, 2 Submissions)

Last fight: Second Round Submission (Ninja Choke) loss to Alex Gilpin at PFL 2019 #8. (10/17/19)

Age: 33

Fighting out of: Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Affiliation: Team Nogueira Porto Alegre

Record: 14-7 (5 Knockouts, 5 Submissions)

Last fight: First Round Submission (Rear Naked Choke) loss to Damon Jackson at LFA 83. (03/06/20)

Round 1: Chaulet comes out throwing bombs and its not long before Harrison has had enough and takes this to the ground. Chaulet manages to get back to his feet but he is bloodied but he comes back firing. Harrison gets a quick takedown of his own but Chaulet gets back up and clinches Harrison against the cage. They split and are throwing haymakers and Harrison picks up Chaulet for a slam and Chaulet grabs the neck of Harrison and pulls guard. Harrison dumps Chaulet in the corner releases his head and finishes the round on top landing elbows. 10-9 Harrison.

Chaulet is bloodied; Referee Bryan Miner calls the doctor in between round to check on Chaulet and the doctor advises Miner to stop this one.

Decision: Andre Harrison defeats Mauro Chaulet by TKO (Doctor Stoppage) at 5:00 of round one.

Yorgan De Castro (6-3) vs. Danyelle Williams (8-6-1)


Age: 33

Fighting out of: Fall River, Massachusetts

Affiliation: Regiment Training Center

Record: 6-3 (5 Knockouts)

Last fight: First Round Knockout loss to Jarjis Danho at UFC on ABC 2. (04/10/21)

Age: 39

Fighting out of: Owatonna, Minnesota

Affiliation: Warrior Spirit MMA

Record: 8-6-1 (5 Knockouts, 1 Submission)

Last fight: First Round Knockout loss to Greg Rebello at CES 41. (01/27/17)

Round 1: Yorgan takes the center of the cage quickly as Williams is the first to throw but he is answered with strikes from Yorgan. Williams come forward with a combination and De Castro answers with heavy counters, Yorgan takes Williams down but Danyelle ands up on top. Yorgan reverses position and he is not on top landing bombs. Danyelle tries to scramble out but Yorgan mounts and is raining down heavy shots. Williams tried desperately to buck De Castro off to no avail as he eats more gloves from De Castro. Williams gets to a hip and looks to stand but Yorgan smothers him back into the mat and continues to take a beating. Yorgan grabs the fence and Kevin MacDonald stands the action back up. Danyelle answers the reset with a combination as the round ends. 10-9 De Castro.

Round 2: Round 2 starts with a leg kick from De Castro and then a barrage from Williams tha has Yorgan on the fence defending. They scramble but end up back on the fence with Williams pressuring Yorgan. De Castro looks to punch his way out but instead he takes Williams down with an outside trip, Yorgan hops on for some ground and pound before they return to the feet slugging it out. Williams pressures De Castro on the fence and lands some strikes. Yorgan powers out with elbows and right hands as he looks to take it to Williams here. They go back and forth with haymakers, knees and high kicks as the round ends. 10-9 De Castro but could be a close one.

Round 3: Williams comes out behind the jab in the third and looks to back Yorgan up, Yorgan returns fire with bombs of his own and in a wild exchange Yorgan knocks Williams to the mat where he works from top control. Williams is keeping Yorgan close so he can not posture up and land more big fists. The ground work continues for most of the round before Kevin MacDonald stands these two up with just seconds left in the fight. 10-9 De Castro.

Decision: Yorgan De Castro defeats Danyelle Williams by Unanimous Decision.

Postliminary Card; Begins after the conclusion of the UFC Fight Pass Main Event.

Aaron Hughes (1-1) vs. Rakim Thorpe (0-1)


Age: 27

Fighting out of: Fall River, Massachusetts

Affiliation: Regiment Training Center

Record: 1-1 (1 Knockouts)

Last Fight: First Round TKO (Strikes) loss to Jacob Deppmeyer at NEF 44. (08/21/21)

Age: 29

Fighting out of: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Affiliation: JacksonWink

Record: 0-1

Last fight: Split-Decision loss to Damion Nelson at Ring of Combat 73. (07/17/21)

Result: This fight was back and forth on the feet but Thorpe took advantage of an advantage in the grappling department to slow the striking of Hughes. Aaron looked good he just ran into a stud wrestler what was determined to grind this one out. Rakm Thorpe defeats Aaron Hughes by Unanimous Decision (30-27 x 3)

Tyrime Da Silva (Pro Debut) vs. Josh Hardy (0-1)


Age: 27

Fighting out of: Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Affiliation: Tri-Force MMA

Record: 0-0 (3-0 as an Amateur)

Last fight: Second Round Submission (Rear Naked Choke) of Randy Francis at Cage Titans 48. (07/10/21)

Age: 22

Fighting out of: Bristol, Vermont


Record: 0-1

Last fight: First Round Knockout loss to Tom Pagliarulo at CES 63. (08/06/21)

Result: They scramble early and Josh gets the takedown, Tyrime works to gain his composure, grabs the next and taps Hardy out quick! Tyrime Da Silva defeats Josh Hardy at :41 seconds of the first round by Guillotine Choke!

Knockout of the Night: Ashiek Ajim's 26 second drubbing of Carlos Espinosa

Submission of the Night: John Douma verbally submits Tristan Lindi with a first round D'arce Choke

Fight of the Night: Tom Pagliarulo and Nate Ghareeb put on a show in a back and forth war of Featherweight prospects.

And there you have it New England MMA fight fans, three days, 50 plus fights, countless miles, and little to no sleep but we are proud to have covered all four events taking place in New England this weekend! Whether you followed us for NEF 45,Cage Titans 50, tonight's CES 65 or all three we are so happy to have your support. Our website and social media posted record numbers this weekend and thanks to your support we are just getting started! We Are New England MMA, your region's leader in MMA news and Media! Thank you New England and Good Night!

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