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March 25: Boston's Vincenzo Carita, ABF Intercontinental Title Fight

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Boston's Vincenzo Carita (27-1-1, 26KO) is currently preparing for his biggest fight to date. On March 25, Vinnie and his team will travel to Santa Marta, Colombia to take on Colombia's Deibis Berrocal (19-13, 17 KO) for the ABF Intercontinental Cruiserweight title. The American Nightmare has been a student of the sport for over 30 years and has been boxing professionally for about 15 years. He brings a lot to the table in terms of skill. As a cruiserweight, he carries a lot of power with great, sharp movement as well. He has earned 26/27 of his victories by way of knockout. Vinnie is very good with distance and making his shots the most effective they can be. He currently rides a 7 fight win streak and comes off two wins at the tail end of 2022, both in Colombia. Vinnie is very familiar with enemy territory as he was there in October and December of 2022, victorious both times.

When "The American Nightmare" makes this trip to Colombia, he will be across the ring from Deibis Berrocal (19-13). They will fight for the ABF Intercontinental Cruiserweight title in Santa Marta. Deibis broke a three fight losing streak on February 15th, 2023 with a unanimous decision win over Rafael Bracho (0-3-1). Both Carita and Deibis are coming off wins but it will be entertaining to see if Deibis can hang with the hard hitting Carita who makes his opponents pay for each and every mistake. Vinnie has made quick work of a lot of opponents, bringing a fast pace off the bell. The last time Vinnie went the distance was in 2015 against Jose Humberto Corral. Carita and Berrocal are set for an 8 round bout to determine the winner of the ABF Intercontinental Cruiserweight Title on March 25th.

"The American Nightmare" has been training hard since his last win in December and looks to let the momentum carry on here in 2023 as this year can be something special for himself and the team. Vinnie has done extensive work with Coach Dave McDonough at Champs Boxing Club in Danbury, CT to prepare for this bout and he's also spent time at the beautiful facilities of Private Jewels Boxing Club of Lynn, Massachusetts. On top of this, he also spent two weeks in Costa Rica with Strength and Conditioning Coach Gareth McCloskey of Farmerstrength. When fighters go to Costa Rica to partake in the Farmerstrength training, they find themselves doing all sorts of grueling workouts like running, swimming, breathwork, etc. all in the beautiful climate, environment and nature of Costa Rica. While in Costa Rica, Vinnie got to train with Coach Pancho of Hermosa Boxing Camp, home to many of Costa Rica's Olympic and Professional boxers.

One step at a time, Vincenzo Carita is moving up the food chain, getting better and better each and every day. New England MMA Writer Dylan Napoleone spent a day in the gym with Vinnie and saw first hand some of the hard work that high level athletes put in during camp. This is a very exciting yet opportunistic fight for Carita and the team because with a win here, Vinnie will go into the rest of the year looking for more large opportunities. Stay tuned and follow along as Boston's own prepares for this bout.

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