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BOXING: Boston's Vincenzo Carita Red Hot In 2023 With A 4-0 Record

Boston's Vincenzo Carita (31-1-1, 30 KO's) continues to march his way through 2023 with a perfect record of 4-0 since he opened up the year on March 25, claiming the ABF Intercontinental Cruiserweight Title in Colombia. Since then, Carita has fought 3 more times, once successfully defending the belt and twice outside of his title defense.

On March 25, "The American Nightmare" and his team climbed out of the "covid era" and put all of the hard work to the test, claiming the ABF Intercontinental title in Magdelena, Colombia. Carita stopped Deibis Berrocal (19-13) in the fourth round. The ball was rolling and Carita was seeking more fights immediately, helping him fight actively again.

About 3 months later on June 10, 2023, Carita and his team traveled back to Colombia, this time Santa Marta. The ABF Intercontinental Title was on the line as Carita was defending for the first time. After training hard with the coaches of Champs Boxing Gym in Danbury, CT and Private Jewels Boxing in Lynn, MA, Carita put on another great performance, stopping his opponent, Jalier Berrio (20-12) by way of TKO in the fifth round. Carita has been on a hot streak for years, having a near-perfect record overall.

Outside of these two big title fights, Carita has also fought two other times this year in 2023. Carita fought just about a month after initially winning the title and again just 18 days after his successful title defense. Carita won both fights, one by TKO and the other by KO. As you can see, Carita looks to fight very actively, taking advantage of all opportunities, preparing himself for what's to come.

Carita and the team are currently evaluating and looking for future opportunities and fights. When Coach Dave McDonough was asked about this hot streak and the great performances of his fighter, he expressed that Vinnie is ready to make the next step and take on high level fights and platforms.

The 31-1-1 fighter continues to make his mark and do what he can to prove himself even more to the big promotions. Carita himself explained that he will fight again in September, and will possibly fight in the US, in New England, additionally. By the time we wrap up 2023, Carita says he will have fought 6 or maybe 7 times this year.

Keep an eye on this Boston-based fighter as he continues to climb the high ranks of boxing and make his way to the top! This fighter has lots of potential to be on some of the bigger and most anticipated fight cards in 2024 and there's no better time for the fans of New England to tune in and watch this amazing boxer represent the place that we call home.

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