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Tyler Vogel Talks about the Biggest Robbery in BKFC History

Tyler "The Truth" Vogel is a MMA vet with an 8-5 professional record, and he recently made his BKFC debut, and got absolutely hosed! Vogel was the first bare knuckle fighter to go to a "Sudden Death", as the judges deemed the fight even after 5 rounds. Not only did Vogel win the sudden death round, but got screwed by the judges, but it shouldn't haven even got there, as a ref ruled a knockdown that wasn't deserved, giving his opponent a point on the judges' scorecards he didn't deserve.

If you've had a chance to watch the fight you can't argue that this is probably the worst robbery in BKFC's short history. Vogel lets us know that the fight is being reviewed by the commission and may get overturned, but until then, Vogel is focusing on his next bout. He'll step into the squared-circle on December 11th at BKFC 15 in Biloxi, Mississippi. Check out the full interview below.

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