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Checking in outside the region: Dana White is ready for this week's Contenders to bring the heat

Dana White's Contender series continues to be a platform for up and coming regional MMA fighters to get a chance to take that next step in their careers. Lately we've seen some of our favorite New England fighters Billy Goff & Connor Matthews fight in front of Dana White. Now comes some new blood to test out their skills in front of the world!

First up is Alex Morgan (11-4) vs Blake Bilder (6-0-1). Alex is on a 2 fight win streak and winning 4 out of this last 5 will be carrying that momentum against an undefeated prospect out of Minnesota. This has BANGER written all over it!

Next us is Brazil's Maria Silva (8-0) vs Russia's Viktoriya Dudakova (5-0) one of the 2 fights on the card that has 2 undefeated fighters going head to head. As in the old saying "Someone's O, has got to go!" The 115 division needs some new blood and one of these fighters provide be just that!

3rd fight of the night sees Rodrigo Lidio (12-2) take on Mateusz Rebecki (15-1). Poland has had an influx of fighters making their way to the UFC and Rebecca is hoping to ride that wave tonight with an impressive performance. In his way is Brazilian Lidio who has not needed the judges in his 12 career wins. This should prove to be a War.

Co-main sees our other two undefeated fighters going toe to toe as Matej Penaz (6-0) takes on Sedriques Dumas (6-0). In the 185 division, the door is wide open for competition in the UFC. Just look at Alex Pereira, after only 2 UFC wins he is getting a title shot. One of these newcomers could climb the rankings quickly in that Middleweight division!

Our Main Event event tonight puts Japan's Yusaku Kinoshita (5-1) vs. Brazils Jose Henrique (5-0). With all of Kinoshita's wins coming by finish and only one of Henrique's wins going to Decision, this one should not come down to the judge's table.

Tune in tonight on ESPN + at 8pm to see which regional fighters are about to change their lives!

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