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Fighter Feature - Brendon Boates - Cage Titans 64

Brendon "Motor" Boates is ready to throw down on Saturday night at Cage Titans 64. Stepping into the cage for the fourth time, Boates looks to keep his undefeated record in tact in front of a wild crowd.

We had the opportunity to catch up with Boates before his fight.

Before we dive into a few questions, tell us more about the reason for this fight and your motivation behind it.

"I am competing in this fight in an effort to support my friend, Tim, who suffered a stroke not too long ago. Tim is one of the most loveable human beings walking the planet, and is genuinely one of the "good guys". He is battling hard through his rehab but he still struggles with fine motor skills within his upper extremities. Dealing with something so catastrophic, while also attempting to raise four children under the age of 7, is a challenge I cannot even begin to fathom. Tim deserves some positive vibes in his life, so I'm trying to raise as much money as I can for his family. All profits from my ticket and t-shirt sales will be donated to Tim. Anyone who wants to make a small donation is welcome to do that as well. Just send me a message through Facebook or Instagram, or email me at and I will explain the best way to do that."

1. What made you want to get into MMA? 

" Stupidity mostly"

2. What has been your favorite moment of your mma career so far? 

"When I left the cage after my first fight, I was greeted by numerous members of my team who hugged and congratulated me.  I am honored to represent my gym, so it was both heartwarming and humbling to see them so happy for me.  As far as in cage memories, I enjoyed pounding my first opponent's face through the mat because he was a complete donkey."

3. Which MMA fighter, past or present, would you love to challenge in a friendly grappling match, and why?

"Art Jimmerson, but I would stipulate that he has to wear his boxing glove again.  I don't like losing."

4. If you could have any celebrity or An mma fighter in your corner, past to present, who would it be?

"Alex Karalexis (Alex is my childhood friend and a UFC veteran. He will be in attendance for Cage Titans 64. I selected him to boost his ego"

5. You coach other sports as well. Tell us about how coaching helps you train or vice versa.

" I think being a coach helps me be a better listener when my coaches are instructing me.  When I'm tired, I also remind myself that I'd be all over my players for taking breaks and being lazy.  I don't want my coaches to think that of me, so it usually makes me keep working."

6. What advice would you give your younger self about sports. 

"What you are at age 12 is not what you are at age 18.  What you are at age 18 is not what you are at age 22.  What you are at age 22 is not what you are at age 46. What you are at age 46 is an old man who should not be competing in MMA fights."

7. Great slogan for the shirts, where does the inspiration for the fight gear come from?

" I usually try to think of a theme of some kind.  For my debut, I played up the "Old Guy" angle and altered the Five Guys Logo.  For my second fight, I used my "Motor Boates" nickname, and for this fight, I used my last name again.  Everyone knows the "Boats & Hoes" song from Step Brothers, and it's an election year, so......"Boates/Hoes '24.  I went with MVGA to pay homage to the obvious MAGA slogan.  Also, because I figured it would irritate the soft ass liberals.  My 3rd fight shirt was the only "serious" one.  Team Taradash was in honor of my friend Jon, for whom I competed that night."

8. How do you see the fight ending on Saturday?

" Hopefully without me being completely exhausted or dying of a heart attack.  I guess it would be nice to win as well."

9. Not to bring up age lol but seeing an OG title being fought for, do you have an newly inspired goal of getting a title? 

" I have no business fighting for any title unless they come up with "The Most Likely to Injure Himself" Championship."

10. What’s your best dad joke?

" I'm not actually a big "Dad Joke" guy.  I'm known more for my sarcastic one liners.  My favorite such comment from my own late father always came when I complained about having to play games in the rain.  He would simply tell me:  "Sugar melts, shit floats, you'll be fine""

Thank you to Brendon Boates for taking the time to answer a few questions.

Cage Titans 64 goes down this Saturday in Plymouth Massachusetts at the famous Memorial Hall!

Get your tickets, buy fighter merch, and get more information on the Cage Titans Website.

Can't make it? Livestream the Fight here-

Published by Jeff "The Combat Cowboy" Clark also nicknamed "Not Travis"

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