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Fighter Feature - Jonathan Piersma - Cage Titans 64

NY has had its share of MMA talent. A name that should be on your radar is Jonathan "Warhawk" Piersma. Piersma trains at Synthesis BJJ an holds the NEF welterweight championship. Warhawk has been on a tear winning 4 out of his 5 fights and capturing some titles on the way. Defeating a tough opponent back in January at Cage Titans 63. Jonathan hopes to capture more straps as he steps into the Cage Titans octagon this weekend.

We had the opportunity to catch up with Piersma

1. In a sport as physically demanding and unpredictable as MMA, how do you stay focused and disciplined in your training?

" It’s easy for me to stay focused and disciplined in my training and the daily grind because I’ve sacrificed so much and put so many years of work through the highs and the lows of this sport that I’m not willing to cheat myself of giving every fight and every day of training my absolute best knowing how close I am to finally seeing payoff from all the years of work "

2. Can you describe the emotions and thoughts that run through your mind as you step into the cage for a high-stakes fight?

"When I step into the cage I like to be very calm and in the moment I never want the adrenaline the crowd or the nerves to affect me in a negative way I always try and take a a minute once I’m in the change to tune everything out take a deep breathe think realize this what I love to do and know I’m ready for the moment"

3. With a local MMA championship already under your belt, what additional goals do you have in your fighting career?

"At this point in my career my goal is to just keep getting better everyday and every fight the ultimate goal is to get the call up to the UFC in the near future but right now I’m just focused on winning fights and being better every fight and when you win fights good things follow "

4. Some athletes like to listen to music, some meditate. What pre fight rituals do you have?

"I don’t really have much of any pre fight rituals I like to just stay loose and hangout with my team and coaches the day of the fight I never try to focus to hard on the fight itself the day of and I know I’ve put the work in and I’ve done everything possible to be the best version of myself so I just want to go into the cage confident and loose I feel that is when I’m at my best "

5. What is your go-to victory celebration meal?

"Go to celebration meal after fights has to be a bacon cheese burger with fries and a lot of cold beers with some tequila shots mixed in"

Thank you to Jonathan Piersma for taking the time to answer a few questions.

Cage Titans 64 goes down tonight in Plymouth Massachusetts at the famous Memorial Hall!

Get your tickets, buy fighter merch, and get more information on the Cage Titans Website.

Can't make it? Livestream the Fight here-

Follow Piersma's Journey at

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