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BREAKING: Bessette & Boyington to Face-Off at CES 64

It was announced tonight the CES will be holding another event just 6 weeks after their scheduled card on August 6 in Springfield, MA. The event will be held at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford, Connecticut and will be showcased on UFC FightPass. Not only will CES be making a quick turnaround, but it will be headlined by one of the most anticipated matchups in recent memory here in New England. 36 year old UFC vet, Matt Bessette (24-10), will be taking on 42 year old Bruce Boyington (17-12). In our most recent featherweight rankings NEMMA had Bessette ranked as the top featherweight in the region, with Boyington ranked #2. The clash will be for the vacant CES lightweight belt between two arch rivals who have had a lot of chatter shared between them, as both are former featherweight champs who will be moving up in weight to finally settle the score.

Bessette and Boyington joined CES' Adam Palazio for an announcement, where both fighters took jabs at each other, and set the stage for some serious build up to a highly anticipated scrap between Connecticut's Bessette, and Maine's Boyington. Check out the interview below.

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