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BREAKING: Cage Titans Returns!!

This is a post that we've been waiting to write for quite some time. It was just announced that Cage Titans will be returning to action June 19th for the first time since January 25th, 2020. This 17 month layoff was a direct result of the draconian regulations that the state of Massachusetts placed on businesses and public gatherings.

Cage Titans was set to hold back to back shows on April 3rd & 4th of 2020, but those plans were scrapped when the entire world shutdown due to the covid-19 pandemic. Mike Polvere and his team were forced to sit on the sidelines while the world slowly came back to its collective senses. In the last 14 months there has only been one MMA event held in New England - CES 61 in Warwick, Rhode Island - and the region has been clamoring to get back to work. Cage Titans will be the first promotion to test the waters in Massachusetts while having to adhere to strict regulations set forth by the state and athletic commission.

This surely won't be an easy task to pull off, but knowing Polvere and his attention to detail, I'm sure he'll be able to put on a safe, yet highly-entertaining event. He'll definitely have a line of New England fighters out the door looking to scrap under the Cage Titans banner at this event. The potential matchups are endless, and we'll have plenty to report on over the coming 6 weeks as we approach this highly anticipated date.

Rumor has it that this won't be a one-off event, and that if all goes as planned, we may see Cage Titans putting on events at a rapid pace over the summer months. Keep an eye out on our page as more details and matchups are released over the coming weeks. I think I speak for all of us when I say....LET'S FUCKING GO!!!!!

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