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BREAKING: Irvin Gonzalez Jr/Dannis Aguero moved to CES Main Event, Cusumano out with sickness.

CES fans will now see Irvin Gonzalez vs. Dannis Aguero, the WBC Silver Featherweight Championship bout as the main event. Originally, this bout was scheduled for 8 rounds, however, it will now be a 10 round bout in the Main Event. Despite the extreme anticipation around the original heavyweight Main Event between Juiseppe Cusumano and Istvan Bernath, fans are in for a great main event here too.

The reason for this change is due to Cusumano and a sickness he is currently dealing with. The exact sickness is unknown, however we all know how the seasons and how winter temperatures here in New England can effect one. New England MMA wishes Cusumano health and a speedy turn around to feeling one hundred percent again.

Source: Jimmy Burchfield Sr. On Instagram

WBC Silver Featherweight Title

Irvin Gonzalez (15-3) vs. Danny Aguero (19-2)

10 - 3 Minute Rounds

John Gotti III (1-0) vs. Alex Citrowske (1-1-1)

4 - 3 Minute Rounds, Light Heavyweight Division

Alejandro Paulino (11-0) vs. Ryizeemmion Ford (8-3)

6 - 3 Minute Rounds, Lightweight Division

Chordale Booker (17-1) vs. Angel Hernandez (17-17-3)

8 - 3 Minute Rounds, Junior Middleweight Division

Kevin Walsh (6-0) vs. Christian Otero (4-2)

6 - 3 Minute Rounds, Featherweight Division

Mike Kimbel (Debut) vs. Robert Banks (0-1)

4 - 3 Minute Rounds

Kendrick Ball Jr. (19-1-2) vs. Victor Hugo Exner (9-12-1)

6 - 3 Minute Rounds, Light Heavyweight Division

Josniel Castro (9-0) vs. Mitch Louis-Charles (6-3-2)

6 - 3 Minute Rounds, Junior Middleweight Division

Stevie Jane Coleman (3-1) vs. Michaele Nogue (2-2)

4 - 2 Minute Rounds, Womens Lightweight Division

Chad Leoncello (1-0-1) vs. Wallace Nass Silva (0-4)

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