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CAGE TITANS 56 RECAP: Still buzzing off the excitement one week later

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

You know that feeling? When all week you keep flashing back to the amazing time you had the weekend before? Its been a week and you can tell the New England Mma community is still buzzing from Cage Titans 54. Mike Polvere, Andy, Nick and the crew at Cage Titans put on a top notch MMA production that makes these events so memorable. Also the beauty and unique feeling to the Plymouth Memorial Hall give the fights a Roman Gladiator feeling where the seats almost look right into the cage, and the fans chants echo that 1,000 people sounds like 10,000. Its a site to see and if you haven't been to a Cage Titans event ever, add it to your 2023 to-do list immediately!

Now the promotion is only as good as its fighters, and damn these warriors went all out to put on a show for the fans and cement their name in Cage Titans History.

First up was a grappling match put on by 2 young warriors. I haven't seen this before at a regional card and honestly, it was F&$%ing Awesome! The crowd was amped up right off the bat, cheering for these guys as they swept each other over and over, multiple takedowns with reversals. Actually, now that I think of it, UFC Kevin Holland was looking for grappling lessons, he should come talk to these kids because they were putting on a show! The match was extremely close and ended in a draw. Props to both kids and I know well see them back in there!

Followed up by another super grappling match also ending in decision put Santy Munoz VS Jose Costa. After 7 hard fought minutes it was ruled a draw.

Time for the Amateur MMA fighters to take over. Fun fact, the first 4 fight included 5 fighters making their debut. All 4 ended within the distance. Steve Hill & Greg Jones both finished their matches with Rear naked chokes. Notable mention, Steve Hill & Craig Marston put on one hell of a show. There were moments it looked like Marston would finish the fight as well. A back and forth battle that made for an exciting intro the the MMA fights.

(Photo Credit MRG Photography/Cage Titans)

Next up Tim Melvin & Will Doolin both make their debut and Melvin is able to get the job done in round 2. Tim Walsh stuns the crowd by only needing 15 seconds to secure the victory. Next up Tyler Woolf demonstrates his wrestling skills by landing takedowns and controlling the match earning himself a Unanimous Decision win and improving to 1-1. The event this far had a little of everything and its just getting started!

A couple more amateur fights later and were onto the Cage Titans Vacant Flyweight Muay Thai between Ashley Barrett & Megan Roscoe. Both fighters enter the cage and the crowd feeds onl the energy of the fight that's about to happen.

From bell to bell and round to round these 2 went all out with the amount of action. The crowd was on their feet at the end of this one. It was close in a somewhat controversial decision, Roscoe takes the fight by SPLIT decision.

(Photo Credit MRG Photography/Cage Titans)

Next up was the costume contest! Great idea to get the fans involved. Check out Cage Titans Facebook page for all the costumes that made it into the competition.

Taking the cage next was a fan favorite Andrew Valdina making his Pro Debut. Clearly one of the crowd favorites tonight, Valdina moved up to the pros after goin 4-2 in his last 6 amateur fights. No stranger to the Plymouth Memorial Hall, All of Valdina's fights have been at Cage Titans. Making quick work of his opponent he only needed under 2 minutes to get the job done and secure a beautiful Arm Triangle Choke over Rob Fuller. Hopping on top of the cage afterwards, you could feel the building shaking from the noise of the crowd cheering. Valdina blew the roof off of the place!

(Photo Credit MRG Photography/Cage Titans)

Another fighter making his pro debut, Jack Congdon, only needed 45 seconds to secure his first PRO victory.

Another fight that had everyone on the edge of their seats was Hassan Graham VS Jorge Vega. Graham was an undefeated amateur amassing a perfect and impressive 4-0 record. Making his debut at Pro's and taking on someone like Jorge Vega is a mountain to climb in itself. Vega has been tearing it up in the local Muay Thai scene winning both of his last 2 matches by Finish. Punches were the way to victory in those for Vega, and many people expected the striking to be a challenge for Graham, But damn were they wrong. Hassan's striking looked beautiful and once he connected, it was over. Graham finished the fight with ferocity in only 57 seconds of Round 1. We can't wait to see him back in there.

Who has the guts to call out Graham after that?

Video Credit: The Combat Cowboy / NEMMA

After that knockout came one hell of a fight. Fight of the night for sure between Marty Navis & Sage Philippe. This fight had a little of everything mixed in, from big shots to massive takedowns ,to close submissions and you could tell that both men left it all out there. Props to both warriors! Navis wins by Decision.

(Photo Credit : MRG Photography / Cage Titans)

Finally on to the Main Event and it was over before it started. At 24 seconds the ref jumped in to call it a TKO victory for Zach DiSabatino over Aaron Lacey. There has been a lot of buzz about this stoppage and the experience of the ref has been thrown up there. Not to take away from the amazing performance of DiSabatino, but who thinks it was an early stoppage? or would you have jumped in and stopped the fight as well?

All in all another amazing showcase by Cage Titans. Props to the owner Polvere, he is running around the events making sure everything is running smoothly and being hands on with a lot of the production night of. That's a sign of a true leader. To the team at Cage Titans, Great Job and can't wait for the next one!

Notable Mentions :

Eric Reyes Defeats Zac Thompson :37 Round 3 by KO/TKO

Danny Jefferson Defeats Phil LoCigno by Decision

Pat Gilbride Defeats Chris Rooney by First round Submission, Triangle Choke

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